On this Day in History ... 11 September

11 Sep is in September.

1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge

1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1649 Siege of Drogheda

1709 Battle of Malplaquet

On 11 Sep 1069 Archbishop Ealdred died.

On 11 Sep 1261 King Magnus VI of Norway (age 23) and Queen Ingeborg of Norway (age 17) were married. She the daughter of King Eric IV of Denmark and Jutta of Saxony (age 38).

Battle of Stirling Bridge

On 11 Sep 1297 the combined forces of Andrew Moray and William Wallace defeated the forces of John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey (age 66) near Stirling Bridge, Stirling during the Battle of Stirling Bridge. After around half the English had crossed the narrow bridge the Scots attacked subjecting the English to a significant defeat.

1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak

In Jun 1348 the 1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak arrived in England. The first of many occurrences. It is estimated to have killed between 25 to 60 percent of the population of around six million. The outbreak lasted through 1349 recurring in 1362, 1369 and regularly thereafter until its last significant outbreak in The Great Plague of 1666.

On 11 Sep 1349 Bonne Luxemburg Queen Consort France (age 34) died of plague in Maubisson, Pontoise.

On 11 Sep 1364 Charles Metz II Duke Lorraine was born to John Metz I Duke Lorraine (age 18) and Sophie Württemberg Duchess Lorraine (age 21).

PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

Edith Latimer: Before 1479 John Greene and she were married. Around 1450 she was born to Nicholas Latimer (age 18) and Joan Hody at Duntish. Before 1475 John Mordaunt (age 19) and Edith Latimer (age 24) were married. The date somewhat unreliable. Her first husband John Greene (age 29) is supposed to have died in 1483 which makes the date of her marriage to John Mordaunt (age 19) and the birth of her sons by him unreliable? On 01 Sep 1504 Edith Latimer (age 54) died at Turvey. She was buried at All Saints Church, Turvey.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 11 Sep 1535. R. O. 341. John Gostwyk to Cromwell.

This day I received your letter on horseback going home, and have delivered the three merchants the 20s. as the King's reward, as I am not to break the sum that came from York. As to your marvel that I have not received from the archbishop of Canterbury and the abbot of Westminster the money due to the King, I cannot see how I shall get it till next term. The Abbot's money is not yet due. On my return I shall quicken the Archbishop and other debtors with sharp letters, as you command, to pay up instantly. Concerning the killing and bestowing of your stag in the duke of Suffolk's park, I have already advertised you. By the Lord Mayor's certificate which I send you will see that the plague increases. London, Saturday, 11 Sept. Signed.

P. 1. Add.: Secretary. Endd.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Anthony_Mildmay.jpgBefore 11 Sep 1617. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Anthony Mildmay (age 68) at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University which father Anthony Mildmay (age 68) founded.

On 11 Sep 1617 Anthony Mildmay (age 68) died. He was buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. His inscription reads ... Here sleepeth in the Lord with certaine hope of resurection Sr Antony Mildmay Knt eldet sonne to Sr Walter Mildmay Knt Chaunclor of the Exchequor. to Queene Elizabeth. He was Embassador from Queen Eliza: to the most Christian King of Fraunce Henry the 4th Ano. 1596; He was to Prince and Country faithful, and serviceable, in peace and warre, to freinds constant to enemies reconciliable. Bountiful and loved hospitality. He died September 11 1617.

On 27 Jul 1620 Grace Sharington (age 68) died. She was buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. The inscription of her monument reads ... Here also lyeth Grace Ladie Mildmay the only wife of the saied Sr Antho: Mildmay one of the heyres of Sr Henry Sharington Knt: of Lacock in the County of Wiltes who lived 50 years maried to him and three years a widow after him. she was most devout, unspotedly chast mayd, wife, and widow, compassionate in heart, and charitably helpful with phisick, cloathes, nourishment, or counsels to any in misery, She was most careful and wise in managing worldly estate. So as her life was a blessing to hirs, and hir death she blessed them which hapned July 27 1620.

From RCHME Inventory. It is of grey veined and black marble and is partly gilded and painted. Two effigies lie on a black and white marble tomb chest beneath a baldachino consisting of a shallow dome with a cupola having round-headed openings in its drum, which give light to the interior. The baldachino is supported at each end by a rectangular pier onto which curtains, hanging from the architrave of the dome, are looped. Against the piers are standing figures representing the four Virtues, and the frieze is inscribed 'Devoute', 'Wise', 'Charitable' and 'Just'; the frieze is also inscribed 'Chaste' and 'Valiant'. The head of the figure representing Justice is modern. Seated on the cornice are smaller figures, on the E. of Faith and on the W. of Hope; on the cupola dome is a seated figure of Charity. Crowning the cornice are freestanding cartouches of arms of Mildmay (N.E. and S.E.) and Sherington (N.W. and S.W.). Against the cupola drum are shields of arms of Mildmay impaling Sherington, both quartered with alliances, and Mildmay quarterly. The W. pier of the baldachino is inscribed with a record of the setting up of the monument by Sir Francis Fane (age 37) in 1621. The tomb chest is enriched with emblems of mortality and eulogistically-phrased inscriptions record the lives of Sir Anthony on the S., and of Lady Grace on the N. The effigies lie on rush mats, he in Greenwich armour, she in full mantle, ruff and head-dress. The authorship of the monument is not known but the figures of the four Virtues are in the manner of Maximillian Colt (age 42) (cf. Cecil monument, Hatfield, Hertfordshire); the baldachino may be compared with that over the tomb of the Countess of Derby at Harefield, Middlesex, probably also by Colt (age 42).

Grace Sharington: Around 1552 she was born to Henry Sharington of Lacock in Wiltshire (age 20) and Anne Paggett of Lacock Abbey. In 1567 Anthony Mildmay (age 17) and Grace Sharington (age 15) were married. They lived at Apethorpe Hall, Northamptonshire. In 1581 Henry Sharington of Lacock in Wiltshire (age 49) died. His two surviving daughters for many disputed his will. According to Grace Sharington (age 29) her sister Olive Sharington (age 28) had persuaded their father to change his will. Grace Sharington (age 29) eventually gained an equal share.

Siege of Drogheda

Between 03 Sep 1649 and 11 Sep 1649 Drogheda [Map], under the command of the Royalist Arthur Aston Soldier (age 59), was besieged by the Parliamentary army commanded by Oliver Cromwell (age 50). When the Royalist forces surrendered they were killed once they had laid down their arms.

Arthur Aston Soldier (age 59) was killed.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Henry_Fitzroy_1st_Duke_Grafton.png PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WISSING/Isabella_Bennet.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Isabella_Bennett.jpg

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Anna_Medici.jpgBefore 11 Sep 1676 . Unknown Painter. Portrait of Anna de Medici (age 60).

Anna de Medici: On 21 Jul 1616 she was born to Cosimo II de Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany (age 26). Before 30 May 1653 Ferdinand Charles Habsburg Spain (age 25) and Anna de Medici (age 36) were married. They were half first cousins. On 11 Sep 1676 Anna de Medici (age 60) died.

Duchess Charlotte Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: On 04 Dec 1784 she was born to Grand Duke Frederick Francis I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 27) and Princess Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (age 28). On 21 Jun 1806 King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark (age 19) and Duchess Charlotte Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 21) were married. They were first cousins. In 1810 King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark (age 23) and Duchess Charlotte Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 25) were divorced after her alleged affair with her singing teacher Édouard Du Puy. She was exiled; she never saw her one year old son again. On 13 Jul 1840 Duchess Charlotte Frederica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 55) died.

On 11 Sep 1677 William Crofts 1st Baron Crofts (age 66) died.


On 11 Sep 1679 Leopold Duke of Lorraine was born to Charles V Duke of Lorraine (age 36) at Palace of Innsbruck, Innsbruck.

Battle of Malplaquet

On 11 Sep 1709 at the Battle of Maplaquet Colonel Edmund Revett and John Murray (age 25) were killed.

On 11 Sep 1739 Hugh Carleton 1st Viscount Carleton was born.

On 11 Sep 1757 George Augustus North 3rd Earl Guildford was born to Frederick North 2nd Earl Guildford (age 25) and Anne Speke Countess Guilford (age 17).


On 11 Sep 1785 Thomas Reynolds 2nd Baron Ducie (age 51) died. His brother Francis Reynolds-Moreton 3rd Baron Ducie (age 46) succeeded 3rd Baron Ducie 2C 1763.

PAINTINGS/LEBRUN/Golovina.jpgBefore 11 Sep 1821 Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (age 66). Portrait of Varvara Nikolayevna Golitsyn (age 55).

Varvara Nikolayevna Golitsyn: In 1766 she was born to Nikolai Fyodorovich Golitsyn. On 11 Sep 1821 Varvara Nikolayevna Golitsyn (age 55) died.

On 11 Sep 1856 Frederick Christian Oldenburg II Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg (age 27) and Adelheid Hohenlohe Langenburg Duchess Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg were married. She by marriage Duchess Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg. He the son of Christian August Oldenburg II Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg (age 58) and Louise Sophie Danneskiold Samsøe Duchess Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Augustenburg. He a great x 3 grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 11 Sep 1883 William John Lydston Poulett 7th Earl Poulett was born to William Henry Paulett 6th Earl Paulett (age 55) and Rosa Melville Countess Poulett.

On 11 Sep 1892 Arthur Algernon Capell 6th Earl Essex (age 89) died. His grandson George Capell 7th Earl of Essex (age 34) succeeded 7th Earl Essex 9C 1641.

On 11 Sep 1921 Prince Louis of Battenburg 1st Marquess Milford Haven (age 67) died. His son George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven (age 28) succeeded 2nd Marquess Milford Haven. Nadejda Mikhailovna Torby Marchioness Milford Haven (age 25) by marriage Marchioness Milford Haven.


On 11 Sep 2001 Henry Herbert 7th Earl of Carnarvon (age 77) died. His son George Herbert 8th Earl of Carnarvon (age 44) succeeded 8th Earl Carnarvon 3C 1793, 8th Baron Porchester.