On this Day in History ... 07 October

07 Oct is in October.

1665 Great Plague of London

1688 Trial and Imprisonment of the Seven Bishops

On 07 Oct 919 Charles "Simple" III King West Francia (age 40) and Eadgifu Wessex Queen Consort West Francia were married. She by marriage Queen Consort West Francia. She the daughter of King Edward "Elder" of the Anglo Saxons (age 45) and Aelfflaed Wiltshire Queen Anglo Saxons (age 49). He the son of Louis "Stammerer" II King Aquitaine III King West Francia and Adelaide Paris Queen Consort Aquitaine and West Francia.

On 07 Oct 929 Charles "Simple" III King West Francia (age 50) died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1022. This year went King Knute (age 27) out with his ships to the Isle of Wight [Map]. And Bishop Ethelnoth went to Rome; where he was received with much honour by Benedict the magnificent pope, who with his own hand placed the pall upon him, and with great pomp consecrated him archbishop, and blessed him, on the nones of October. The archbishop on the self-same day with the same pall performed mass, as the pope directed him, after which he was magnificently entertained by the pope himself; and afterwards with a full blessing proceeded homewards. Abbot Leofwine, who had been unjustly expelled from Ely, was his companion; and he cleared himself of everything, which, as the pope informed him, had been laid to his charge, on the testimony of the archbishop and of all the company that were with him.

On 07 Oct 1368 Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke of Clarence (age 29) died from poisoning at Alba [Map]. Duke Clarence 1C 1362 extinct. There was strong speculation he had been poisoned by his wife's (age 14) father (age 48). He was buried at Clare Priory [Map]. His daughter Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster (age 13) succeeded 5th Countess Ulster.

On 07 Oct 1388 Roger Mortimer 4th Earl March 6th Earl Ulster (age 14) and Eleanor Holland Countess March and Ulster (age 17) were married. She by marriage Countess March, Countess Ulster. She the daughter of Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent (age 38) and Alice Fitzalan Countess Kent (age 38). He the son of Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March, Earl Ulster and Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster. They were second cousin once removed. He a great grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Before 07 Oct 1398 Edward York 2nd Duke of York 1st Duke Albemarle (age 25) and Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale Duchess York (age 31) were married. He the son of Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York (age 57) and Isabella of Castile Duchess York. He a grandson of King Edward III of England.

Before 07 Oct 1409 Sigismund I King Hungary I King Germany I King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg (age 41) and Barbara of Cilli Holy Roman Empress (age 17) were married. The difference in their ages was 23 years. He the son of Charles IV King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg and Elizabeth Pomerania Holy Roman Empress Luxemburg.

On 07 Oct 1471 Richard Willoughby died. He was buried in St Leonard's Church Wollaton, Nottinghamshire [Map].

Monument to Richard Willoughby and Anna Leeke. Excellent brass with Cadaver Underneath. The arms being, left to right, Bugge Arms, Bugge Arms impaled with Leeke, Bugge Arms impaled with Foljambe Arms, Bugge Arms impaled with Annesley Arms.

Richard Willoughby: He was born to Hugh Willoughby and Isabel Foljambe. In or before 1468 Richard Willoughby and Anna Leeke (age 42) were married.

Anna Leeke: Around 1425 she was born to Simon Leeke (age 80) in Cotham Ollerton. Around 1468 Anna Leeke (age 43) died in Wollaton. She was buried at St Leonard's Church Wollaton, Nottinghamshire.

On 07 Oct 1471 King Frederick I of Denmark was born to Christian I King Denmark (age 45) and Dorothea of Brandenburg (age 40).

On 07 Oct 1548 Augustus Wettin Elector of Saxony (age 22) and Anna Oldenburg (age 15) were married at Torgau. She the daughter of Christian III King Denmark (age 45) and Dorothea of Saxe Lauenburg Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 37). They were third cousin once removed.

On 07 Oct 1601 George Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley was born to Thomas Berkeley (age 26) and Elizabeth Carey (age 25).

On 07 Oct 1637 Victor Amadeus I Duke of Savoy (age 50) died.

Evelyn's Diary. 07 Oct 1660. There dined with me a French count, with Sir George Tuke, who came to take leave of me, being sent over to the Queen-Mother (age 50), to break the marriage of the Duke (age 26) with the daughter (age 23) of Chancellor Hyde (age 51). The Queen (age 50) would fain have undone it; but it seems matters were reconciled, on great offers of the Chancellor's (age 51) to befriend the Queen (age 50), who was much in debt, and was now to have the settlement of her affairs go through his hands.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 07 Oct 1665. Thence back the back way to my office, where very late, very busy. But most of all when at night come two waggons from Rochester [Map] with more goods from Captain Cocke (age 48); and in houseing them at Mr. Tooker's lodgings come two of the Custome-house to seize them, and did seize them but I showed them my 'Transire'. However, after some hot and angry words, we locked them up, and sealed up the key, and did give it to the constable to keep till Monday, and so parted. But, Lord! to think how the poor constable come to me in the dark going home; "Sir", says he, "I have the key, and if you would have me do any service for you, send for me betimes to-morrow morning, and I will do what you would have me". Whether the fellow do this out of kindness or knavery, I cannot tell; but it is pretty to observe. Talking with him in the high way, come close by the bearers with a dead corpse of the plague; but, Lord! to see what custom is, that I am come almost to think nothing of it.

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Evelyn's Diary. 07 Oct 1688. Hourly expectation of the Prince of Orange's (age 37) invasion heightened to that degree, that his Majesty (age 54) thought fit to abrogate the Commission for the dispensing Power (but retaining his own right still to dispense with all laws) and restore the ejected Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford. In the meantime, he called over 5,000 Irish, and 4,000 Scots, and continued to remove Protestants and put in Papists at Portsmouth and other places of trust, and retained the Jesuits about him, increasing the universal discontent. It brought people to so desperate a pass, that they seemed passionately to long for and desire the landing of that Prince (age 37), whom they looked on to be their deliverer from Popish tyranny, praying incessantly for an east wind, which was said to be the only hindrance of his expedition with a numerous army ready to make a descent. To such a strange temper, and unheard of in former times, was this poor nation reduced, and of which I was an eyewitness. The apprehension was (and with reason) that his Majesty's (age 54) forces would neither at land nor sea oppose them with that vigor requisite to repel invaders.


Trial and Imprisonment of the Seven Bishops

Evelyn's Diary. 07 Oct 1688. The late imprisoned Bishops were now called to reconcile matters, and the Jesuits hard at work to foment confusion among the Protestants by their usual tricks. A letter was sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 71), informing him, from good hands, of what was contriving by them. A paper of what the Bishops advised his Majesty was published. The Bishops were enjoined to prepare a form of prayer against the feared invasion. A pardon published. Soldiers and mariners daily pressed.

On 07 Oct 1700 Henry Moore 4th Earl of Drogheda was born to Charles Moore Lord Moore and Jane Loftus (age 35).

On 07 Oct 1710 Hester Salusbury (age 73) died. She was buried at St Marcella's Church, Denbigh [Map].

Hester Salusbury: In 1637 she was born to Thomas Salusbury 2nd Baronet (age 24) and Hester Tyrrell Lady Salusbury. Around 1666 Robert Cotton 1st Baronet (age 30) and Hester Salusbury (age 29) were married. They had five sons and eleven daughters and over one hundred grandchildren. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry VII of England and Ireland. On 23 May 1684 John Salusbury 4th Baronet (age 47) died. Baronet Salusbury of Lleweni in Denbighshire extinct. His sister Hester Salusbury (age 47) and her husband Robert Cotton 1st Baronet (age 49) inherited his estates. Combermere Papers. After 23 Sep 1685. By an act of kindness unusual on the part of James II Sir Robert (age 50) was allowed the society of one of his family within the Tower He chose his fourth son Thomas (age 13) a boy of eleven years old and beguiled the tedium of captivity by teaching him to read. Lady Cotton (age 48) not being allowed to share her husband's imprisonment used to walk every day at a certain hour on Tower Hill till she learnt by an agreed signal hung out from a window that her husband was well. After a short delay Sir Robert was released the charge made against him having been found to be groundless. That there were however letters although perhaps not treasonable from the Electress Sophia (age 54) we learn from Mrs Piozzi who when a child saw some of this correspondence. She was too young to recollect anything about the contents but was afterwards told that they were full of Latin quotations. In accordance with what seems to have been a family mania for the destruction of papers Lord Combermere's father burnt the letters in question

On 07 Oct 1728 Theophilus Henry Hastings 11th Earl Huntingdon was born to Henry Hastings (age 27) and Elizabeth Hudson (age 27).

On 07 Oct 1732 William Anne Capell 4th Earl Essex was born to William Capell 3rd Earl Essex (age 35) and Elizabeth Russell Countess Essex (age 21) at Turin.

PAINTINGS/KNAPTON/William_Capell.png PAINTINGS/SOLDI/Elizabeth_Russell.jpg

On 07 Oct 1762 Charles Abbott 1st Baron Tenterden was born .


On 07 Oct 1781 Henry Howe 3rd Baron Chedworth (age 65) died. His nephew John Howe 4th Baron Chedworth (age 27) succeeded 4th Baron Chedworth.

On 07 Oct 1785 John Dormer 7th Baron Dormer (age 94) died. His son Charles Dormer 8th Baron Dormer (age 60) succeeded 8th Baron Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire, 8th Baronet Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire. Elizabeth Hamilton Baroness Dormer by marriage Baroness Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire.

On 07 Oct 1793 Wills Hill 1st Marquess Downshire (age 75) died. His son Arthur Hill 2nd Marquess Downshire (age 40) succeeded 2nd Marquess Downshire. Mary Sandys Marchioness Downshire (age 29) by marriage Marchioness Downshire.


On 07 Oct 1793 William Montagu 5th Duke Manchester (age 21) and Susan Gordon Duchess Manchester were married at Edinburgh [Map]. She by marriage Duchess Manchester. She the daughter of Alexander Gordon 4th Duke Gordon (age 50) and Jane Maxwell Duchess Gordon (age 45). He the son of George Montagu 4th Duke Manchester and Elizabeth Dashwood Duchess Manchester (age 53).

On 07 Oct 1809 Robert John Verney 25th Baron Latimer 17th Baron Willoughby de Broke was born to Robert Barnard (age 49) and Louisa Peyto Verney (age 30).

On 07 Oct 1826 Edward John Stanley 2nd Baron Stanley and 1st Baron Eddisbury (age 23) and Henrietta Maria Dillon Baroness Stanley Alderley and Eddisbury (age 18) were married. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 07 Oct 1845 Edmund Beckett 1st Baron Grimthorpe (age 29) and Fanny Catherine Lonsdale Baroness Beckett (age 22) were married. She the daughter of Bishop John Lonsdale (age 57) and Sophia Bolland.

On 07 Oct 1848 George Howard 6th Earl Carlisle (age 75) died. His son George Howard 7th Earl Carlisle (age 46) succeeded 7th Earl Carlisle 3C 1661.NOTEXT

On 07 Oct 1868 Lawrence Hesketh Palk 2nd Baron Haldon (age 22) and Constance Mary Barrington Baroness Haldon (age 21) were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 07 Oct 1871 Louise Blanche Howard (age 29) died from childbirth six weeks after the birth of a child who had died the same or next day after birth. The Foljambe Tomb. Monument in St Mary's Church Tickhill Doncaster [Map] commissioned by her husband Cecil George Savile Foljambe 1st Earl Liverpool (age 24) who had sixty monuments erected in her memory in places associated with her. Sculpted by William Calder Marshall (age 58).NOTEXT

Louise Blanche Howard: On 22 Feb 1842 she was born to Frederick Howard (age 27) and Fanny Cavendish (age 32). On 22 Jul 1869 Cecil George Savile Foljambe 1st Earl Liverpool (age 22) and Louise Blanche Howard (age 27) were married. On 21 Feb 1877 Cecil George Savile Foljambe 1st Earl Liverpool (age 30) and Susan Louisa Cavendish Countess Liverpool were married. She was a first cousin of his first wife Louise Blanche Howard.

On 07 Oct 1884 John Frederick Lambton 5th Earl Durham was born to Frederick Lambton 4th Earl Durham (age 29) and Beatrix Bulteel Countess Durham.

On 07 Oct 1896 William Edwardes 4th and 1st Baron Kensington (age 61) died.

On 07 Oct 1915 Captain Charles Noel Ridley (age 30) died at St Omer having been mortally wounded on 29 Sep 1915. He was survived by his wife Daphne Bewicke and their three daughters. "The History of the Northumberland (Hussars) Yeomanry, 1819 – 1919 with Supplement to 1923" Edited by Howard Pease M.A., F.S.A. Printed by Constable & Co. Ltd. London 1924. On page 114 of the volume there is the following reference: September 30th [1915] – Most unfortunately Captain C.N. Ridley was killed, and about fourteen other ranks were wounded, whilst burying about forty men just behind "Gun Trench". He was buried at Longuenesse Souvenir Cemetery, St Omer, France.

Daphne Bewicke: In Sep 1907 Captain Charles Noel Ridley (age 22) and she were married. After 1915 Hall Grant Pringle and she were married.

On 07 Oct 1920 Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart 17th Duke of Alba 10th Duke of Berwick (age 41) and María del Rosario de Silva Duchess of Alba (age 20) were married. The difference in their ages was 21 years. He the son of Carlos María Fitz James Stuart 16th Duke Alba 14th Duke Veragua 9th Duke Berwick.

On 07 Oct 1927 Edward Guiness 1st Earl Iveagh (age 79) died. On 07 Oct 1927 His son Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness 2nd Earl Iveagh (age 53) succeeded 2nd Earl Iveagh.

On 07 Oct 1967 Daniel Finch-Hatton 12th Earl Nottingham 17th Earl of Winchilsea was born to Christopher Finch-Hatton 11th Earl Nottingham 16th Earl of Winchilsea (age 30) and Shirley Hatfield Countess of Nottingham and Winchilsea.