On this Day in History ... 08 August

08 Aug is in August.

1503 Marriage of James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor

1553 Funeral of King Edward VI

1665 Great Plague of London

On 08 Aug 869 Lothair II King Lotharingia (age 34) died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1065. This year, before Lammas, ordered Earl Harold (age 43) his men to build at Portskeweth in Wales. But when he had begun, and collected many materials, and thought to have King Edward (age 62) there for the purpose of hunting, even when it was all ready, came Caradoc, son of Griffin, with all the gang that he could get, and slew almost all that were building there; and they seized the materials that were there got ready. Wist we not who first advised the wicked deed. This was done on the mass-day of St. Bartholomew.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1065. Soon after this all the thanes in Yorkshire and in Northumberland gathered themselves together at York, and outlawed their Earl Tosty (age 39); slaying all the men of his clan that they could reach, both Danish and English; and took all his weapons in York, with gold and silver, and all his money that they could anywhere there find. They then sent after Morkar, son of Earl Elgar, and chose him for their earl. He went south with all the shire, and with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, till he came to Northampton [Map]; where his brother Edwin came to meet him with the men that were in his earldom. Many Britons also came with him. Harold (age 43) also there met them; on whom they imposed an errand to King Edward (age 62), sending also messengers with him, and requesting that they might have Morcar for their earl. This the king granted; and sent back Harold (age 43) to them, to Northampton, on the eve of St. Simon and St. Jude; and announced to them the same, and confirmed it by hand, and renewed there the laws of Knute. But the Northern men did much harm about Northampton, whilst he went on their errand: either that they slew men, and burned houses and corn; or took all the cattle that they could come at; which amounted to many thousands. Many hundred men also they took, and led northward with them; so that not only that shire, but others near it were the worse for many winters.

On 08 Aug 1086 Conrad Luxemburg Count Luxemburg died.

On 08 Aug 1171 Bishop Henry of Blois (age 73) died.

Marriage of James IV of Scotland and Margaret Tudor

On 08 Aug 1503 King James IV of Scotland (age 30) and Margaret Tudor (age 13) were married at Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood. Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 60) and James Hamilton 1st Earl Arran (age 28) were present. She the daughter of King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 46) and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England. He the son of King James III of Scotland and Margaret Oldenburg Queen Consort Scotland. They were third cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England. NOTEXT

Cuthbert Cunningham 3rd Earl Glencairn (age 27) was restored 3rd Earl Glencairn.

Diary of Edward VI. 08 Aug 1549. The French king (age 30), perceiving this, caused warr to be proclaimed1, and, hearing that our shippes lay at Jersey, sent a great nombre of his galeis, and certein shippes to surprend our shippes; but thei laying at anker bett the French, that they war fain to retir, with the losse of a 1000 of their men. At the sam time the French king passed by Boulein to Newhaven with his army, and toke Blakeness by treason, and the Alman camp;2 wich don, Newhaven surrendred.

Note 1. "Aug. 8. The French ambassador declared his revocation and the opening of the warres to my lord's Grace." (Privy Council Register.) On the following day, he "came to the court, and proclaimed open war with a herald and trumpeter." (Chron. of the Grey Friars of London, p. 61.) The consequent proceedings of the French king and his army will be found related by Foxe and Holinshed. He passed by the English fort of Boulogne lierg on the 19th August

Note 2. The Almaine Camp was the name given to one of the English forts, built about a mile from Ambleteuse. The "treason" which the King alludes to "was reported to be begun by one Sturton, a bastard sonne of the lord Sturton's, which had betrayed Newhaven, and went himselfe to the French king's service." This is Stowe's account; but it is not entirely confirmed by Holinshed. That chronicler, quoting "Le Chroniques de Aquitaine," relates that little more than two hours after the French artillery had begun to batter this fort, "Charles Sturton, capteine of that peece, and George Willoughbie, a gentleman associat with him, came foorth to parlée with the conestable, offering to yeeld the fort into his hand, upon condition they might depart with bag and baggage." The French at that moment thrust forward, and entered the fort. This happened on the 24th of August. The castle of Ambleteuse, otherwise called Newhaven, was surrendered on the 26th by lord John Grey; and the fort of Blackness on the 27th. These forts had been btiilt by the English in 1546. See Holinshed, edit. 1808, iii. 854.


Funeral of King Edward VI


Henry Machyn's Diary. 08 Aug 1553. The viij day of August was bered the nobull kyng Edward the vj (deceased), and vij yere of ys rayne; and at ys bere[ing was] the grettest mone mad for hym of ys deth [as ever] was hard or sene, boyth of all sorts of pepull, wepyng and lamentyng; and furst of alle whent a grett company of chylderyn in ther surples, and clarkes syngyng, and then ys father('s) bedmen, and then ij harolds, and then a standard with a dragon, and then a grett nombur of ys servants in blake, and then anodur standard with a whyt greyhond, and then after a grett nombur of ys of[ficers,] and after them comys mo harolds, and then a standard with the hed offesars of ys howse; and then harolds, Norey bare the elmett and the crest on horsbake, and then ys grett baner of armes in-brobery, and with dyvers odur baners, and then cam rydyng maister Clarensshuws with ys target, with ys garter, and ys sword, gorgyusly and ryche, and after Garter with ys cotte armur in brodery, and then mor [harolds] of armes; and then cam the charett with grett horsses trapyd with velvet to the grond, and hevere horse havyng [a man] on ys bake in blake, and ever on beyryng a banar-roll [of] dyvers kynges armes, and with schochyon(s) on ther horses, and then the charett kovered with cloth of gold, and on the [charett] lay on a pycture lyeng recheussly with a crown of gold, and a grett coler, and ys septur in ys hand, lyheng in ys robes [and the garter about his leg, and a coat in embroidery of gold; about the corps were borne four banners, a banner of the order, another of the red rose, another of queen Jane (Seymour), another of the queen's mother. After him went a goodly horse, covered with cloth of gold unto the ground, and the master of the horse, with a man of arms in armour, which] was offered, boyth the man and the horsse. [There was set up a go]odly hersse in Westmynster abbay with banar [-rolls] and pensells, and honge with velvet a-bowt.

Note. Funeral of king Edward the Sixth. The ceremonial of this funeral is preserved in the College of Arms, I. 11, f. 117 b, and an abstract is given by Strype, Memorials, vol. ii. p. 431. The painters' charges are preserved in a paper bound in I. 10, in Coll. Arm. f. 117, of which Sandford has given the heads in his Genealogical History of the Kings of England, 1677, p. 472. Archbishop Cranmer and bishop Day were permitted to perform the service and a communion in English (see Burnet, vol. ii. p. 244). "The Funeralles of king Edward the Sixt," a poem, by William Baldwin, was reprinted by the Rev. J. W. Dodd, for the Roxburghe club, in 1817. Extracts had been given in the British Bibliographer.

Around 08 Aug 1587 Andrew Stewart 1st Baron Castle Stuart (age 27) and Margaret Kennedy Baroness Castle Stuart were married. She by marriage Baroness Castle Stuart of County Tyrone.

On 08 Aug 1605 Cecil Calvert 2nd Baron Baltimore was born to George Calvert 1st Baron Baltimore (age 25) and Anne Mayne.

On 08 Aug 1607 Richard Power 4th Baron Power (age 54) died.

Before 08 Aug 1637 Richard Vaughan 2nd Earl Carbery (age 37) and Bridget Lloyd Countess Carbery were married. She by marriage Countess Carbery. He the son of John Vaughan 1st Earl Carbery.

On 08 Aug 1637 Richard Vaughan 2nd Earl Carbery (age 37) and Frances Altham Countess Carbery (age 16) were married at Acton. She by marriage Countess Carbery. The difference in their ages was 21 years. He the son of John Vaughan 1st Earl Carbery.


Great Plague of London

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Aug 1665. I waited on the Duke of Albemarle (age 56), who was resolved to stay at the Cock-pit, in St. James's Park. Died this week in London, 4,000. See Great Plague of London.

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On 08 Aug 1695 Thomas Southwell 1st Baron Southwell (age 30) and Meliora Coningsby (age 19) were married. She the daughter of Thomas Coningsby 1st Earl Coningsby (age 38) and Barbara Gorges (age 38).

On 08 Aug 1716 Thomas Foley 1st Baron Foley was born to Thomas Foley (age 21).

On 08 Aug 1730 Dean Robert Booth (age 68) died.

On 08 Aug 1736 William Byron 4th Baron Byron (age 66) died. His son William Byron 5th Baron Byron (age 13) succeeded 5th Baron Byron of Rochdale in Lancashire.

On 08 Aug 1750 Charles Lennox 2nd Duke Richmond (age 49) died. His son Charles Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond (age 15) succeeded 3rd Duke Richmond 3C 1675, 3rd Earl March 4C 1675, 3rd Baron Settrington.

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On 08 Aug 1756 Cornwallis Maude 1st Viscount Hawarden (age 26) and Letitia Vernon were married.

On 08 Aug 1759 Charles Cocks 1st Baron Somers (age 34) and Elizabeth Eliot were married.


On 07 Mar 1779 Henry Howard 12th Earl Suffolk 5th Earl Berkshire (age 39) died at Bath [Map]. He was buried at Charlton, Wiltshire. On 08 Aug 1779 his postumous son His son Henry Howard 13th Earl Suffolk 6th Earl Berkshire succeeded 13th Earl Suffolk 4C 1603, 6th Earl Berkshire 2C 1626 although he died two days later.NOTEXT

On 08 Aug 1781 Charles Anderson-Pelham 1st Earl Yarborough was born to Charles Anderson-Pelham 1st Baron Yarborough (age 32) and Sophia Aufrère Baroness Yarborough.

On 08 Aug 1803 Thomas Fitzmaurice 5th Earl Orkney was born to John Fitzmorris (age 24).

On 08 Aug 1863 William Henry Wellesley 2nd Earl Cowley (age 28) and Emily Gwendoline Williams Countess Cowley (age 24) were married. He the son of Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley (age 59).


On 08 Aug 1894 Wilbraham Egerton 1st Earl Egerton (age 62) and Alice Graham-Montgomery Duchess Buckingham and Chandos (age 47) were married.

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On 08 Aug 1896 William Pery 3rd Earl of Limerick (age 56) died.

On 08 Aug 1909 Charles Lyttelton 10th Viscount Cobham was born to John Cavendish Lyttelton 9th Viscount Cobham (age 27) and Violet Leonard Viscountess Cobham.

On 10 Jun 1920 Denzil George Fortescue 6th Earl Fortescue (age 26) and Marjorie Ellinor Trotter Countess Fortescue (age 26) were married. They were divorced before 08 Aug 1941. He the son of Hugh Fortescue 4th Earl Fortescue (age 66) and Emily Ormsby-Gore Countess Fortescue (age 60).

On 08 Aug 1957 Judith Blunt-Lytton 16th Baroness Wentworth (age 84) died. Her son Noel Lytton 4th Earl of Lytton (age 57) succeeded 17th Baron Wentworth 1C 1529.

08 Aug 1999. St Oswald's Church, Brereton [Map]. Memorial to William Brereton 2nd Baron Brereton. Bellringer and Donor of three bells in honour of his marriage to Elizabeth Goring Baroness Brereton. A special event took place at St Oswald's.Church, Brereton on 8th August 1999: the dedication of a plaque to the memory of William, 2nd Lord Brereton, founding member and first Master in 1637 of one of the oldest English change ringing societies, the Ancient Society of College Youths, which still flourishes nationally and internationally from its base in London.

William Brereton 2nd Baron Brereton: On 28 Feb 1611 he was born to John Bererton (age 20) and Anne Fitton (age 17). Before 04 May 1631 William Brereton 2nd Baron Brereton (age 20) and Elizabeth Goring Baroness Brereton were married. She the daughter of George Goring 1st Earl Norwich (age 46) and Mary Neville (age 41). They were half fourth cousins. On 01 Oct 1631 William Brereton 1st Baron Brereton (age 81) died. His grandson William Brereton 2nd Baron Brereton (age 20) succeeded 2nd Baron Brereton and inherited Brereton Hall, Cheshire. Elizabeth Goring Baroness Brereton by marriage Baroness Brereton. Evelyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1659. Came to see me Mr. Brereton (age 28), a very learned gentleman, son to my Lord Brereton (age 48), with his wife and divers other ladies. Also, Henry Howard of Norfolk (age 31), since Duke of Norfolk. In Apr 1664 William Brereton 2nd Baron Brereton (age 53) died. His son William Brereton 3rd Baron Brereton (age 32) succeeded 3rd Baron Brereton and inherited Brereton Hall, Cheshire. Frances Willoughby Baroness Brereton (age 39) by marriage Baroness Brereton.