On this Day in History ... 09 February

09 Feb is in February.

1132 Death of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys

1281 Marriage of King John of Scotland and Isabella Warenne

1307 Battle of Loch Ryan and the Execution of the Bruce Brothers

1308 King Edward II and Isabella of France arrive in England

1552 Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

1555 Protestant Executions

1608 Masque of The Hue and Cry After Cupid

1670 Frederick III King Denmark Dies Christian V King Denmark Succeeds

1715 Battle of Preston

On 09 Feb 1011 Bernard I Duke of Saxony (age 61) died. His son Bernard II Duke of Saxony (age 16) succeeded II Duke Saxony.

Death of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys

On 09 Feb 1251 Matthias Metz II Duke Lorraine (age 58) died. His son Frederick Metz III Duke Lorraine (age 11) succeeded III Duke Lorraine. Margaret Blois Duchess Lorraine by marriage Duchess Lorraine.

On 09 Feb 1274 Saint Louis Capet Bishop Toulose was born to Charles II King Naples (age 20) and Mary of Hungary Queen Consort Naples (age 17). He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Marriage of King John of Scotland and Isabella Warenne

On 09 Feb 1281 John "Empty Coat" I King Scotland (age 32) and Isabella Warenne were married. She the daughter of John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey (age 50) and Alice Lusignan Countess of Surrey. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

Battle of Loch Ryan and the Execution of the Bruce Brothers

On 09 Feb 1307 the Battle of Loch Ryan was a victory of local forces, led by Dungal MacDowall, supporter of King Edward I, over a force consisting of 1000 men and eighteen galleys led by Thomas Bruce (age 23) and Alexander Bruce (age 22), brothers of Robert "The Bruce" I King Scotland (age 32), supported by Malcolm McQuillan, Lord of Kintyre, and Sir Reginald Crawford. Only two galleys escaped. Malcolm McQuillan was captured an summarily executed.

Thomas Bruce (age 23), Alexander Bruce (age 22) and Reginald Crawford were hanged (possibly hanged, drawn and quartered) at Carlisle [Map].

King Edward II and Isabella of France arrive in England

Calendars. On 07 Feb 1308 King Edward II of England (age 23) and Isabella of France Queen Consort England (age 13) returned from their wedding in Boulogne sur Mer [Map] to Dover [Map].

07 Feb 1308. Be it remembered that on Wednesday after the Purification, Edward II (age 23), the king, returning from beyond seas, to wit, from Boulogne sur Mer [Map], where he took to wife Isabel (age 13), daughter of the king of France (age 39), touched at Dover [Map] in his barge about the ninth hour [1500], Hugh le Despenser (age 46) and the lord of Castellione of Gascony being in his company, and the Queen a little afterward touched there with certain ladies accompanying her, and because the great seal which had been taken with him beyond seas then remained in the keeping of the keeper of the wardrobe who could not arrive on that day, no writ was sealed from the hour of the king's coming until Friday following on which day the bishop of Chichester, chancellor, about the ninth hour [1500] delivered to the king in his chamber in Dover castle [Map] the seal used in England during the king's absence, and the king, receiving the same, delivered it to William de Melton (age 33), controller of the wardrobe, and forthwith delivered with his own hand to the chancellor the great seal under the seal of J. de Benstede, keeper of the wardrobe, and Master John Painter Fraunceis, in the presence of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster (age 30), Peter, Earl of Cornwall (age 24), and Hugh le Despenser (age 46), William Martyn and William Inge, knights, and Adam de Osgodby, clerk; and the chancellor on that day after lunch in his room (hospicio) in God's House, Dover, sealed writs with the great seal.

Calendars. 09 Feb 1308 King Edward II of England (age 23). Dover [Map]. To Alice Hainault Countess Norfolk, late wife of Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk and Marshall of England. Order to meet the king at Dover [Map] on his return from France with his consort about Sunday next after the Feast of the Purification of St Mary. Witnessed by Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall (age 24).

The like to:

Elizabeth, Countess of Hereford and Essex (age 25).

Henry de Lancastre (age 27).

Robert de Monte Alto.

Almaric de Sancto Amando[Ibid].

To R Archbishop of Canterbury (age 63). Order to attend the king's coronaion on Sunday next after the feast of St Valentine [14 Feb] at Westminster [Map], to execute what pertains to his office.

To the Sheriff of Surrey. Order to proclaim in market towns, etc., that no knight, esquire, or other shall, under pain of forfeiture, pressure to tourney or make jousts or bordices (torneare, justos seu burdseicas facere), or otherwise go armed at Croydon, Surrey [Map] or elsewhere before the king's coronation.

On 09 Feb 1321 Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel 8th Earl Surrey (age 15) and Isabel Despencer Countess Arundel (age 9) were married at Havering atte Bower [Map]. She by marriage Countess Arundel Sussex. He the son of Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel (age 35) and Alice Warenne Countess Arundel. They were half third cousin once removed. He a great x 5 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. She a great granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

After 09 Feb 1491 John Scrope 5th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 53) and Anne Harling Baroness Scrope Bolton (age 58) were married. She by marriage Baroness Scrope of Bolton.

On 09 Feb 1498 John Welles 1st Viscount Welles (age 48) died in London. Viscount Welles extinct. His will reads ...

In the name of oure Lorde Jeshu, Amen. I, John, Viscounte lorde Wellis (age 48), uncle to the Kynge (age 41), oure soveraigne lorde, and brodre to the right noble prynces, Margaret, countes of Richemond (age 54), naturall and dere modre to oure said soveregne lord, beyng of goode and hole memory, ye viij daie of February, the yere of oure Lorde God 1498, and in the xiiij yere of the regne of our saide soverayne lorde, make this my testament. My bodie to be buried in suche place as [to] the kynge (age 41), the quene (age 31), my lady, his moder (age 54), and my lady, my wife (age 28), shalbe thought, most convenyent, and the costis and charge of the same burying, the obsequyes, masses, funeralles and all oder thynges therto convenyent and necessarie. And also I remyt the makyng of my tumbe to the ordre and discrecionn of my saide soverayne lady the quene (age 31), my lady his modre, and my wife (age 28). And after these charges and costis aforesaid had and done, I will that all the dettis nowe by me dewe or to be dewe be treuly contented and paied. And I will that to the honour of Almighty God in the aulter afore which my bodie shall next lie my executors shall delyver a pair of candelstickes of silver, a masse booke covered with clothe of goolde, a chales of silver and gilte, a vestament of blewe velvet enbrodered with my armes, a pair of litle cruettes of silver and parcellis gilte, and a crosse of silver p[arcell] gilt, which 1 will do remayne there to serve Almyghty God with for ever and in noo oder place. Also I geve and bequethe to my dere beloved lady and wife Cecille (age 28), for terme of her life, all my castelles, manors, landes and tenements, aswell suche as I have purchased as all odre duryng only her life, whome I trust above all oder, that if my goodes and catallis wilnot suffice for the performance of this my laste will, that she will thenne of the revenues of the profittes of my inheritance perform this my laste will. Also I will that a preste be founde for ever after my said wifes decease to sey masse daily for my sowle and all Cristen sowles at the said aulter of the yerely revenues of my purchased landes, and over which my saide lady hath promysed me faithfully to purchase to the same entent if my saide purchased landes suffice not therto. And I will yt suche residue as shall fortune to be of my goodes that my saide dere beloved lady aud wife have theym to her owne use. And I make executors the saide Cecill (age 28), my dere beloved wife, and Sr Raynold Bray (age 58), knyght, and in my mooste humble wise beseche my said soverayne lorde the kyng and the quenes grace, my lady the kynges modre, to be supervisours.

On 09 Feb 1527 William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton (age 15) and Anne Bourchier 7th Baroness Bourchier (age 10) were married. They lived apart for the first twelve years of their marriage. She the daughter of Henry Bourchier 2nd Earl Essex 3rd Count Eu and Mary Saye Countess Essex and Eu (age 53). They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.


On 09 Feb 1534 Francis Bourbon Duke Estouteville (age 42) and Adrienne Estouteville Duchess Estouteville (age 21) were married. She by marriage Countess Saint Pol. He by marriage Duke Estouteville. The difference in their ages was 21 years. He the son of Francis Bourbon Count Vendôme and Soissons and Marie Luxemburg Countess Vendôme and Soissons. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 09 Feb 1552. The 9 of February Sir Michaell Stanope (age 45), knight, was arraigned at Westminster and condempned for felonie, and had judgment to be hanged.

1555 Protestant Executions

On 20 Jan 1555 the statutes for burning heretics, originally enacted to repress Lollardism, De heretico comburendo was re-enacted to allow the burning of Protestants.

In early Feb 1555 the first of the Protestant executions took place:

On 04 Feb 1555 John Rogers (age 50) was burned at the stake at Smithfield [Map].

On 08 Feb 1555 Laurence Saunders Martyr (age 36) was burned at the stake at Coventry [Map].

On 09 Feb 1555 Bishop John Hooper (age 60) was burned at the stake at Gloucester, Gloucestershire [Map].

On 09 Feb 1555 Rowland Taylor Martyr was burned at the stake at Aldham Common. His wife and child were, reportedly, present.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs. 09 Feb 1555. So it was determined, at length, he should still remain in Robert Ingram's house; and the sheriffs, and the sergeants, and other officers did appoint to watch with him that night themselves. His desire was, that he might go to bed that night betimes, saying, that he had many things to remember: and so he did at five of the clock, and slept one sleep soundly, and bestowed the rest of the night in prayer. After he got up in the morning, he desired that no man should be suffered to come into the chamber, that he might he solitary till the hour of execution.

About eight o'clock came Sir John Bridges, Lord Chandos (age 62), with a great band of men, Sir Anthony Kingston (age 47), Sir Edmund Bridges (age 33), and other commissioners appointed to see execution done. At nine o'clock Master Hooper (age 60) was willed to prepare himself to be in a readiness, for the time was at hand. Immediately he was brought down from his chamber by the sheriffs, who were accompanied with bills, glaves, and weapons. When he saw the multitude of weapons, he spake to the sheriffs on this wise "Master Sheriffs," said he, "I am no traitor, neither needed you to have made such a business to bring me to the place where I must suffer; for if ye had willed me, I would have gone alone to the stake, and have troubled none of you all. Afterward, looking upon the multitude of people that were assembled, being by estimation to the number of seven thousand, (for it was market day, and many also came to see his behaviour towards death,) he spake unto those that were about him, saying, "Alas, why be these people assembled and come together? Peradventure they think to hear something of me now, as they have in times past; but, alas! speech is prohibited me. Notwithstanding, the cause of my death is well known unto them. When I was appointed here to be their pastor, I preached unto them true and sincere doctrine; and that, out of the word of God: because I will not now account the same to be heresy and untruth, this kind of death is prepared for me."

So he went forward, led between the two sheriffs (as it were a lamb to the place of slaughter) in a gown of his host's, his hat upon his head, and a staff in his hand to stay himself withal: for the pain of the sciatica, which he had taken in prison, caused him somewhat to halt. All the way being straitly charged not to speak, he could not be perceived once to open his mouth, but beholding the people all the way, which mourned bitterly for him, he would sometimes lift up his eyes towards heaven, and look very cheerfully upon such as he knew: and he was never known, during the time of his being amongst them, to look with so cheerful and rnddy a countenance as he did at that present. When he came to the place appointed where he should die, smilingly he beheld the stake and preparation made for him, which was near unto the great elm tree, over against the college of priests, where he was wont to preach. The place round about the houses and the boughs of the tree were replenished with people; and in the chamber over the college-gate stood the priests of the college.

Then kneeled he down (forasmuch as he could not be suffered to speak unto the people) to prayer, and beckoned six or seven times unto one whom he knew well, to hear the said prayer, to make report thereof in time to come, (pouring tears upon his shoulders and in his bosom,) who gave attentive ears unto the same; the which prayer he made upon the whole creed, wherein he continued the space of half an hour. Now, after he was somewhat entered into his prayer, a box was brought and laid before him upon a stool, with his pardon (or at least-wise it was feigned to be his pardon) from the queen, if he would turn. At the sight whereof he cried, "If you love my soul, away with it! if you love my soul, away with it!" The box being taken away, the Lord Chandos said, "Seeing there is no remedy, despatch him quickly." Master Hooper said, "Good my Lord, I trust your Lordship will give me leave to make an end of my prayers."


Within a space after, a few dry faggots were brought, and a new fire kindled with faggots, (for there were no more reeds,) and that burned at the nether parts, but had small power above, because of the wind, saving that it did burn his hair, and scorch his skin a little. In the time of which fire, even as at the first flame, he prayed, saying mildly and not very loud, (but as one without pains,) "O Jesus, the Son of David, have mercy upon me, and receive my soul!" After the second was spent. he did wipe both his eyes with his hands, and beholding the people, he said with an indifferent loud voice, "For God's love, good people, let me have more fire!"

And all this while his nether parts did burn; for the faggots were so few, that the flame did not burn strongly at his upper parts.

The third fire was kindled within a while after, which was more extreme than the other two: and then the bladders of gunpowder brake, which did him small good, they were so placed, and the wind had such power. In the which fire he prayed with somewhat a loud voice. "Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me; Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me: Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!" And these were the last words he was heard to utter. But when he was black in the mouth, and his tongue swollen, that he could not speak, yet his lips went till they were shrunk to the gums: and he knocked his breasts with his hands, until one of his arms fell off, and then knocked still with the other, what time the fat, water, and blood, dropped out at his fingers' ends, until by renewing of the fire his strength was gone, and his hand did cleave fast, in knocking, to the iron upon his breast. So immediately, bowing forwards, he yielded up his spirit.

Thus was he three quarters of an hour or more in the fire. Even as a lamb, patiently he abode the extremity thereof, neither moving forwards, backwards, nor to any side: but, having his nether parts burned, and his bowels fallen out, he died as quietly as a child in his bed. And he now reigneth as a blessed martyr, in the joys of heaven prepared for the faithful in Christ, before the foundations of the world: for whose constancy all Christians are bound to praise God.

PAINTINGS/CRUZ/Ana_Velasco.jpgBefore 09 Feb 1604. Juan Pantoja de La Cruz (age 51). Portrait of Ana de Velasco y Téllez Girón Duchess Braganza (age 19).

Ana de Velasco y Téllez Girón Duchess Braganza: In 1585 she was born to Juan Fernández de Velasco y Tovar 5th Duke of Frías (age 35) and María Tellez Girón (age 32). On 17 Jun 1603 Teodosio II Duke of Braganza (age 35) and Ana de Velasco y Téllez Girón Duchess Braganza (age 18) were married. She by marriage Duchess Braganza. On 07 Nov 1607 Ana de Velasco y Téllez Girón Duchess Braganza (age 22) died.

On 09 Feb 1605 Filippo Emanuele Prince of Piedmont (age 18) died of smallpox at Valladolid. His brother Victor Amadeus I Duke of Savoy (age 17) succeeded Duke Savoy.


Masque of The Hue and Cry After Cupid

On 09 Feb 1608 John Ramsay 1st Earl Holderness (age 28) and Elizabeth Radclyffe Viscountess Haddington were married at Whitehall Palace [Map]. She by marriage Viscountess Haddington. She the daughter of Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl of Sussex (age 34) and Bridget Morrison Countess Sussex.

James I (age 41) gave the bride away and sent the bride a gold cup containing a grant of lands worth an income of £600 per year, also paid off Ramsay's debts of £10,000.

The marriage was celebrated with the Masque of The Hue and Cry After Cupid in the evening of 09 Feb 1608 at the Banqueting House [Map] written by Ben Johnson (age 36).

The principal masquers, nobles and gentlemen of the Court, appeared in the guise of the twelve signs of the Zodiac; the men, five English and seven Scottish courtiers, were:

Ludovic Stewart 2nd Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond (age 33).

Thomas Howard 21st Earl Arundel 4th Earl Surrey 1st Earl Norfolk (age 22).NOTEXT

Philip Herbert 4th Earl Pembroke 1st Earl Montgomery (age 23).

William Herbert 3rd Earl Pembroke (age 27).

Esmé Stewart 3rd Duke Lennox (age 29).

Theophilus Howard 2nd Earl Suffolk (age 25).NOTEXT

James Hay 1st Earl Carlisle (age 28).

Robert Crichton 8th Lord Sanquhar.

John Kennedy, Master of Mar.

Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (age 20).

Mr Erskine.

Before 09 Feb 1616 Thomas Knyvet 4th Baron Berners (age 77) died. He was buried on 09 Feb 1616. His grandson Thomas Knyvet 5th Baron Berners (age 19) de jure 5th Baron Berners. He would maintain his claim to the Barony for several years, but never succeed in obtaining it.


Frederick III King Denmark Dies Christian V King Denmark Succeeds

On 09 Feb 1670 Frederick III King Denmark (age 60) died. His son Christian V King Denmark and Norway (age 23) succeeded V King Denmark and Norway. Charlotte Amalie Hesse-Kassel Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 19) by marriage Queen Consort Denmark and Norway.

PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Charles_Boyle.jpg PAINTINGS/DAHL/Triple_Portrait.jpg

1715 Battle of Preston

The 1715 Battle of Preston was the final action of the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion. It commenced on 09 Nov 1715 when Jacobite cavalry entered Preston [Map]. Royalist troops arrived in number over the next few days surrounding Preston forcing the Jaocbite surrender. 1463 were taken prisoner of which 463 were English. The Scottish prisoners included:

George Seton 5th Earl of Winton (age 37). The only prisoner to plead not guilty, sentenced to death, escaped from the Tower of London [Map] on 04 Aug 1716 around nine in the evening. Travelled to France then to Rome.

On 24 Feb 1716 William Gordon 6th Viscount Kenmure was beheaded on Tower Hill [Map].

On 09 Feb 1716 William Maxwell 5th Earl Nithsale was sentenced to be executed on 24 Feb 1716. The night before his wife (age 35) effected his escape from the Tower of London [Map] by exchanging his clothes with those of her maid. They travelled to Paris then to Rome where the court of James "Old Pretender" Stewart (age 26) was.

James Radclyffe 3rd Earl Derwentwater (age 25) was imprisoned in the Tower of London [Map]. He was examined by the Privy Council on 10 Jan 1716 and impeached on 19 Jan 1716. He pleaded guilty in the expectation of clemency. He was attainted and condemned to death. Attempts were made to procure his pardon. His wife Anna Maria Webb Countess Derwentwater (age 23), her sister Mary Webb Countess Waldegrave (age 20) [Note. Assumed to be her sister Mary], their aunt Anne Brudenell Duchess Richmond (age 44), Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess of Cleveland appealed to King George I of Great Britain and Ireland (age 54) in person without success.

On 24 Feb 1716 James Radclyffe 3rd Earl Derwentwater (age 25) was beheaded on Tower Hill [Map]. Earl Derwentwater, Baronet Radclyffe of Derwentwater in Cumberland forfeit.

William Murray 2nd Lord Nairne was tried on 09 Feb 1716 for treason, found guilty, attainted, and condemned to death. He survived long enough to benefit from the Indemnity Act of 1717.

General Thomas Forster of Adderstone (age 31) was attainted. He was imprisoned at Newgate Prison, London [Map] but escaped to France.

On 14 May 1716 Henry Oxburgh was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn [Map]. He was buried at Church of St Gile's in the Fields. His head was spiked on Temple Bar.

The trials and sentences were overseen by the Lord High Steward William Cowper 1st Earl Cowper (age 50) for which he subsequently received his Earldom.

On 09 Feb 1769 Charles Jenkinson 1st Earl Liverpool (age 39) and Amelia Watts (age 18) were married at St Mary's Church, Bryanston Square, Marylebone. The difference in their ages was 21 years.


On 09 Feb 1777 Henry Devereux 14th Viscount Hereford was born to George Devereux 13th Viscount Hereford (age 32) and Marianna Devereux Viscountess Hereford.

On 09 Feb 1795 Thomas Parker 3rd Earl Macclesfield (age 71) died. His son George Parker 4th Earl Macclesfield (age 39) succeeded 4th Earl Macclesfield 2C 1721. Mary Frances Drake Countess Macclesfield by marriage Countess Macclesfield.


On 09 Feb 1802 Aubrey Beauclerk 5th Duke St Albans (age 61) died. He was buried at Hanworth. His son Aubrey Beauclerk 6th Duke St Albans (age 36) succeeded 6th Duke St Albans 1C 1684, 6th Earl Burford, 6th Baron Heddington.

On 09 Feb 1802 Admiral Thomas Graves 1st Baron Graves (age 76) died. His son Thomas North Graves 2nd Baron Graves (age 26) succeeded 2nd Baron Graves of Gravesend in Londonderry.


On 09 Feb 1818 Edward Herbert 2nd Earl Powis (age 32) and Lucy Graham Countess Powis (age 24) were married. She the daughter of James Graham 3rd Duke Montrose (age 62) and Caroline Maria Montagu Duchess Montrose. He the son of Edward Clive 1st Earl Powis (age 63) and Henrietta Antonia Herbert 3rd Countess Powis (age 59). He a great x 4 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/GRANT/Frederick_William_Hervey.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Frederick_William_Hervey_2.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Frederick_William_Hervey_3.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Edward_Herbert.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Lucy_Graham.png

On 09 Feb 1826 Thomas Lister 2nd Baron Ribblesdale (age 36) and Adelaide Lister (age 18) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ribblesdale of Gisburne Park in the West Riding of Yorkshire.


On 09 Feb 1884 Ivo Bligh 8th Earl Darnley (age 25) and Florence Bligh Countess of Darnley (age 24) were married at St. Mary's Church Sunbury. The reception was held at Rupertswood Melbourne. He the son of John Stuart Bligh 6th Earl Darnley (age 56) and Harriet Mary Pelham Countess Darnley (age 55).


On 08 Feb 1911 Frederick Archibald Vaughan Campbell 3rd Earl Cawdor (age 63) died. His son Hugh Campbell 4th Earl Cawdor (age 41) succeeded 4th Earl Cawdor of Castlemartin in Pembrokeshire. Joan Emily Thynne Countess Cawdor (age 38) by marriage Countess Cawdor of Castlemartin in Pembrokeshire.

09 Feb 1911. Times Newspaper Obituaries. DEATH OF LORD CAWDOR. We record with much regret that Lord Cawdor (age 63) died peacefully in his sleep at 5:45 yesterday morning, a few days before his 64th birthday. Baroness Cadogan (age 67) and the members of their family were present. He had keen ill for some time. We announced on November 30 that he was suffering from an attack of tonsilitis. Just before Christmns be caught a chill while recoveing from this attack, and had to enter a nursing home. Early in January his illness began to take a serious turn and since then, though he rallied wonderfully from time to time, he steadily lost strength. Royal Sympathy. The King and Queen Alexandra (age 66) have sent telegms expressing deep sympathy with the family.

On 08 Feb 1915 Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart 6th Marquess Londonderry (age 62) died. His son Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart 7th Marquess of Londonderry (age 36) succeeded 7th Marquess Londonderry.

09 Feb 1915. Times Newspaper Obituaries. The news of the death of the Marquess of Londonderry (age 62), which occurred at Wynyard, Stockton-on-Tees, yesterday morning, will be received with profound regret far beyond the circle of his personal friends or of the members of the Unionist Party. Lord Londonderry (age 62) had not been entirely well for some little time past. For a fortnight, it seems, he had been suffering from sciatica. Last week he caught a chill, from which pneumonia developed. On Sunday his condition was seen to be critical. During the night he collapsed, and the end came at 9.30 yesterday morning. Lady Londonderry (age 58), who had been in constant attendance on him during his illness, was present at the last, as also were Helen Vane-Tempest-Stewart Countess Ilchester (age 38) and Herbert Lionel Henry Vane-Tempest (age 52).

On 09 Feb 1915 Francis William Lawrance Venables-Vernon 9th Baron Vernon (age 26) and Violet Miriam Nightingale Clay Baroness Vernon (age 20) were married.

On 09 Feb 1928 James Edward Hamilton 4th Duke Abercorn (age 24) and Kathleen Hamilton Duchess of Abercorn (age 22) were married at St Martin in the Fields [Map]. He the son of James Albert Edward Hamilton 3rd Duke Abercorn (age 58) and Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Bingham Duchess Abercorn (age 58).

On 09 Feb 1940 William David Ormsby-Gore 5th Baron Harlech (age 21) and Sylvia Thomas Baroness Harlech were married.