On this Day in History ... 17 February

17 Feb is in February.

1400 Death of Richard II

1461 Second Battle of St Albans

1536 Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1563 Talbot Herbert Double Wedding

1623 Charles I's Trip to Spain

1667 Poll Bill

1923 Opening of Tutankhamun's Tomb

John of Worcester. 17 Feb 1070. By the advice of William (age 50), earl of Hereford, and some others, king William (age 42), during Lent [17th February], caused all the monasteries of England to be searched, and the money deposited in them by the richer sort of the English, for security against his violence and rapacity, to be seized and carried to his own treasury.

On 17 Feb 1243 Richard Mór Burgh 1st Baron Connaught (age 49) died.

On 17 Feb 1359 John Fitzalan 1st Baron Arundel Baron Maltravers (age 11) and Eleanor Maltravers 2nd Baroness Maltravers Baroness Arundel and Cobham (age 14) were married. He the son of Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel 8th Earl Surrey (age 53) and Eleanor Plantagenet Countess Arundel and Surrey (age 40). He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England.

Death of Richard II

On 14 Feb 1400 (exact date not known) King Richard II (age 33) died at Pontefract Castle [Map] where he had been imprisoned three months before; possibly murdered, possibly starved to death. His death was a consequence of the Epiphany Rising; he was still considered a threat. His first cousin Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster de jure Heir to the Throne of England since she was the daughter of Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke of Clarence. She at this time had four children with her husband Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March, Earl Ulster. The new King Henry IV (age 32) ignored her claim.

On 17 Feb 1400 Richard's (deceased) corpse was displayed at St Paul's Cathedral [Map].

On 06 Mar 1400 Richard's (deceased) remains were buried at King's Langley Priory [Map].

Before 17 Feb 1429 Reginald West 6th Baron De La Warr 3rd Baron West (age 33) and Margaret Thorley Baroness De La Warr Baroness West were married. She by marriage Baroness De La Warr, Baroness West. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England.

Before 17 Feb 1429 John de Lisle 6th Baron Lisle (age 43) and Anne Botreaux (age 19) were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years.

Around 17 Feb 1429 John de Lisle 6th Baron Lisle (age 43) died. His son John de Lisle 7th Baron Lisle (age 22) succeeded 7th Baron Lisle 1C 1299.

Chronicle of Gregory 1461. 17 Feb 1461. Ande at the nyght aftyr the batayle the kynge (age 39) blessyd hys sone the Prynce (age 7), and Doctor Morton (age 41) brought forthe a boke that was fulle of orysons, and there the boke was oppenyd, and blessyd that yong chylde cum pinguedine terre et cum rore celi1, and made hym knyght. And the yong knyght weryd a payre of bregant yerys i-coveryd with purpylle velvyt i-bete with golde-smythe ys worke. And the Prynce (age 7) made many knyghtys. The fryste that he made was Androwe Trolloppe, for he was hurte and myght not goo for a calletrappe in hys fote; and he sayde, "My lorde, I have not deservyd hit for I slowe but xv men, for I stode stylle in oo place and they come unto me, but they bode stylle with me." And then come Whytyngam (age 32), Tresham (age 41), and many moo othyr, and were made knyghtys that same tyme.

Note 1. "with the richness of the earth and with the dew of heaven".

Second Battle of St Albans

On 17 Feb 1461 the Lancastrian army defeated the Yorkist army at Second Battle of St Albans and rescued King Henry VI of England and II of France (age 39). The Lancastrian army was commanded by Henry Holland 3rd Duke Exeter (age 30) and included Henry Percy 3rd Earl of Northumberland (age 39), John Mowbray 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 45), Henry Grey 4th or 7th Baron Grey of Codnor (age 26), Henry Roos and Richard Welles 7th Baron Willoughby 7th Baron Welles (age 33).

Thomas Ros 9th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 33), William Tailboys 7th Baron Kyme (age 46), John Talbot 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury (age 12) and Thomas Tresham (age 41) were knighted.

The Yorkist army included Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 32), William Fitzalan 16th Earl Arundel (age 43), John Wenlock 1st Baron Wenlock (age 61) and Henry Bourchier 2nd Count Eu 1st Earl Essex (age 57). John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (age 30) was captured. Robert Poynings (age 42) and James Luttrell (age 34) were killed.

John Grey (age 29) was killed fighting for Lancaster. A death that was to have far reaching consequences; his widow Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England (age 24) subsequently married King Edward IV of England (age 18).

During the battle William Bonville 1st Baron Bonville (age 68) and Thomas Kyriell (age 65) were assigned to the protection of the King Henry VI (age 39). After the battle both were beheaded against all decent laws of battle.

William Bonville 1st Baron Bonville (age 68) was beheaded. His great granddaughter Cecily Bonville Marchioness Dorset succeeded 2nd Baroness Bonville.

Thomas Kyriell (age 65) was beheaded.

William Cotton (age 21) was killed.

Chronicle of Gregory 1461. Ande the xvij day nexte folowynge Kyng Harry (age 39) roode to Synt Albonys [Map], and the Duke of Northefolke (age 45) with hym, the Erle of Warwycke (age 32), the Erle of Arundelle (age 43), the Lorde Bouser (age 30), the Lorde Bonvyle (age 68), with many grete lordys, knyghtys, and squyers, and commyns of an C [Hundred] Ml men. And there they hadde a grete batayle whythe the Quene (age 30), for she come ever on fro the jornaye of Wackefylde tylle sche come to Synt Albonys, with alle the lordys a fore sayde; and hyr mayny and every lorde ys men bare hyr lordys leverey, that every man myghte knowe hys owne feleschippe by hys lyverey. And be-syde alle that, every man and lorde bare the Pryncys (age 7) levery, that was a bende of crymesyn and blacke with esteryge ys fetherys. The substance that gate that fylde were howseholde men and feyd men. I wene there were not v Mlmen that fought in the Quenys party, for [t]emoste parte of Northeryn men fledde a-way, and sum were take and spoylyd owte of hyr harnysse by the way as they fledde. And sum of them robbyd evyr as they yede, a petyffulle thynge hit ys to hyre hit. But the day before that batayle there was a jornay at Dunstapyl [Map]; but the kyngys mayny lackyd good gydyng, for sum were but newe men of warre, for the chevyste captayne was a boucher of the same towne; and there were the kyngys mayny ovyr throughe only by the Northeryn men. And sone aftyr the bocher, for schame of hys sympylle gydynge and loste of the men, the nombyr of viij C, for very sorowe as hyt ys sayde, hynge hym selfe; and sum men sayde that hyt was for loste of hys goode, but dede he ys-God knowythe the trought.

And in the myddys of the batayle Kynge Harry (age 39) wente unto hys Quene (age 30) and for-soke alle hys lordys, ande truste better to hyr party thenne unto hys owne lordys. And thenn thoroughe grete labur the Duke of Northefolke (age 45) and the Erle of Warwycke (age 32) a schapyd a-waye; the Byschoppe of Exceter (age 29), that tyme Chaunceler of Ingelond, and brother unto the Erle of Warwycke, the Lorde Bouser (age 30), whythe many othyr knyghtys, squyers, and comyns fledde, and many men slayne in bothe partys. And the Lorde Bonevyle (age 68) was be-heddyd, the comyn sayynge that hys longage causyd hym to dye. The Prynce (age 7) was jugge ys owne sylfe. Ande ther was slayne that manly knyght Syr Thomas Keryel (age 65). The nomber of ded men was xxxv C an moo [t]at were slayne. The lordys in Kyng Harrys (age 39) party pycchyd a fylde and fortefyd hyt fulle stronge, and lyke unwyse men brake hyr raye and fyld and toke a-nothyr, and or that they were alle sette a buskyd to batayle, the Quenys parte was at hond whythe hem in towne of Synt Albonys [Map], and then alle [t]yng was to seke and owte of ordyr, for hyr pryckyers come not home to bryng no tydyng howe ny that the Quene (age 30) was, save one come and sayd that she was ix myle of. And ar the goners and borgeners couthe levylle hyr gonnys they were besely fyghtyng, and many a gynne of wer was ordaynyd that stode in lytylle a-vayle or nought; for the burgeners hadde suche instrumentys that wolde schute bothe pellettys of ledde and arowys of an elle of lenghthe with vj fetherys, iij in myddys and iij at the othyr ende, with a grete myghty hedde of yryn at the othyr ende, and wylde fyre with alle. Alle thes iij thyngys they myght schute welle and esely at onys, but in tyme of nede they couthe not schut not one of thes, but the fyre turnyd backe a-pon them that wold schute thys iij thyngys. Also they hadde nettys made of grete cordys of iiij fethem of lengthe and of iiij fote brode, lyke unto an haye, and at every ij knott there was an nayl stondyng uppe ryght, that there couthe no man passe ovyr hyt by lyckely hode but he shulde be hurte. Alle so they hadde pavysse bore as a dore i-made with a staffe foldynge uppe and downe to sette the pavys where the lykyd, and loupys with schyttyng wyndowys to schute owte at, they stondyng by hynde [t]e pavys, and the pavys as fulle of iijdnayle aftyr ordyr as they myght stonde. And whenn hyr schotte was spende and done they caste the pavysse by-fore hem, thenn there myght noo man come unto them ovyr the pavysse for the naylys that stode up-ryghte, but yf he wolde myschyffe hym sylfe. Alle so they hadde a thynge made lyke unto a latysse fulle of naylys as the net was, but hit wolde be mevyd as a man wolde; a man myght bryse hyt to-gedyr that the lengythe wolde be more then ij yerdys long, and yf he wolde he myght hale hyt a brode, thenn hit wolde be iiij square. And that servyd to lye at gappys there at horsemen wolde entyr yn, and many a caltrappe. And as the substaunce of men of worschyppe that wylle not glose nor cory favyl for no parcyallyte, they cowthe not undyrstond that alle thys ordenaunce dyd any goode or harme but yf hyt were a mong us in owre parte with Kyng Harry (age 39). There fore hyt ys moche lefte, and men take hem to mallys of ledde, bowys, swyrdys, gleyvys, and axys. As for speremen they ben good to ryde be-fore the foote men and ete and drynke uppe hyr vetayle, and many moo suche prety thyngys they doo, holde me excusyd thoughe I say the beste, for in the fote men ys alle the tryste.

After 17 Feb 1461 John Harrington 4th Baron Harington and Elizabeth Courtenay Baroness Bonville and Harington were married. Elizabeth Courtenay Baroness Bonville and Harington by marriage Baroness Harington. She the daughter of Edward "Blind Earl" Courtenay 11th Earl Devon and Maud Camoys Countess Devon. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 17 Feb 1466 Thomas Fitzalan 17th Earl Arundel (age 16) and Margaret Woodville Countess Arundel (age 12) were married. See Woodville Marriages. She the daughter of Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers (age 61) and Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford (age 51). He the son of William Fitzalan 16th Earl Arundel (age 48) and Joan Neville Countess Arundel. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Before 17 Feb 1486 Elizabeth Dunbar 5th Countess Moray (age 61) died.

On 17 Feb 1490 Charles Bourbon III Duke Bourbon was born to Gilbert Bourbon Count of Monpensier (age 47) and Clara Gonzaga (age 25).

On 17 Feb 1523 William Stourton 5th Baron Stourton (age 66) died without issue. He was buried in the St Peter's Church, Stourton. His brother Edward Stourton 6th Baron Stourton (age 60) succeeded 6th Baron Stourton.

Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

Calendars. 17 Feb 1536. Eustace Chapuys (age 46) to the Emperor (age 35).

On that very day the good Queen of England's (deceased) burial took place, which was attended by four bishops and as many abbots, besides the ladies mentioned in my preceding despatches. No other person of rank or name was present except the comptroller of the Royal household. The place where she lies in the cathedral church of Peterborough [Map] is a good way from the high altar, and in a less honourable position than that of several bishops buried in the same church. Had she not been a dowager Princess, as they have held her both in life and death, but simply a Lady, they could not have chosen a less distinguished place of rest for her, as the people who understand this sort of thing tell me. Such have been the wonderful display and incredible magnificence which these people gave me to understand would be lavished in honour and memory of one whose great virtues and royal relationship certainly entitled her to uncommon honours.

Perhaps one of these days they will repair their fault, and erect a suitable. Monument or institute some pious foundation to her memory in some suitable spot or other.

PAINTINGS/ORLEY/Charles_V.jpg PAINTINGS/TITIAN/Charles_V.jpg PAINTINGS/FLANDES/Catherine_Aragon.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Katherine_Aragon.jpg

Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 17 Feb 1554. The 17 of February the Duke of Suffolke (age 37) was arreigned at Westminster and there condemned of Treason.

The same day a proclamation was made in London for strangers, not being denizens and merchants knowne, using the trade of merchandize, should departe and avoyde the realme within xxiiii dayes after this proclamation, upon payne to forfeyt all their goods movable, and allso upon payne of imprisonment.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Feb 1554. The xvij day of Feybruary was the duke of Suffoke (age 37) rayned at Westmynster halle, and cast for he tresun, and cast to suffer deth.


1563 Talbot Herbert Double Wedding

On 17 Feb 1563 at Castle Baynard [Map] a double wedding between two pairs of siblings, Talbot and Herbert, took place ...

Henry Herbert 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 25) and Catherine Talbot Countess Pembroke (age 13) were married. She the daughter of George Talbot 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 35) and Gertrude Manners Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 38). He the son of William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke (age 62) and Anne Parr Countess Pembroke. They were fourth cousins.

Francis Talbot (age 11) and Anne Herbert (age 13) were married. She the daughter of William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke (age 62) and Anne Parr Countess Pembroke. He the son of George Talbot 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 35) and Gertrude Manners Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 38). They were third cousin once removed.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Feb 1563. The xvij day of Feybruary was a dobull marege at [Baynard's] Castyll [Map] at the yerle of Pembroke('s) plase, my Francis Talbot (age 11) unto my lade (Anne) Harbard (age 13), and my lord Harbard of Cardyff (age 25) unto my Catherine Talbot Countess Pembroke (age 13) the [eldest] syster unto my Francis Talbot (age 11); and after was a grett denner as [has] bene sene, for iiij days, and evere nyght gret mummeres and m[asks.]

On 17 Feb 1582 George Hanover Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg was born.

On 17 Feb 1610 James Ogilvy 1st Earl Findlater and Elizabeth Leslie were married. She the daughter of Andrew Leslie 5th Earl Rothes (age 69). They were half first cousin once removed.

After 17 Feb 1610 James Ogilvy 1st Earl Findlater and Marion Cunningham were married. She the daughter of William Cunningham 8th Earl Glencairn (age 35) and Jean Kerr Countess Glencairn. They were half second cousin once removed.

Charles I's Trip to Spain

Autobiograph Simon D'Ewes. 17 Feb 1623. There happened on Monday, the 17th day of the month, so strange an accident as after ages will scarce believe it. For Charles Prince of Wales (age 22) began his journey from London into Spain on Monday, the 17th day of February, with the beloved Marquis of Buckingham (age 30), Sir Francis Cottington (age 44), and Mr. Endimion Porter (age 36), only in his campaign; who only, besides the King himself, were the alone men aquainted with the Prince's resolution. Their going was so secretly carried as none, I believe, knew of it in England till they were landed in France, through which kingdom they passed by posthorse into Spain.1 The journey was thought so dangerous, being above 1100 English miles by land, besides the crossing of the seas between Dover and Calais, as all men were generally ensaddened at the ad- venture, often wishing it had been better advised upon; although they knew the Spaniards durst do the Prince no harm, so long as his royal sister and her illustrious oflspring survived. Soon after followed the Lord Hays (age 43), Earl of Carlisle, and passed into France to excuse to that King the Prince's sudden and secret passing through his kingdom without giving him a visit. All men now took it for granted, that the Prince's marriage with the Infanta Maria, the King of Spain's sister, was concluded on, and that he went over only to consummate it; no man imagining that he would take up such a resolution upon uncertainties, especially occasioning so vast and unnecessary expense at a time when the King's wants pressed him much. But God, whose decree binds princes as well as peasants, had otherwise disposed, so as our royal suitor, arriving at Madrid in Spain on Friday the 7th (or 17th) of March, about three weeks later his departure from London, and taking ship for his return to England on the 18th (or 28th) of September, then next ensuing, stayed in Spain about seven months; in all which time he seldom saw or spoke with the Spanish Princess, nor could ever receive a fair or sincere denial from her brother, although her marriage had been absolutely disposed of by her father's last will and testament; he bequeathing her to Ferdinand, son and heir of Ferdinand the Second, Emperor of Germany, who afterwards did accordingly espouse her.

Note 1. "And now behold a, strange adventure and enterprise! The Prince and the Marquis of Buckingham, accompanied with Cottington and Endimion Porter, post in disgiuse to Spain to accelerate the marriage. The 17th of February they went privately from Court, and the next day came to Dover, where they embarked for Boulogne, and from thence rode post to Paris, where they made some atop. The Prince, shadowed under a bushy peruque, beheld the splendour of that court, and had a full view of the Princess Henrietta Maria (age 13), who was afterwards his royal consort. For, besides the great privacy of the journey, they had so laid the English ports, that none should follow or give the least advertisement, until they had got the start of intelligencers, and passed the bounds of France. Howbeit they escaped narrowly, and a swift intelligence sent to the King of Spain from Don Carlos Coloma was even at their heels before they arrived at Madrid. The Prince and Buckingham being in the territories of Spain, to make but little noise, rode post before their company. The 7th of March they arrived at Madrid, the royal residence, and were conveyed with much secrecy into the Earl of Bristol's (age 43) house-Rushworth, i. p. 76. A fuller account of this extraordinary adventure will be found elsewhere.

On 17 Feb 1626 William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 77) died. His son Maximilian "The Great" Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria I Elector Bavaria (age 52) succeeded Maximillian I Duke Bavaria.

On 17 Feb 1628 Humble Ward 1st Baron Ward of Birmingham Baron Dudley (age 14) and Frances Sutton 6th Baroness Dudley (age 16) were married. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.

On 17 Feb 1649 George Carteret 1st Baronet (age 39) at St Helier, Jersey [Map] had Charles II (age 18) proclaimed King after his father Charles I was executed; an act that Charles II never forgot.

PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

Pepy's Diary. 17 Feb 1667. At home, by appointment, comes Captain Cocke (age 50) to me, to talk of State matters, and about the peace; who told me that the whole business is managed between Kevet, Burgomaster of Amsterdam, and my Lord Arlington (age 49), who hath, by the interest of his wife there, some interest. We have proposed the Hague, but know not yet whether the Dutch will like it; or; if they do, whether the French will. We think we shall have the help of the information of their affairs and state, and the helps of the Prince of Orange (age 16) his faction; but above all, that De Witt, who hath all this while said he cannot get peace, his mouth will now be stopped, so that he will be forced to offer fit terms for fear of the people; and, lastly, if France or Spayne do not please us, we are in a way presently to clap up a peace with the Dutch, and secure them. But we are also in treaty with France, as he says: but it must be to the excluding our alliance with the King (age 36) of Spayne or House of Austria; which we do not know presently what will be determined in. He tells me the Vice-Chamberlaine is so great with the King (age 36), that, let the Duke of York (age 33), and Sir W. Coventry (age 39), and this office, do or say what they will, while the King (age 36) lives, Sir G. Carteret (age 57) will do what he will; and advises me to be often with him, and eat and drink with him.; and tells me that he doubts he is jealous of me, and was mighty mad to-day at our discourse to him before the Duke of York (age 33). But I did give him my reasons that the office is concerned to declare that, without money, the King's work cannot go on.

Poll Bill

Pepy's Diary. 17 Feb 1667. Lord's Day. Up, and called at Michell's, and took him and his wife and carried them to Westminster, I landing at White Hall, and having no pleasure in the way 'con elle'; and so to the Duke's (age 33), where we all met and had a hot encounter before the Duke of York (age 33) about the business of our payments at the Ticket Office, where we urged that we had nothing to do to be troubled with the pay, having examined the tickets. Besides, we are neglected, having not money sent us in time, but to see the baseness of my brethren, not a man almost put in a word but Sir W. Coventry (age 39), though at the office like very devils in this point. But I did plainly declare that, without money, no fleete could be expected, and desired the Duke of York (age 33) to take notice of it, and notice was taken of it, but I doubt will do no good. But I desire to remember it as a most prodigious thing that to this day my Lord Treasurer (age 59) hath not consulted counsel, which Sir W. Coventry (age 39) and I and others do think is necessary, about the late Poll act, enough to put the same into such order as that any body dare lend money upon it, though we have from this office under our hands related the necessity thereof to the Duke of York (age 33), nor is like to be determined in, for ought I see, a good while had not Sir W. Coventry (age 39) plainly said that he did believe it would be a better work for the King (age 36) than going to church this morning, to send for the Atturney Generall (age 69) to meet at the Lord Treasurer's (age 59) this afternoon and to bring the thing to an issue, saying that himself, were he going to the Sacrament, would not think he should offend God to leave it and go to the ending this work, so much it is of moment to the King (age 36) and Kingdom. Hereupon the Duke of York (age 33) said he would presently speak to the King (age 36), and cause it to be done this afternoon.

On 17 Feb 1680 Denzil Holles 1st Baron Holles (age 80) died. His son Francis Holles 2nd Baron Holles (age 53) succeeded 2nd Baron Holles.

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Feb 1685. This morning his Ma* (age 51) restor'd the staffe and key to Lord Arlington (age 67), Chamberlaine; to Mr. Savell (age 43), Vice-chamberlaine; to Lords Newport (age 64) and Malnard (age 62), Treasurer and Comptroler of the Household; Lord Godolphin (age 39) made Chamberlaine to ye Queene (age 26); Lord Peterborow (age 63) Groome of ye Stole in place of the Earle of Bath (age 56); the Treasurer's staff to the Earle of Rochester (age 42); and his brother the Earle of Clarendon Lord Privie Seale in place of the Marquis of Halifax (age 51), who was made President of the Council; the Secretarys of State remaining as before.

On 17 Feb 1704 Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Baron Conway (age 24) and Mary Hyde were married. She the daughter of Lawrence Hyde 1st Earl Rochester (age 61) and Henrietta Boyle Countess Rochester.

On 17 Feb 1706 Robert Hampden-Trevor 1st Viscount Hampden was born to Thomas Trevor 1st Baron Trevor Bromham (age 47) and Anne Welden (age 36). Coefficient of inbreeding 3.12%.


On 17 Feb 1718 Anthony Grey 1453-1490 (age 22) and Mary Tufton Countess Gower were married. She the daughter of Thomas Tufton 6th Earl of Thanet (age 73) and Catherine Cavendish Countess Isle Thanet. He the son of Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent (age 47) and Jemima Crew Marchioness Kent (age 43).

On 17 Feb 1718 Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield (age 53) died. She a natural daughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 17 Feb 1770 William Morden aka Harbord 1st Baronet (age 74) died. His son Harbord Morden aka Harbord 1st Baron Suffield (age 36) succeeded 2nd Baronet Harbord of Suffield in Norfolk. Mary Assheton Baroness Suffield by marriage Lady Harbord of Suffield in Norfolk.

On 17 Feb 1804 Edward Craggs Eliot 1st Baron Eliot (age 76) died. His son John Eliot 1st Earl St Germans (age 42) succeeded 2nd Baron Eliot of St Germans in Cornwall.


On 08 Feb 1809 Brownlow Bertie 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven (age 79) died without male issue at Grimsthorpe, South Kesteven. He was buried at St Mary's Church Swinstead [Map] on 17 Feb 1809. Duke Ancaster and Kesteven, Marquess Lindsay extinct. His third cousin Albermarle Bertie 9th Earl Lindsey (age 64) succeeded 9th Earl Lindsey.

Sculpted by Richard Westmacott (age 33). A handsome white marble wall tablet in Grecian style depicting deceased and wife on a catafalque with mourning female figure, flanked by mother, children and angel. Above a scrolled cornice with Ducal coronet and palm. Beneath a rectangular inscription panel, flanked by scrolled brackets.

Before 17 Feb 1821 Algernon Greville of North Lodge in Barnet (age 30) and Catherine Graham (age 35) were married.

On 17 Feb 1831 Alfred Harley 6th Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (age 22) and Eliza Nugent Countess of Oxford and Mortimer (age 25) were married. She the daughter of George Nugent 1st Marquess Westmeath (age 45). He the son of Edward Harley 5th Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer (age 57) and Jane Elizabeth Scott Countess of Oxford and Mortimer.

On 17 Feb 1906 George Fitzclarence 5th Earl Munster was born to Harold Edward Fitzclarence (age 35). He a great x 2 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

After 17 Feb 1917. Memorial to Lieutenant-Colonel Robert James Francis Meyricke (deceased) and Major Rupert Chabbert Meyricke at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow [Map].

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert James Francis Meyricke: On 03 Jan 1879 he was born to Robert Henry Meyricke (age 35) and Katharine "Kate" Carswell Clerk (age 29) at 7 Porchester Square, Bayswater. He was baptised on 17 Feb 1879 at On 17 Feb 1917 Lieutenant-Colonel Robert James Francis Meyricke (age 38) was killed in action at the Battle of Boom Ravine near Miraumont whilst rallying his men. He was buried at the Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France. In 17 Feb 1917 Lieutenant-Colonel Robert James Francis Meyricke (age 38) was appointed Lieutenant Colonal in the 11th Battalion Royal Fusiliers attached to the 6th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment.


Opening of Tutankhamun's Tomb

On 17 Feb 1923, at just after two o'clock, the seal of the Tomb of Tutankhamun 1341BC 1323BC was broken. Those present included Howard Carter (age 48), secretary Lord Carnarvon Richard Bethel (age 40), George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert 5th Earl Carnarvon (age 56), his daughter Evelyn Leonora Almina Herbert (age 21), Arthur C Mace, Assistant Curator of Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

On 17 Feb 1954 Christopher Beckett 4th Baron Grimthorpe (age 38) and Elizabeth Lumley Baroness Grimthorpe (age 28) were married. She the daughter of Roger Lumley 11th Earl of Scarbrough (age 57) and Katherine Isobel McEwen Countess Scarborough (age 54).