On this Day in History ... 11 April

11 Apr is in April.

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1640 Short Parliament

1673 Treaty of Nimeguen

1689 Coronation William III and Mary II

1692 William III Creation of New Lords

On 11 Apr 1161 Archbishop Theobald of Bec (age 71) died.

On 11 Apr 1372 Thomas Camoys 2nd Baron Camoys (age 35) died.

On 11 Apr 1374 Roger Mortimer 4th Earl March 6th Earl Ulster was born to Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March, Earl Ulster (age 22) and Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster (age 18) at Usk [Map]. He a great grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 11 Apr 1418 John Harrington 4th Baron Harington (age 34) died. He was buried in the Lady Chapel of St Dubricius Church Porlock [Map]. His brother William Harrington 5th Baron Harington (age 28) succeeded 5th Baron Harington 1C 1326.

On 11 Apr 1447 Cardinal Henry Beaufort (age 72) died at Wolvesey Castle [Map]. He was buried in his Chantry Chapel at Winchester Cathedral [Map].

On 11 Apr 1492 Marguerite Valois Orléans Queen Consort Navarre was born to Charles Valois Orléans Count Angoulême (age 33) and Louise of Savoy Countess Angoulême (age 15). Coefficient of inbreeding 2.02%.

On 11 Apr 1525 Charles Valois Alençon IV Duke Alençon (age 35) died.

On 11 Apr 1541 William Hay 6th Earl Erroll (age 20) died. His first cousin once removed George Hay 7th Earl Erroll (age 33) succeeded 7th Earl Erroll. Margaret Robertson Countess Erroll by marriage Countess Erroll.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1553. [The xj day of April the King (age 15) removed from Westminster by water to Greenwich; and passed by the] Towre [Map], and ther wher a [great shot of guns and] chamburs, and all the shypes shott of gonnes [all the way to] Ratclyff [Map], and ther the iij shypes that was rygyng [there, appointed to go] to the Nuw-fouland, and the ij pennons shott gunnes and chamburs a grett nombur.

Note. The king removed from Westminster. Strype, Memorials, ii. 397, has incorrectly placed this paragraph in a chapter dated 1552.


Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

On 11 Apr 1554 Thomas Wyatt (age 33) was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map].

Dean Hugh Weston (age 49) acted as Confessor.


Wriothesley's Chronicle. 11 Apr 1554. The xi of Aprill Sir Tho. Wyatt (age 33), cheefe capteyne of the late Wyatt putt to death, rebellion in Kent, was beheaded at Towrehill [Map], at ix of the clock in the foorenoone, and his bodie after quartered on the scaffolde. His head was sett on the gallowes at the parke pale beyond St. James,a where Pollard and two other were hanged in chaynes. And his 4 quarters were hanged on gibbetts in chaynes at 4 severall places without the Liberties of the Cittie.

Note a. The Grey Friars' Chronicle (p. 89) adds: "and the hed with the qwarter was stolne awaye."

Henry Machyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1554. The xj day of Aprell was heddyd ser Thomas [Wyatt of Kentt,] (age 33) the cheyffe captayn of the rebellyous of [Kent, be-] twyn ix and x of the cloke a-for none, on Towre hyll [Map], .... after and by xj of the cloke was he quartered on the skaffold, and hys bowelles and ys members burnt be-syd the skaffold; .... and so ther was a care and a baskett, and the iiij quarters and hed was putt in-to a baskett to nuwgat to be parboyled.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1560. The xj day of Aprell the Quen('s) (age 26) grace kept her monde [Maundy] in her halle at the cowrt at afternon, and her grace gayff unto xx [20] women so many gownes, and on woman had her best gowne, and ther her grace dyd wosse ther fett [wash their feet], and with a nuw whyt cupe her grace dronke unto evere woman, and they had the cupe, and so her grace dyd leyke-wyse unto all, and evere woman had in money (blank). [The same afternoon she gave unto pore men, wo]men, and chylderyn, both holle [whole] and lame, in sant James('s) parke ij d. a-pese, a [thousand people and upwards.]

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1560. The xj day of Aprell toke ys jorney from the byshope of Wynchastur('s) plasse the duke of Swaynland [Note. Possibly King Erix XIV of Sweden (age 26) but he has been previously referred to a Prince, or Duke Adolph Oldenburg of Holstein-Gotorp (age 34) who arrived on 29 Mar 1560], the wyche he kept the nobulle howse that ever dyd stranger in England for cher, for he spent more and gayff grett gyftes and reywardes as a ...

On 11 Apr 1573 Philip Mainwaring (age 73) died. He was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Over Peover [Map].

Philip Mainwaring: Around 1500 he was born to John Mainwaring of Over Peover (age 30) and Katherine Honford (age 29). In or before 1553 Philip Mainwaring (age 53) and Anne Leycester (age 20) were married. The difference in their ages was 32 years.

On 11 Apr 1598 William Wettin Duke Saxe Weimar was born to Johann Wettin II Duke Saxe Weimar (age 27) and Dorothea Maria Anhalt at Altenburg.

Short Parliament

Evelyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1640. I went to London to see the solemnity of his Majesty's (age 39) riding through the city in state to the Short Parliament, which began the 13th following,-a very glorious and magnificent sight, the King (age 39) circled with his royal diadem and the affections of his people: but the day after I returned to Wotton, Surrey [Map] again, where I stayed, my father's (age 53) indisposition suffering great intervals, till April 27th, when I was sent to London to be first resident at the Middle Temple: so as my being at the University, in regard of these avocations, was of very small benefit to me. Upon May the 5th following, was the Parliament unhappily dissolved; and, on the 20th I returned with my brother George to Wotton, Surrey [Map], who, on the 28th of the same month, was married at Albury to Mrs. Caldwell (an heiress of an ancient Leicestershire family, where part of the nuptials were celebrated).


On 11 Apr 1658 James Hamilton Duke Hamilton, 1st Duke Brandon was born to William Hamilton Duke Hamilton (age 23) and Anne Hamilton 3rd Duchess Hamilton (age 26) at Hamilton Palace, Hamilton.

On 11 Apr 1667 Oliver Fitzwilliam 1st Earl Tyrconnel (age 57) died without issue at Merrion Castle, Mount Merrion, Dublin. Earl Tyrconnel extinct. His brother William Fitzwilliam 3rd Viscount Fitzwilliam (age 57) succeeded 3rd Viscount Fitzwilliam of Mount Merrion House in Dublin.

On 11 Apr 1673 Reverend Thomas Vyner (age 44) died.

Treaty of Nimeguen

Evelyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1673. I dined with the plenipotentiaries designed for the Treaty of Nimeguen.

On 11 Apr 1682 Thomas Cromwell 3rd Earl Ardglass (age 28) died. His uncle Vere Essex Cromwell 4th Earl Ardglass (age 56) succeeded 4th Earl Ardglass.

In 1687 Henry Savile (age 26) died. His will written 07 Oct 1687 ...

Wheras my father (age 53), the Lord Marquess of Halifax, by indenture 11 Apr., 36 Chas. II, did settle the reversion of a certain fee farm rent of £550 out of the manors of Bradbury and Hilton, co. Durham, after the death of the now Queen Dowager (age 48), unto himself, and after his decease unto me and my heirs. I give unto my dear wife Hester, Lady Eland (age 21), and her heirs, all such rent of £550, and other rents issuing out of the said manors. I make my wife (age 21) sole executrix, and give her all my money, plate, jewels, furniture, and personal estate whatsoever. In presence of Carbery (age 47), Tho. Tenison (age 50), Wm. Smythe, Edward Browne. Proved 8 June, 1688, by Hester Savile (age 21).

Coronation William III and Mary II

On 11 Apr 1689 King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 38) and Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland (age 26) were crowned II King England Scotland and Ireland at Westminster Abbey [Map].

John Ashburnham 1st Baron Ashburnham (age 33) carried the canopy being one of the Barons of the Cinque Ports.

George Compton 4th Earl of Northampton (age 24) bore the King's sceptre and cross at Westminster Abbey [Map].


Evelyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1689. I saw the procession to and from the Abbey Church of Westminster [Map], with the great feast in Westminster Hall [Map], at the coronation of King William and Queen Mary. What was different from former coronations, was some alteration in the coronation oath. Dr. Burnet (age 45), now made Bishop of Sarum, preached with great applause. The Parliament men had scaffolds and places which took up the one whole side of the Hall [Map]. When the King (age 38) and Queen (age 26) had dined, the ceremony of the Champion, and other services by tenure were performed. The Parliament men were feasted in the Exchequer chamber, and had each of them a gold medal given them, worth five-and-forty shillings. On the one side were the effigies of the King and Queen inclining one to the other; on the reverse was Jupiter throwing a bolt at Phäeton the words, "Ne totus absumatur": which was but dull, seeing they might have had out of the poet something as apposite. The sculpture was very mean.

PAINTINGS/CRADOCK/Gilbert_Burnett.jpg PAINTINGS/BORSSELER/Gilbert_Burnett.jpg

William III Creation of New Lords


On 11 Apr 1700 Henry Howard 7th Duke of Norfolk (age 45) and Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk (age 41) were divorced due to her aldulterous relationship with John Germain 1st Baronet (age 49) who she married a year later.NOTEXT

On or before 11 Apr 1722, the date he was buried at St Oswald's Church, Brereton [Map], Francis Brereton 5th Baron Brereton (age 59) died unmarried and without issue. Baron Brereton extinct.

On 11 Apr 1745 Maurice Thompson 2nd Baron Haversham (age 70) died. Baron Haversham extinct.


On 09 or 11 Apr 1798 Arthur Pomeroy 1st Viscount Hamberton (age 75) died.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Francis_Rawdon_Hastings.png PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Francis_Rawdon-Hastings2.jpg PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Francis_Rawdon-Hastings.jpg

On 11 Apr 1829 Wentworth Beaumont 1st Baron Allendale was born to Thomas Wentworth Beaumont (age 36) and Henrietta Jane Emma Hawks Atkinson.

On 11 Apr 1835 John Russell 1st Earl Russell (age 42) and Adelaide Lister (age 27) were married. He the son of John Russell 6th Duke Bedford (age 68) and Georgiana Elizabeth Byng. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/HAYTER/John_Russell.jpg PAINTINGS/WATTS/John_Russell.jpg PAINTINGS/GRANT/John_Russell.png

On 11 Apr 1836 Reverend Edward Royds (age 45) died. On 14 Apr 1836 Reverend Edward Royds (deceased) was buried in the Chancel of St Oswald's Church, Brereton [Map]

After 11 Apr 1856. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorial to Shafto Craster Craster (deceased).

Shafto Craster Craster: Around 1827 he was born to Thomas Wood aka Craster (age 41). On 11 Apr 1856 Shafto Craster Craster (age 29) died in the Kangra District.

On 11 Apr 1887 Francis Knollys 1st Viscount Knollys (age 49) and Ardyn Mary Tyrwhitt Viscountess Knollys (age 26) were married. The difference in their ages was 23 years.

PAINTINGS/CLIFFORD/Court_Grange.jpg11 Apr 1900. Edward Clifford (age 56). "Court Grange".