On this Day in History ... 17 November

17 Nov is in November.

1558 Death of Mary I

1558 Second Act of Supremacy

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 905. This year Ethelwald enticed the army in East-Anglia to rebellion; so that they overran all the land of Mercia, until they came to Cricklade [Map], where they forded the Thames; and having seized, either in Bradon or thereabout, all that they could lay their hands upon, they went homeward again. King Edward (age 31) went after, as soon as he could gather his army, and overran all their land between the foss and the Ouse quite to the fens northward. Then being desirous of returning thence, he issued an order through the whole army, that they should all go out at once. But the Kentish men remained behind, contrary to his order, though he had sent seven messengers to them. Whereupon the army surrounded them, and there they fought. There fell Aldermen Siwulf and Sigelm; Eadwold, the king's thane; Abbot Kenwulf; Sigebriht, the son of Siwulf; Eadwald, the son of Acca; and many also with them; though I have named the most considerable. On the Danish side were slain Eohric their king, and Prince Ethelwald, who had enticed them to the war. Byrtsige, the son of Prince Brihtnoth; Governor Ysop; Governor Oskytel; and very many also with them that we now cannot name. And there was on either hand much slaughter made; but of the Danes there were more slain, though they remained masters of the field. Ealswitha died this same year; and a comet appeared on the thirteenth day before the calends of November.

On 17 Nov 1239 King Eric IV of Denmark (age 23) and Jutta of Saxony (age 16) were married. He the son of King Valdemar II of Denmark (age 69) and Berengaria Burgundy Queen Consort Denmark.

On 17 Nov 1293 King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France was born to Charles Valois I Count Valois (age 23) and Margaret Capet Countess Valois (age 20). Coefficient of inbreeding 3.85%.

On 13 Nov 1312 King Edward III of England was born to King Edward II of England (age 28) and Isabella of France Queen Consort England (age 17) at Windsor Castle [Map]. He was christened on 17 Nov 1312 with Archbishop Walter Reynolds being one of his godfathers. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.16%.

Before 17 Nov 1326 Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel (age 41) was captured by John Charleton 1st Baron Cherleton (age 58) at Shrewsbury [Map] whilst attempting to gather troops to suport King Edward II of England (age 42). On 17 Nov 1326 he was beheaded with a blunt sword requiring twenty-two strokes at Hereford [Map]. His son Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel 8th Earl Surrey (age 20) succeeded 10th Earl Arundel Sussex.

On 17 Nov 1370 Louis I King Hungary King Poland (age 44) was crowned King Poland. Mary Bytom Queen Consort Hungary Queen Consort Poland by marriage Queen Consort Poland.

On 17 Nov 1558 Cardinal Reginald Pole (age 58) died at London. He was buried at North Side, Corona, Canterbury Cathedral.

Death of Mary I

On 17 Nov 1558 Queen Mary I of England and Ireland (age 42) died at St James's Palace [Map]. Her sister Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 25) succeeded I Queen England. William Brooke 10th Baron Cobham (age 31) was deputed with informing Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 31).

Thomas Wendy (age 58) attended the Queen as physician; the third monarch's death he attended.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Nov 1588. The xvij day of November be-twyn v and vj in the mornyng ded quen Mare, the vj yere of here grace('s) rayne, the wyche Jhesu have mercy on her solle! Amen.

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Second Act of Supremacy

After 17 Nov 1558 the Second Act of Supremacy re-instated Elizabeth, and her heirs, as Supreme Head of the Church of England (after had rescinded the original act of her father of 1553).

After 17 Nov 1558 Queen Mary I of England and Ireland (age 42) was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 17 Nov 1562 Antoine King Navarre (age 44) died.

On 17 Nov 1584 Eric Guelph II Duke Brunswick-Calenburg (age 56) died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Nov 1588. The sam day, at after-non, all the chyrches in London dyd ryng, and at nyght dyd make bonefyres and set tabulls in the strett, and ded ett and drynke and mad mere [merry] for the newe quen Elsabeth (age 55), quen Mare('s) syster.

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Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Nov 1588. [The same] day, be-twyne a xj and xij a' fornoon, the lady Elizabeth was proclamyd quen Elsabeth (age 55), quen of England, France and Yrland, and deffender of the feyth, by dyvers haroldes of armes and trumpetors, and dukes, lordes [and knights,] the wyche was ther present, the duke of Norfoke, [the] lord tresorer, the yerle of Shrousbere, and the yerele of Bedford, and the lord mayre and the althermen, and dyver odur lordes and knyghtes.'NOTEXT

Note. P. 178. A proclamation of queen Elizabeth, dated 18 November, declaring the date of her accession to have been "from the beginning of the xvijth," will be found in The Egerton Papers, p. 28.

On 17 Nov 1611 Nicolas Henri Bourbon Duke Orléans (age 4) died.

On 17 Nov 1665 Bishop John Earle (age 64) died.


Pepy's Diary. 17 Nov 1665. As an infinite secret, my Lord tells me, the factions are high between the King (age 35) and the Duke (age 32), and all the Court are in an uproare with their loose amours; the Duke of Yorke (age 32) being in love desperately with Mrs. Stewart (age 18). Nay, that the Duchesse (age 28) herself is fallen in love with her new Master of the Horse, one Harry Sidney (age 24), and another, Harry Savill (age 23). So that God knows what will be the end of it. And that the Duke (age 32) is not so obsequious as he used to be, but very high of late; and would be glad to be in the head of an army as Generall; and that it is said that he do propose to go and command under the King of Spayne (age 4), in Flanders.

On 17 Nov 1681 Jean Chardin Traveller (age 38) was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map] by King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 51). The same day Jean Chardin Traveller (age 38) and Esther Lardinière Peigné were married.

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On 17 Nov 1705 Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk (age 46) died. Her first cousin Charles Mordaunt 3rd Earl Peterborough 1st Earl Monmouth (age 47) succeeded 8th Baron Mordaunt 1C 1529. Her husband John Germain 1st Baronet (age 55) inherited her Drayton estates and the rest of her inheritance, valued at £70,000.


On 17 Nov 1724 William Ponsonby 1st Viscount Duncannon (age 65) died.

On 17 Nov 1755 Louis XVIII King France was born to Dauphin Louis Bourbon (age 26) and Dauphine Maria Josepha of France (age 24).


On 17 Nov 1798 Alexander Württemberg Duke Württemberg (age 27) and Antoinette Ernestine Amalie Saxe Coburg Gotha Duchess Württemberg (age 19) were married. She the daughter of Francis Saxe Coburg Gotha I Duke Saxe Coburg Gotha (age 48) and Augusta Reuss Duchess Saxe Coburg Gotha (age 41).


On 17 Nov 1845 James Walter Grimston 1st Earl Verulam (age 70) died. His son James Walter Grimston 2nd Earl Verulam (age 36) succeeded 2nd Earl Verulam, 5th Viscount Grimston, 9th Baronet Grimston of Little Waltham in Essex. Elizabeth Joanna Weyland Countess Verulam (age 20) by marriage Countess Verulam.

On 17 Nov 1858 Bingham Baring 2nd Baron Ashburton (age 59) and Louisa Caroline Stewart Baroness Ashburton (age 31) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ashburton of Ashburton in Devon. The difference in their ages was 27 years.

On 17 Nov 1877 Captain Augustus Henry Archibald Anson VC (age 42) died in Cannes where he was buried. Monument in Lichfield Cathedral [Map].

Captain Augustus Henry Archibald Anson VC: On 05 Mar 1835 he was born to Thomas William Anson 1st Earl Lichfield (age 39) and Louisa Barbara Catherine Phillips Countess Lichfield (age 35). On 16 Nov 1857 Captain Augustus Henry Archibald Anson VC (age 22) was awarded Victoria Cross ... For conspicuous bravery at Bolundshahur, on the 28th September, 1857. The 9th Light Dragoons had charged through the town, and were reforming in the Serai; the enemy attempted to close the entrance by drawing their carts across it, so as to shut in the cavalry and form a cover from which to fire upon them. Captain Anson (age 22), taking a lance, dashed out of the gateway, and knocked the drivers off their carts. Owing to a wound in his left hand, received at Delhi, he could not stop his horse, and rode into the middle of the enemy, who fired a volley at him, one ball passing through his coat. At Lucknow, at the assault of the Secundra Bagh, on 16th November, 1857, he entered with the storming party on the gates being burst open. He had his horse killed, and was himself slightly wounded. He has shown the greatest gallantry on every occasion, and has slain many enemies in fight. In 1859 Captain Augustus Henry Archibald Anson VC (age 23) was elected MP Lichfield which seat he held until 1868.

On 17 Nov 1881 Thomas Fermor-Hesketh 1st Baron Hesketh was born to Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh 7th Baronet (age 32) and Florence Emily Sharon (age 23).

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On 17 Nov 1887 Ernest Augustus Hanover Duke Brunswick was born to Ernest Augustus Hanover 3rd Duke Cumberland and Teviotdale (age 42) and Thyra Glücksburg Duchess Cumberland and Teviotdale (age 34) at Penzing. He a great x 2 grandson of King George III of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 17 Nov 1924 Alexander Baring 6th Baron Ashburton (age 26) and Doris Mary Thérèse Harcourt (age 24) were married.

On 17 Nov 1936 Christopher Finch-Hatton 11th Earl Nottingham 16th Earl of Winchilsea was born to Christopher Finch-Hatton 10th Earl Nottingham 15th Earl Winchilsea (age 25) and Gladys Széchényi Countess Winchilsea and Nottingham (age 23).

On 17 Nov 1958 Henry MacLeod Robertson (age 25) and Ziki Robertson 11th Baroness Wharton (age 24) were married.

On 17 Nov 1960 David Mountbatten 3rd Marquess Milford Haven (age 41) and Janet Bryce Marchioness Milford Haven were married. She by marriage Marchioness Milford Haven. He the son of George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven and Nadejda Mikhailovna Torby Marchioness Milford Haven (age 64). He a great x 2 grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 17 Nov 2005 Charles Andrew Fountaine (age 52) died. He was buried in the Churchyard of the Church of St Mary Narford [Map].

Charles Andrew Fountaine: On 07 Nov 1953 he was born to John Brigg Charles Fountaine (age 30). Probably. Likely since Andrew Douglas Algernon Fountaine (age 34) appears to have died without issue so Charles Andrew Fountaine.