On this Day in History ... 07 June

07 Jun is in June.

1329 Death of Robert the Bruce

1394 Death and Funeral of Anne of Bohemia

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

1509 Marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

1660 June Creation of Baronets

1665 Great Plague of London

1666 Four Days' Battle

1673 Battles of Schooneveld

1916 Battle of Jutland

On 07 Jun 1207 Archbishop Stephen Langton (age 57) was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury at Viterbo by Pope Innocent III (age 47).

Death of Robert the Bruce

Froissart. The foresaid peace, which was purchased between England and Scotland, was to endure three year; and in the meantime it fortuned that king Robert of Scotland (age 54) was right sore aged and feeble: for he was greatly charged with the great sickness, so that there was no way with him but death. And when he felt that his end drew near, he sent for such barons and lords of his realm as he trusted best, and shewed them how there was no remedy with him, but he must needs leave this transitory life, commanding them on the faith and truth that they owed him, truly to keep the realm and aid the young prince David (age 5) his son, and that when he were of age they should obey him and crown him king, and to marry him in such a place as was convenient for his estate. Then he called to him the gentle knight sir William Douglas (age 43) [Note. William appears to be a mistake since it was James "Black" Douglas (age 43) who took Robert's heart?], and said before all the lords, 'Sir William, my dear friend, ye know well that I have had much ado in my days to uphold and sustain the right of this realm; and when I had most ado, I made a solemn vow, the which as yet I have not accomplished, whereof I am right sorry: the which was, if I might achieve and make an end of all my wars, so that I might once have brought this realm in rest nd peace, then I promised in my mind to rave gone and warred on Christ's enemies, adversaries to our holy Christian faith. To this purpose mine heart hath ever intended, but our Lord would not consent thereto; for I have had so much ado in my days, and now in my last enterprise I have taken such a malady that I cannot escape. And sith it is so, that my body cannot go nor achieve that my heart desireth, I will send the heart instead of the body to accomplish mine avow. And because I know not in all my realm no knight more valiant than ye be, nor of body so well furnished to accomplish mine avow instead of myself, therefore I require you, mine own dear especial friend, that ye will take on you this voyage, for the love of me, and to acquit my soul against my Lord God. For I trust so much in your nobleness and truth, that an ye will take on you, I doubt not but that ye shall achieve it, and declare then shall I die in more ease and quiet, so that it be done in such manner as I shall declare unto you. I will that as soon as I am trespassed out of this world, that ye take my heart out of my body and embalm it, and take of my treasure, as ye shall think sufficient for that enterprise, both for yourself and such company as ye will take with you, and present my heart to the Holy Sepulchre, whereas our Lord lay, seeing my body cannot come there: and take with you such company and purveyance as shall be appertaining to your estate. And wheresoever ye come, let it be known how ye carry with you the heart of king Robert of Scotland (age 54) at his instance and desire, to be presented to the Holy Sepulchre.' Then all the lords that heard these words wept for pity: and when this knight sir William Douglas (age 43) might speak for weeping, he said: ' Ah, gentle and noble king, a hundred times I thank your grace of the great honour that ye do to me, sith of so noble and great treasure ye give me in charge; and, sir, I shall do with a glad heart all that ye have commanded me, to the best of my true power, howbeit I am not worthy nor sufficient to achieve such a noble enterprise.' Then the king said, ' Ah, gentle knight, I thank you, so that ye will promise to do it.' 'Sir,' said the knight, ' I shall ... embalmed, and honourably he was interred in the abbey of Dunfermline [Map] in the year of our Lord God MCCCXXVII., the seventh day of the month of November [Note. Appears to be an error here 1329 rather than 1327?].' And when the springing-time began, then sir William Douglas purveyed him of that which appertained for his enterprise and took his ship at the port of Montrose in Scotland, and sailed into Flanders, to Sluys, to hear tidings and to know if there were any nobleman in that country that would go to Jerusalem, to the intent to have more company. And he lay still at Sluys the space of twelve days or he departed, but he would never come a-land, but kept still his ship, and kept always his port and behaviour with great triumph, with trumpets and clarions, as though' he had been king of Scots himself; and in his company there was a knight banneret and seven other knights of the realm of Scotland, and twenty-six young squires and gentlemen to serve him; and all his vessel was of gold and silver-pots, basins, ewers, dishes, flagons, barrels, cups and all other things; and all such as would come and see him, they were well served with two manner of wines and divers manner of spices, all manner. of people according to their degrees. And when he had thus tarried there the space of twelve days, he heard reported that Alphonso king of Spain (age 17) made war against a Saracen king of Granade. Then he thought to draw to that part, thinking surely he could not bestow his time more nobly than to war against God's enemies and that enterprise done, then he thought to go forth to Jerusalem and to achieve that he was charged with. And so he departed and took the sea toward Spain, and arrived at the port of Valence the great. Then he went straight to the king of Spain (age 17), who held his host against the king of Granade Saracen, and they were near together, on the frontiers of his land.

On 07 Jun 1329 Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland (age 54) died at Cardross Manor, Argyll. He was buried at Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline. His son King David II of Scotland (age 5) succeeded II King Scotland. Joan of the Tower Queen Consort Scotland (age 7) by marriage Queen Consort Scotland.

Death and Funeral of Anne of Bohemia

On 07 Jun 1394 Anne of Bohemia Queen Consort England (age 28) died of plague (probably) at Sheen Palace [Map]. King Richard II of England (age 27) was so distraught at her death he ordered the destruction of Sheen Palalce [Map].


The Chronicle of Adam of Usk. 07 Jun 1394. In the year of our Lord 1394, on Whitsun-day (7th June), died that most gracious lady Ann, queen of England (age 28), at the manor of Shene [Map], which lies on Thames near to Brentford. Which manor, though a royal one and very fair, did king Richard, by reason that that lady’s death happened therein, command and cause to be utterly destroyed. After the ceremony of her funeral, which was carried out with becoming honours on the morrow of Saint Peter ad Vincula (2nd August), the king, clad, with his train, in weeds of mourning, straightway passed over into Ireland with & great power, to subdue the rebellion of the Irish1. Yet he gained but little; for the Irish, then feigning submission to his will, straightway after his departure were in revolt, as all men know.

Note 1. Richard sailed for Iréland early in September, 1394, and returned in May of the next year.

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

Chronicle of Gregory 1450. 07 Jun 1450. And yn the fowarde, as they wolde have folowyde the captayne, was slayn Syr Umfray Stafforde (age 50) and Wylliam Stafford (age 30), squyer, one the mannylste man of alle thys realme of Engelonde, whythe many moo othyr of mene personys at Sevenocke [Map], in Kentt, in hyr oute ragyng fro hyr oste of our soverayne lordys the kyng, Harry the vj te . And the kyng (age 28) loggyd that nyght at Grenewyche [Map], and sone aftyr every lorde whythe hys retynewe rood home in to hyr contraye. [Note. The date sometimes given as the 08 Jun 1450 and 18 Jun 1850]

On 07 Jun 1488 Hugh Hastings 10th Baron Hastings (age 51) died. His son John Hastings 11th Baron Hastings (age 22) de jure 11th Baron Hastings 1C 1290. Catherine Aske Baroness Hastings by marriage Baroness Hastings.

On 07 Jun 1492 Casimir IV King Poland (age 64) died. His son Vladislaus II King Hungary (age 36) succeeded II King Hungary.

On 07 Jun 1502 John III King Portugal was born to Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal (age 33) and Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal (age 20). Coefficient of inbreeding 8.31%.

Marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

Letters and Papers 1509. 07 Jun 1509. 60. [147.] Catharine of Aragon.

Renunciation by Catharine, in favour of Henry VIII, of her dowry of 200,000cr. (of 4s. 2d.) stipulated by the treaty of 3 June 1503. Greenwich, 7 June 1509.

Lat. Copy. See No. 65 iv.

R. O. Rym., XIII. 261.

On 07 Jun 1557 William Harvey (age 47) was sent to France to declare war on behalf of Queen Mary I of England and Ireland (age 41).

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 07 Jun 1557. The vij day of Juin was a proclamassyon in London by the quen('s) (age 41) grace, of the latt duke of Northumberland was supported and furdered by Henry the Frenche kyng (age 38) and ys menysters, and by the heddes of Dudley, Asheton, and by the consperacy of Wyatt and ys trayturs band; and the sayd kynges mynysters dyd secretly practysse and gyff, and they favorabulle; with trumpeters blohyng, and a x harroldes of armes, and with my lord mayre (age 57) and the althermen; and by the lat Stafford (deceased) and with odur rebelles whom he had interteynyd in ys rayme, and dyver odur mo, the wyche be ther yett on-taken.

Note. P. 138. Proclamation of war with France. A transcript (from the printed copy) of this Proclamation may be found in Starkey's collections, MS. Harl. 353, f. 184. See also Holinshed, 1st edit. p. 1767; Stowe's Chronicle, 1631, p. 631.

On 07 Jun 1576 Thomas Howard 1st Viscount Howard Bindon (age 56) and Mabel Burton Viscountess Howard Bindon (age 36) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Howard Bindon. The difference in their ages was 20 years. He the son of Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth Stafford Duchess Norfolk.NOTEXT

Before 07 Jun 1647 James Hamilton 1st Earl Clanbrassil (age 29) and Anne Carey Countess Clanbrassil (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Henry Carey 2nd Earl Monmouth (age 51) and Martha Cranfield Countess Monmouth (age 46).

1660 June Creation of Baronets

In Jun 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded those who supported his Restoration ...

6th William Wray 1st Baronet (age 35) and John Talbot of Lacock (age 29) were knighted.

7th Geoffrey Palmer 1st Baronet (age 62) was created 1st Baronet Palmer of Carlton in Northampton

7th Orlando Bridgeman 1st Baronet (age 54) was created 1st Baronet Bridgeman of Great Lever in Lancashire.

7th John Langham 1st Baronet (age 76) was created 1st Baronet Langham of Cottesbrooke in Northamptonshire.

11th Henry Wright 1st Baronet (age 23) was created 1st Baronet Wright of Dagenham. Ann Crew Lady Wright by marriage Lady Wright of Dagenham.

13th Nicholas Gould 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Gould of the City of London.

14th Thomas Allen 1st Baronet (age 27) was created 1st Baronet Allen of Totteridge in Middlesex.

18th Thomas Cullum 1st Baronet (age 73) was created 1st Baronet Cullum of Hastede in Suffolk.

19th Thomas Darcy 1st Baronet (age 28) was created 1st Baronet Darcy of St Osith's.

22nd Robert Cordell 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Cordell of Long Melford.

22nd John Robinson 1st Baronet (age 45) was created 1st Baronet Robinson of London. Anne Whitmore Lady Robinson (age 48) by marriage Lady Robinson of London.

25th William Bowyer 1st Baronet (age 47) was created 1st Baronet Bowyer of Denham Court. Margaret Weld Lady Bowyer (age 43) by marriage Lady Bowyer of Denham Court.

25th Thomas Stanley 1st Baronet (age 63) was created 1st Baronet Stanley of Alderley in Cheshire.

26th Jacob Astley 1st Baronet (age 21) was created 1st Baronet Astley of Hill Morton.

27th William Wray 1st Baronet (age 35) was created 1st Baronet Wray of Ashby in Lincolnshire. Olympia Tufton Lady Ashby (age 36) by marriage Lady Wray of Ashby in Lincolnshire.

28th Oliver St John 1st Baronet (age 36) was created 1st Baronet St John of Woodford in Northamptonshire 1660.

29th Ralph Delaval 1st Baronet (age 37) was created 1st Baronet Delaval of Seaton in Northumberland. Anne Leslie Lady Delaval by marriage Lady Delaval of Seaton in Northumberland.

30th Andrew Henley 1st Baronet (age 38) was created 1st Baronet Henley of Henley in Somerset.

On 07 Jun 1661 Henry Ingram 1st Viscount Irvine (age 21) and Essex Montagu Viscountess Irvine were married. She by marriage Viscountess Irvine. She the daughter of Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Manchester (age 59).

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 07 Jun 1665. This day, much against my will, I did in Drury Lane see two or three houses marked with a red cross upon the doors, and "Lord have mercy upon us" writ there; which was a sad sight to me, being the first of the kind that, to my remembrance, I ever saw. It put me into an ill conception of myself and my smell, so that I was forced to buy some roll-tobacco to smell to and chaw, which took away the apprehension.

Four Days' Battle

Pepy's Diary. 07 Jun 1666. Up betimes, and to my office about business (Sir W. Coventry (age 38) having sent me word that he is gone down to the fleete to see how matters stand, and to be back again speedily); and with the same expectation of congratulating ourselves with the victory that I had yesterday. But my Lord Bruncker (age 46) and Sir T. H. (age 41) that come from Court, tell me quite contrary newes, which astonishes me: that is to say, that we are beaten, lost many ships and good commanders; have not taken one ship of the enemy's; and so can only report ourselves a victory; nor is it certain that we were left masters of the field. But, above all, that The Prince run on shore upon the Galloper, and there stuck; was endeavoured to be fetched off by the Dutch, but could not; and so they burned her; and Sir G. Ascue (age 50) is taken prisoner, and carried into Holland. This newes do much trouble me, and the thoughts of the ill consequences of it, and the pride and presumption that brought us to it.

PAINTINGS/CRADOCK/William_Coventry.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/George_Ayscue.jpg

On 07 Jun 1671 Richard Beek died. Buried at St Andrew's Church, Wimpole [Map].

Battles of Schooneveld

On 07 Jun 1673 and 14 Jun 1673 two naval battles took place between an allied Anglo-French fleet commanded by Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland (age 53) on his flagship the Royal Charles, and the fleet of the United Provinces, commanded by Admiral Michiel de Ruyter (age 66). The Dutch won both battles.

The Gloucester took part.


Evelyn's Diary. 07 Jun 1689. I visited the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 72), and stayed with him till about seven o'clock. He read to me the Pope's excommunication of the French King (age 50).

Roger Whitley's Diary. 07 Jun 1690. Satorday, severall of the King's servants came to provide for him; viz: Mr Isaack, Lambe, Clarke, Fronteene, &c. neare 2 o'clock the King (age 39) came, with Lord: Portland (age 40), Scarborow (age 40); Henry de Nassau Lord Overkirk (age 50), Solmes, Scranmore, Zulestein, &c. Dutch & English, the Bishop: & severall of the clergy, &c. the King (age 39) went to dine, past 2; had severall of his noblemen & gentry to dine with him; he also commanded the Bishop: & me to sitt downe; Lord Warrington (age 38) came when we were at dinner; sate downe; we were 13 or 14 at table; his Majesty (age 39) did me the honor to drink to me; after dinner he talked with me a long while at the window; then retired, writ letters, &c. Sir Thomas Delves (age 59) & severall gentlemen of the County dined with Mr Isack (who had tables provided in the Kilne) & the rest of the King's servants, officers of the Guards, &c. were provided for in one place or other; the King (age 39) walked in the gardens, to the stables in the evening; discoursed often very obligingly with me after he came in; retired to his chamber; had some new layd eggs to his supper; went to bed before 11. in the afternoone the County gentlemen, clergy, cittisens of Chester & Recorder (who were sent to [fo. 119r] know his Majesty's (age 39): pleasure about coming to Chester) kissed his hand; & in the evening my daughters, grandchildren, aunts &c; when he walked in the garden he gathered cherryes & seemed well pleased, &c. there was a good supper prepared in the Kilne for those that would eate, besides many of the King's great officers & servants; Lord Warrington (age 38), Sir Rowland Gwynn (age 32) & others lay in the house; I went to bed (weary) before 11 o'clock; Lord Brandon (age 31) lay at Mr Hardwares, also Mr Row.

On 07 Jun 1696 Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg II Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 19) and Magdalena Augusta Anhalt Zerbst Anhaltzerbst Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg were married. She by marriage Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg. He the son of Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg I Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg and Duchess Magdalena Sibylle of Saxe Gotha Altenburg.

On 07 Jun 1722 George Paulett 12th Marquess Winchester was born to Norton Powlett (age 41).

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Susanna_Kennedy.jpgBefore 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman (age 48). Portrait of Susanna Kennedy Countess Winton (age 41).

Susanna Kennedy Countess Winton: In 1690 she was born to Archibald Kennedy 1st Baronet (age 54). In 1701 Alexander Montgomerie 8th Earl Eglinton (age 63) died. His son Alexander Montgomerie 9th Earl Eglinton (age 41) succeeded 9th Earl Eglinton. Susanna Kennedy Countess Winton (age 11) by marriage Countess Winton. On 18 Mar 1780 Susanna Kennedy Countess Winton (age 90) died at Auchans Castle, Auchans. In Jun 1790 Alexander Montgomerie 9th Earl Eglinton and she were married. The difference in their ages was 30 years. He the son of Alexander Montgomerie 8th Earl Eglinton and Elizabeth Crichton.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Helen_Sutherland.jpgBefore 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman (age 48) (manner of). Portrait of Helen Sutherland (age 14).

Helen Sutherland: In 1717 she was born. In 1791 Helen Sutherland (age 74) died.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Elizabeth_Ogilvy.jpgBefore 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman (age 48). Portrait of Mary Savile Countess Isle Thanet.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Anne_Erskine.jpgBefore 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman (age 48). Portrait of Anne Erskine (age 23).

Anne Erskine: In 1708 she was born in Forfar. On 27 Nov 1735 Anne Erskine (age 27) died in Edinburgh.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/John_StJohn.jpgBefore 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman (age 48). Portrait of John St John 2nd Viscount St John (age 29).

John St John 2nd Viscount St John: On 03 May 1702 he was born to Henry St John 1st Viscount St John (age 49) and Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 36). Before 21 Dec 1732 John St John 2nd Viscount St John (age 30) and Anne Furnese (age 20) were married. On 08 Apr 1742 Henry St John 1st Viscount St John (age 89) died. He was buried at St Mary's Church Battersea, Surrey. His son John St John 2nd Viscount St John (age 39) succeeded 2nd Viscount St John, 5th Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire. In Nov 1748 John St John 2nd Viscount St John (age 46) died. His son Frederick St John 3rd Viscount St John 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke (age 15) succeeded 3rd Viscount St John, 6th Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Charles_Lauderdale.jpgBefore 07 Jun 1731 William Aikman (age 48). Portrait of Charles Maitland 6th Earl Lauderdale (age 43).

On 07 Jun 1739 Henry Paget 1st Earl Uxbridge (age 76) and Elizabeth Bagot Countess Uxbridge (age 65) were married. She by marriage Countess Uxbridge.


On 07 Jun 1740 Edward Lascelles 1st Earl Harewood was born to Edward Lascelles (age 38).

On 07 Jun 1746 Jules 1st Duke of Polignac was born.

On 07 Jun 1749 Charles Fane 2nd Viscount Fane (age 41) and Susanna Marriott Viscountess Fane were married at St Benet's Church, Paul's Wharf [Map]. She by marriage Viscountess Fane.

PAINTINGS/BATONI/William_Cavendish.png PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Georgiana.jpg PAINTINGS/GARDNER/Witches_Round_The_Cauldron.jpg PAINTINGS/DOWNMAN/Georgiana_Spencer.jpg PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/1280px-Thomas_Gainsboroguh_Georgiana_Duchess_of_Devonshire_1783.jpg PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Thomas_Gainsborough_Lady_Georgiana_Cavendish.jpg

On 07 Jun 1775 Robert Stewart 1st Marquess Londonderry (age 35) and Frances Pratt Marchioness Londonderry (age 24) were married. She the daughter of Charles Pratt 1st Earl Camden (age 61) and Elizabeth Jeffreys Countess Camden (age 50).

PAINTINGS/MENGS/Robert_Stewart.jpg PAINTINGS/DOUGLAS-HAMILTON/Marquess_Londonderry.jpg

On 07 Jun 1789 Antoine Héraclius Agénor 9th Duc de Gramont was born to Antoine 8th Duke Gramont (age 33) and Aglae de Polignac "Guichette" Duchess Gramont (age 21).


On 07 Jun 1794 John Browne 1st Baron Kilmaine (age 68) died. His son James Browne 2nd Baron Kilmaine (age 29) succeeded 2nd Baron Kilmain, 8th Baronet Browne of The Neale in County Mayo.

On 07 Jun 1824 William Fitzgerald De Ros 22nd Baron Ros Helmsley (age 26) and Georgiana Lennox Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 28) were married. She the daughter of Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond and Charlotte Gordon Duchess Richmond (age 55). They were second cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 03 Jun 1830 Edward Joseph Bellew 2nd Baron Bellew was born to Patrick Bellew 1st Baron Bellew (age 32) and Anna Fermina de Mendoza Baroness bellew. He was baptised on 07 Jun 1830 at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Dublin.

On 07 Jun 1840 Frederick William II King Prussia (age 69) died. His son Frederick William IV King Prussia (age 44) succeeded IV King Prussia.

On 07 Jun 1851 Augustus Henry Vernon 6th Baron Vernon (age 22) and Harriet Frances Maria Anson Baroness Vernon (age 23) were married. She the daughter of Thomas William Anson 1st Earl Lichfield (age 55) and Louisa Barbara Catherine Phillips Countess Lichfield (age 51). They were third cousins.


Ringham Low. On the 7th of June, we went to the large chambered tumulus near Monyash, called Ringham Low [Map], some of the cists in which had been examined in 1847 (Vestiges, p. 103), for the purpose of investigating a cist that had been accidentally discovered. It was rather north of the centre of the mound, with the ends east and west (No. 1 of the Plan,) and was rhomboidal in shape, measuring eight feet six inches in length, by four feet in width, the sides were mostly formed by four very large stones, one of which was upwards of nine feet long; the bottom was paved with five slabs of limestone pretty well fitted to each other, the average depth was about eighteen indies. It was filled with limestone gravel, and small stones, covering a large quantity of human remains, most of which were in the utmost disorder, though near the bottom they had been less disturbed, and perhaps, in one or two cases, retained their original position. These have since been ascertained to include the remains of twelve individuals, comprising two infants and ten adults, mostly exhibiting the lengthened form of skull I have before observed to be constantly found in tumuli of the same description as the present.

The lower part of the gravel, and the interstices between the paving-stones, abounded with rats' bones; and on removing part of the floor we found that many human bones had been drawn beneath it by these restless creatures. In clearing out these joints we found three very beautiful leaf-shaped arrow points of white-flint, one of which, considering the material, is of wonderful execution; it measures 2¼ inches in length, is an inch broad in the middle, and weighs less than 48 grains, although it is not made from a thin flake, but is elaborately clipped all over both surfaces. We observed fragments of the skulls of oxen, teeth of horses, dogs, &c, but no trace of pottery, although a little charcoal was mixed with the clay on which the pavement rested.

On 07 Jun 1862 Aubrey Fitzclarence 4th Earl Munster was born to William Fitzclarence 2nd Earl Munster (age 38) and Wilhelmina Kennedy-Erskine (age 31). He a great grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom. Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.

On 07 Jun 1898 Henry Lewis Noel (age 74) died.

Memorial at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Exton, Rutlandshire [Map] commissioned by his daughter Emilia F Noel.

Henry Lewis Noel: In 1824 he was born to Charles Noel 1st Earl Gainsborough (age 42) and Arabella Hamlyn-Williams.

Emilia F Noel: She was born to Henry Lewis Noel.

On 07 Jun 1902 Charles Cornwallis Neville 5th Baron Braybrooke (age 78) died.

Battle of Jutland

On 07 Jun 1916 Leading Seaman James Horace Wainscott died from wounds received at the Battle of Jutland whilst serving aboard HMS Southampton. Grave at All Hallows' Church Harthill [Map].

On 07 Jun 1917 John Dudley North 13th Baron North was born to Dudley William John North (age 27).

On 07 Jun 1950 John Lytton 5th Earl of Lytton was born to Noel Lytton 4th Earl of Lytton (age 50).

On 07 Jun 1951 Ralph Palmer 12th Baron Lucas was born to Major Robert Jocelyn Palmer Baron Lucas (age 32) and Anne Rosemary Cooper 11th Baroness Lucas (age 32).

On 07 Jun 1962 Victor Montagu 10th Earl Sandwich (age 56) and Anne Cavendish Countess Sandwich (age 52) were married. She the daughter of Victor Christian William Cavendish 9th Duke Devonshire and Evelyn Emily Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice Duchess Devonshire. He the son of George Charles Montagu 9th Earl Sandwich (age 87) and Alberta Sturges Countess Sandwich (age 84).