On this Day in History ... 12 November

12 Nov is in November.

1035 Death of Canute

1282 Battle of Moel y don

1501 Arrival of Catherine of Aragon

1537 Funeral of Jane Seymour

1555 England Re-established as Catholic

1642 Battle of Brentford

1660 November Creation of Baronets

1712 Hamilton-Mohun Duel

Death of Canute

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1035. This year died King Knute (age 40) at Shaftesbury, on the second day before the ides of November; and he is buried at Winchester Old Minster in the old minster. He was king over all England very near twenty winters. Soon after his decease, there was a council of all the nobles at Oxford; wherein Earl Leofric, and almost all the thanes north of the Thames, and the naval men in London, chose Harold (age 19) to be governor of all England, for himself and his brother Hardacnute (age 17), who was in Denmark. Earl Godwin (age 34), and all the eldest men in Wessex, withstood it as long as they could; but they could do nothing against it. It was then resolved that Elfgiva (age 45), the mother of Hardacnute (age 19) [Note. Aelfgifu Northumbria (age 45) is the mother of Harold "Harefoot" King England (age 19), Emma aka Ælfgyfu of Normandy Queen Consort England (age 50) is the mother of King Harthacnut of Denmark and England (age 17)], should remain at Winchester with the household of the king her son. They held all Wessex in hand, and Earl Godwin (age 34) was their chief man. Some men said of Harold (age 19), that he was the son of King Knute (age 40) and of Elfgive (age 45) the daughter of Alderman Elfelm; but it was thought very incredible by many men. He was, nevertheless, full king over all England. Harold himself said that he was the son of Knute and of Elfgive (age 45) the Hampshire lady; though it was not true; but he sent and ordered to be taken from her all the best treasure that she could not hold, which King Knute possessed; and she nevertheless abode there continually within the city as long as she could.

On 12 Nov 1035 King Canute of England (age 40) died at Shaftesbury. His son Harold "Harefoot" King England (age 19) succeeded King England.

Harold "Harefoot" King England (age 19) succeeded King England.

John of Worcester. 12 Nov 1041. They arrived there on the second of the ides [the 12th] of November, and beginning their work of destruction through the city and province continued it for four days; but very few of the citizens or provincials were taken or slain, because, having notice of their coming, the people fled in all directions. A great number of the citizens took refuge in a small island, called Beverege, situated in the middle of the river Severn, and having fortified it, defended themselves so stoutly against their enemies that they obtained terms of peace, and were allowed free liberty to return home. On the fifth day, the city having been burnt, every one marched off loaded with plunder, and the king's wrath was satisfied. Soon afterwards, Edward (age 38), son of Ethelred the late king of England, came over from Normandy, where he had been an exile many years, and being honourably received by his brother [Note. Half-brother. Both sons of Emma aka Ælfgyfu of Normandy Queen Consort England (age 56).], king Hardicanute (age 23), remained at his court.

On 12 Nov 1087 William Ivrea I Count Burgundy (age 67) died. His son Renaud Ivrea II Count Burgundy (age 26) succeeded II Count Burgundy.

On 12 Nov 1093 Donald "The Fair White" III King Scotland (age 61) succeeded III King Scotland.

On 12 Nov 1094 Duncan II King Scotland (age 34) died. His uncle Donald "The Fair White" III King Scotland (age 62) succeeded III King Scotland.

On 12 Nov 1202 Canute VI King of Denmark (age 39) died. In 1202 His brother King Valdemar II of Denmark (age 32) succeeded I King Denmark.

Battle of Moel y don

On 12 Nov 1282 the English forces attempted to cross the Menai Straits to invade Gwynedd without waiting for the arrival of Edward's larger force. The battle was a rout. Roger Clifford (age 39) drowned. The brothers William Burnell and Philip Burnell were killed.

On 12 Nov 1295 Nicholas Segrave 1st Baron Segrave (age 57) died at Chaucombe. His son John Segrave 2nd Baron Segrave (age 39) succeeded 2nd Baron Segrave 1C 1283. Christiana Plessey Baroness Segrave by marriage Baroness Segrave.

Letters. 12 Nov 1400. Letter XXIX. The Prioress of Rowney to King Henry IV (age 33).

To the most excellent prince and lord in Christy lord' Henry, by God's grace illustrous king of England and France, and lord of Ireland, his humble and devoted oratrice the prioress of Rowney sends the divine suffrages of prayers, with all sorts of reverence and honour;.

By the tenor of these presents I certify to your royal highness that the sister Joanna Adeleshey, a nun of the order of St. Benedict, and notoriously professed in the same house, wanders and roams abroad from country to country, in a secular habit despising her vow of obedience to the grievous danger of her soul, and manifest scandal of her order, and pernicious example of others. May it therefore please your royal excellency of your royal clemency, hitherto ever gracious, to extend the secular arm for the capture of the said Joanna, to be chastised according to the rule of her order in a ease of this kind, lest for want of due chastisement a plant given up to divine culture may thus perish. And may He who gives to all kings to reign preserve your royal majesty in prosperity. Given at Rbwney, the 12th day of November, a.d. 1400.


On 12 Nov 1450 Giacomo or Jacques Savoy Count Romont was born to Louis Savoy I Count Savoy (age 37) and Anne Cyprus Countess Savoy (age 32) at Geneva.

Arrival of Catherine of Aragon

On 12 Nov 1501 Catherine of Aragon (age 15) processed from St George's Field over London Bridge. She was warmly welcomed by the people of London. The streets were hung with tapestries and she was greeted along the way by pageants.

George Manners 11th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 31) attended on her.

PAINTINGS/FLANDES/Catherine_Aragon.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Katherine_Aragon.jpg

On 12 Nov 1511 Arthur Plantagenet 1st Viscount Lisle (age 47) and Elizabeth Grey Viscountess Lisle (age 31) were married. He the son of King Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Waite.

Funeral of Jane Seymour

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 12 Nov 1537. This yeare, the 12th of November,1 being Mundaye, the corps of Queene Jane were, with great solemnitie, caried from Hampton Cowrte in a chariott covered with black velvett, with a picture of the sayde Queene richelye apparelled lyke a Queene, wiUi a riche crowne of golde on her head, lyinge above on the coffin of the sayde corps, and so was conveyed to Wyndsore with great lightes of torches, with a great multitude of lordes and gentlemen rydinge all in black gownes and cotes, the Ladye Marie (age 21), the Kinges daughter, beinge cheife mourner, with a great companye of ladies and gentleweomen waytinge on her, and ridinge all in blacke allso; and there, with great solemnities buried by the Archbishopp of Canterburie (age 48), with a great companye of bishopps and abbotts being there present in their mitres, with all the gentlemen and priestes of the Kinges chappell, which rode all the way in their surplesses, singinge the obsequie for the dead; and the morrowe after there was a solemne masse of requiem sunge by the Archbishopp of Canterburie; and the Bishop of Worcester, called Dr. Latimer (age 50), made a notable sermon; and at the offertorie all the estates offered ryche palls of clothe of golde; and after masse there was a great feast made in the Kinges pallace at Windsore for all the estates and other that had bene present at the same buriall.

Allso, the sayde 12th of Novembre, at afternoone, there was a solemne herse made at Powles in London, and a solemne dirige done there by Powles queere, the Major of London2 beinge there present with the alldermen and sheriffes, and all the major's officers and the sheriffes sergeantes, mourninge all in blacke gownes, and all the craftes of the cittie of London in their lyveries; allso there was a knyll rongen in everie parishe churche in London, from 12 of the clocke at noone tyll six of the clocke at night, with all the bells ringinge in everye parishe churche solemne peales, firom 3 of the clocke tyll the knylls ceased ; and allso a solempne dirige songen in everye parishe churche in London, and in every church of Friars, Monks, and Canons, about London; and, the morrow after, a solemn mass of requiem in all the said churches, with all the bells ringing, from 9 of the clock in the morning till noon; also there was a solemn masse of requiem done at Pauls, and all Pauls choir offering at the same masse, the mayor, aldermen, and sheriffs, and the wardens of every craft of the city of London; and, after the said mass, the mayor and aldermen going about the hearse sainge "De profundis," with all the crafts of the city following, every one after their degrees, praying for the soul of the said Queen.

Note 1. Stow agrees with the text, which would appear to be correct, being Wednesday, but Hall [Hall's Chronicle] has the eighth day of November, which was Saturday.

Note 2. Sir Richard Gresham, who, in a letter of the 8th Noyember to Cromwell, had suggested that such a solemn service should be celebrated; "yt shall please you to understand that, by the commanndement of the Ducke of Norfolke, I have cawssyd 1,200 masses to be sejde, within the cite of London, for the sowle of our moste gracious Qweene. And whereas the majer and aldyrmen with the commenors was lattely at Powlles, and ther gaye thanckes nnto God for the byrthe of our prynce, My Lorde, I doo think it, where convenient, that theer should bee also at Pauls a solemn dirge and masse; and that the mayor, aldermen, with the commoners, to be there, for to pray and offer for her Grace's soul. My Lord, it shall please you to move the King's Highness, and his pleasure known in this behalf, I am and shall be ready to accomplish his moste gracious pleasure, and if there be any alms to be given, there is many power people within the city." — State Papers, yol. L part ii. p. 574.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg PAINTINGS/FLICKE/Thomas_Cranmer.jpg

Letters and Papers 1537. 12 Nov 1537. Monday, 12 Nov [1537], the corpse was removed to a chair drawn by six chariot horses, and four banners were borne by four barons (not named). Banners (described) were also borne by Chester, Windsor, Richmond, and Lancaster heralds, by Sir Thomas Denys, Gregory Crumwell, Sir William Godolphyn, Sir John Sandes, Richard Crumwell and Richard Manners. Assistants about the corpse and chair:—Duke of Suffolk (age 53), Marquis Dorset, and earls of Surrey, Westmorland, Wiltshire and Sussex. To the chief mourner:—lords Montague and Clifford. Gentlemen-ushers:—Henry Webbe and Thomas Dauncy. Henchmen that sat upon the chariot horses:—Thomas Kempe, Robert Turwytt, Bennet Lee, and John Hastynges. Officers of arms in attendance:— Garter and Clarencieux, kings; York, Chester, Windsor, Richmond, Lancaster and Somerset, heralds; Portcullis, Bluemantle, Rougedragon, Guisnes, Hammes, Berwick and Blaunchlyon, pursuivants. Serjeants-at-arms:—William Rowte, John Gwillm, Walt. Chalcote, Thomas Dawtry, William Uxley, George Warrenne, Richard Raynshowe, William Clerke, John Stoner, Ralph Framyngham, John Greefelde, Ralph Saintjohn, John up Richards, Edward Slegge, Nicholas Jacsoune. Everything being in order the procession started, Gregory Lovell and Robert Hawkes leading the way, with black staves, followed by 200 poor men wearing the Queen's badges, who at Colbrooke, Exton (sic, Eton), and Windsor stood on each side of the street with their torches. Then came minstrels and trumpets, strangers and ambassadors' servants, the cross with priests, knights, chaplains, abbots, barons and bishops, councillors and head officers, Viscounts and earls. Lord Cromwell lord Privy Seal with the French ambassador Mons. de Schatelon. The lord Chancellor with the ambassador of the Emperor "last come." The cross of the archbishop of Canterbury borne before him by his chaplain; and he himself with the Emperor's ambassador "longest being here." Then Clarencieux and Garter, the Queen's almoner, the chamberlains to the King and Queen, the Earl of Oxford (age 66), High-Chamberlain, the Duke of Norfolk (age 64), High-Marshal. Then the corpse surrounded by banners borne by Sir William Muschame, lord Hungerford, lord Mordaunt, lord Bray and lord Mountjoy; assisted by the earls of Sussex and Westmorland, marquis Dorset, the earls of Wiltshire and Surrey and Duke of Suffolk (age 53). Then my Lady Mary, chief mourner, her horse trapped in black velvet and assisted by lords Clifford and Montague. Noble ladies following, in the first chair:—Lady Fraunces, the Countesses of Oxford (age 19), Rutland (age 42), Sussex, Bath, and Southampton, and lady Margaret Howard. In the 2nd (described) the Countess of Derby (age 52), widow, and ladies Margaret Gray, Rochford (age 32), and Carowe, followed by ladies Morley, Dawbeney, Dudley, Owtred, Browne, Pawlet, Russell, and Baynton. The 3rd chair containing ladies Cobham, Bray, Kingston (age 61), and Coffyn; followed by ladies Knevet, Wollope, Henage, and Lyster, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Jernyngham, Mrs. Stoner, and Mrs. Francis Aylmer. The 4th chair containing Mrs. Souche, Mrs. Hollande, Mrs. Asheley, Mrs. Norres, and Mrs. Parre; and followed by Mrs. Darcy, Mrs. Pexsall, Mrs. Clarencieux, Mrs. Carowe, Mrs. Poyntes, Mrs. Cromwell, Mrs. Boynton, and Mrs. Tymeo. The 5th chair containing Mrs. Fitzherbart, Mrs. Bassett, Mrs. Rastall, Mrs. Uxbryge, and Mrs. Joscelyn. (All other gentlewomen rode on before to await the arrival at Windsor, and the start was to be made at 5 a.m.) After the 5th chariot came Sir William Kingston (age 61), the King's vice-chamberlain and captain of the Guard, followed by the Guard—three and three—and all other noblemen's servants. Two almoners were appointed to distribute alms by the way. At Colbroke the corpse was reverently received; and so forth at Eaton, where the Bishop of Lincoln, the Bishop of Carlisle "provost of the said college," and all the priests, clerks, and children received it with caps and tapers in their hands. At Windsor the mayor and brethren met it at the bridge-foot with lighted torches, and so passed to the College. Describes the hangings on the way from the bridge-foot to the west door and in the choir. The dean of Windsor and all the College met the corpse at the utter gate, and accompanied it to the west door, where the chair was taken out and borne by Sir Henry Savyll, Sir Marm. Constable, Sir Arthur Darcy, Sir John St. John, Sir Henry Parker, Sir Thomas Poyninges, and Sir Thomas Darcy, assisted by Sir Humph. Radclyff, Sir John Gage, Sir Richard Weston, and Sir Richard Sandys. A canopy (described) was borne over the corpse by Lord Hastyngs, son and heir to the Earl of Huntingdon, and lords Delaware, Morley, Dacres of the South, Cobham and Bray. In the choir was the archbishop of Canterbury, in pontificalibus, assisted by the bishops of London, Lincoln, Chichester, Worcester, Rochester, St. Taxe (St. Asaph), and Carlisle, and the abbots of Westminster, St. Albans, Reading, Waltham, Tower Hill, and Stratford. The chief mourner followed the corpse, having her train borne by the Viscountess Rochforde (age 32), and assisted by lady Fraunces, the Countesses of Oxford, Derby (age 52) (widow), Rutland (age 42), Bath, and Southampton, and lady Margaret Howard. The corpse being passed under the hearse, a Dirge began in which the lessons were read by the prelates in turn (named) and that finished, the nobility went to the Castle. Describes solemn watch that night and services next day, after which the "offering of the palles began" i.e., ladies Bray, Dawbeney, Morley and Cobham offered one each, ladies Margaret Howard, and Marg. Gray two each, the Countesses of Southampton, Bath, Sussex, Rutland (age 42), Oxford, and Derby (age 52) three each, lady Fraunces four, and the Lady Mary, who was lead between the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, seven. That done, the mourners went to the Castle where they were sumptuously provided for, and the corpse was solemnly buried and all finished by 12 o'clock that day.NOTEXT

ii. Liveries given to the officers of arms and payments for diets made to them by Mr. Gostwick.

Pp. 24 in an Elizabethan hand.

On 12 Nov 1543 Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 16) and Maria Aviz (age 16) were married at Salamanca. She the daughter of John III King Portugal (age 41) and Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal (age 36). He the son of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (age 43) and Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain. They were double first cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.


Henry Machyn's Diary. 12 Nov 1554. The xij day of November the Kyng (age 27) and the Quen (age 38) rod unto Westmynster chyrche to the masse of the Holy-gost, and after masse to the parlement-howsse; and all the bysshopes and the lordes in ther parlement robes, with trompeters blohyng, and all the harolds in ther cote armurs, and the juges in ther robes; the yerle of Penbroke (age 53) bare the kyng('s) sword, and the yerle of Comberland (age 41) bare the quen('s) sword, and the yerle of Shrowsbery (age 54) bare the kyng('s) cape of mantenance, and the yerle of Arundell (age 42) bare the quen('s) cape of mantenance; and a-for them rod to-gether my lord chansheler (age 71) and my lord tressorer (age 71) in ther parlement robes.

On 12 Nov 1555 Bishop Stephen Gardiner (age 72) died at Westminster [Map].

England Re-established as Catholic

On 12 Nov 1555 Queen Mary (age 39) re-established England as a Catholic country.

On 12 Nov 1623 Christopher Wray (age 22) was knighted by King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 57).


On 12 Nov 1629 Thomas Bruce 1st Earl Elgin (age 30) and Diana Cecil Countess of Oxford and Elgin (age 33) were married. She the daughter of William Cecil 2nd Earl Exeter (age 63) and Elizabeth Drury Countess Exeter (age 51).

PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/Thomas_Bruce.jpg PAINTINGS/LARKIN/Diana_Cecil_1614_William_Larkin.jpg

On 12 Nov 1635 Richard Burke 4th Earl Clanricarde 1st Earl St Albans (age 63) died. His son Ulick Burke 1st Marquess Clanricarde (age 31) succeeded 5th Earl Clanricarde, 2nd Earl St Albans 1C 1628. Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford (age 42) was blamed for his death making an enemy of Ulick Burke 1st Marquess Clanricarde (age 31) and his half-brother (they shared the same mother Frances Walsingham Countess Essex) Robert Devereux 3rd Earl Essex (age 44).

Battle of Brentford

Evelyn's Diary. 12 Nov 1642. The 12th of November was the Battle of Brentford, surprisingly fought; and to the great consternation of the City, had his Majesty (age 41) (as it was believed he would) pursued his advantage. I came in with my horse and arms just at the retreat; but was not permitted to stay longer than the 15th, by reason of the army marching to Gloucester, Gloucestershire [Map]; which would have left both me and my brothers exposed to ruin, without any advantage to his Majesty (age 41).

On 12 Nov 1642 the Battle of Brentford was a small pitched battle which took place on 12 November 1642, between a detachment of the Royalist army (predominantly horse with one regiment of Welsh foot) under the command of Prince Rupert (age 22), and two infantry regiments of Parliamentarians with some horse in support. The result was a victory for the Royalists.


On 12 Nov 1649 Robert Douglas 8th Earl Morton (age 33) died at Kirkwall. His son William Douglas 9th Earl Morton succeeded 9th Earl Morton.

1660 November Creation of Baronets

In Nov 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded of further tranche of those who supported his Restoration by awarding them Baronetcies ...

On 08 Nov 1660 William Russell 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Russell of Laugherne in Carmarthenshire.

On 12 Nov 1660 John Cutler 1st Baronet (age 57) was created 1st Baronet Cutler of London.

On 21 Nov 1660 John Clotworthy 1st Viscount Massereene was created 1st Viscount Massereene, 1st Baron Lough Neagh, in the Irish peerage, with remainder in default of male heirs to his son-in-law,

On 21 Nov 1660 Thomas Foote 1st Baronet (age 62) was created 1st Baronet Foote of London with a special remainder for title to revert on his death to his son-in-law, Arthur Onslow of West Clandon (age 36).

On 29 Nov 1660 John Wroth 1st Baronet (age 33) was created 1st Baronet Wroth of Blenden Hall in Kent.


Hamilton-Mohun Duel

On 12 Nov 1723 Joseph Clemens Wittelsbach Archbishop Cologne (age 51) died.

On 12 Nov 1744 William Bateman 1st Viscount Culmore (age 49) died in Paris [Map]. His son John Bateman 2nd Viscount Culmore (age 23) succeeded 2nd Viscount Culmore, 2nd Baron Culmore in Londonderry. Elizabeth Sambroke Viscountess Bateman by marriage Viscountess Culmore.

On 12 Nov 1766 John Stuart 1st Marquess Bute (age 22) and Charlotte Jane Windsor Marchioness Bute (age 20) were married. He the son of John Stuart 3rd Earl Bute (age 53) and Mary Wortley-Montagu Countess Bute (age 48).


On 12 Nov 1802 John Arthur Douglas Bloomfield 1st and 2nd Baron Bloomfield was born to Benjamin Bloomfield 1st Baron Bloomfield (age 34).

On 12 Nov 1856 Nathaniel Curzon 3rd Baron Scarsdale (age 75) died. His nephew Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon 4th Baron Scarsdale (age 25) succeeded 4th Baron Scarsdale. Blanche Pocklington Senhouse Baroness Scarsdale (age 19) by marriage Baroness Scarsdale.


On 12 Nov 1861 Geoffrey Walter Harbord 9th Baron Suffield was born to William Harbord (age 30).

After 12 Nov 1873. St Martin's Church Ancaster [Map]. Memorial to William G T Newton.

On 12 Nov 1878 Archbishop William Dalrymple Maclagan (age 52) and Augusta Anne Barrington (age 42) were married. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 12 Nov 1886 Alfonso Orléans Galliera Duke Galliera was born at Madrid.

On 12 Nov 1889 Wentworth Canning Blackett Beaumont 1st Viscount Allendale (age 28) and Alexandrina Louise Maud Vane-Tempest Viscountess Allendale (age 26) were married. She the daughter of George Henry Vane-Tempest 5th Marquess Londonderry and Mary Cornelia Edwards Marchioness Londonderry (age 60).

On 12 Nov 1923 Charles Alexander Carnegie 11th Earl of Southesk (age 30) and Princess Maud Duff Countess Southesk (age 30) were married at Royal Military Chapel. She the daughter of Alexander Duff 1st Duke Fife and Louise Windsor Duchess Fife (age 56). He the son of Charles Noel Carnegie 10th Earl of Southesk (age 69) and Ethel Mary Elizabeth Bannerman Countess Southesk (age 55). She a granddaughter of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.