On this Day in History ... 21 August

21 Aug is in August.

1358 Death of Isabella of France Queen Consort

1553 Trial and Execution of Lady Jane Grey's Supporters

1673 Battle of Texel

1690 Siege of Limerick

1808 Battle of Vimeiro

On 21 Aug 1131 Baldwin II King Jerusalem (age 56) died. Fulk "Young" King Jerusalem (age 42) succeeded King Jerusalem. Melisende Queen of Jerusalem (age 26) by marriage Queen Consort Jerusalem.

On 21 Aug 1148 William II Count Nevers died. Possibly 05 Aug 1089.

On 21 Aug 1157 Alfonso VII King Castile VII King Leon (age 52) died. His son Sancho III King Castile (age 23) succeeded III King Castile. His son Ferdinand II King Leon (age 20) succeeded II King Leon.

On 21 Aug 1190 Godfrey Reginar VIII Duke Lower Lorraine (age 48) died.

On 21 Aug 1271 Alphonse Capet Count Poitou II Count Toulose (age 50) died.

On 21 Aug 1274 Philip "Bold" III King France (age 29) and Maria Reginar Queen Consort France (age 18) were married. She by marriage Queen Consort of France. She the daughter of Henry Reginar III Duke Brabant and Adelaide Burgundy Duchess Brabant. He the son of King Louis IX of France and Margaret Provence Queen Consort France (age 53). They were fourth cousins. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King William "Conqueror" I of England.

Before 21 Aug 1337 John Moels 4th Baron Moels died. Baron Moels abeyant between his two daughters Muriel Moels and Isabel Moels.

Death of Isabella of France Queen Consort

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. On the 21st [Aug 1358] the Countess of Warren (age 62) arrived at the Castle [Map], and remained during the following day, to attend at the death-bed of Queen Isabella (age 63), who expired on the 22nd of August. Sir John de Wynewyk also supped at the castle on the day of the Queen's death.

Respecting Isabella's death, she is stated by chroniclers to have sunk, in the course of a single day, under the effect of a too powerful medicine, administered at her own desire. From several entries however in this account, it would appear that she had been in a state requiring medical treatment for some time previous to her decease.

As early as the 15th of February a payment had been made to a messenger going on three several occasions to London, for divers medicines for the Queen, and for the hire of a horse for Master Lawrence, the physician; and again for another journey by night to London. On the same day a second payment was made to the same messenger for two other journeys by night to London, and two to St. Alban's, to procure medicines for the Queen. On the 1st of August a payment was made to Nicholas Thomasyn apothecary, of London, for divers spices and ointment supplied for the Queen's use. On the 12th of August messengers were paid for several night journeys to London for medicines. On the 20th of August, two days only before the Queen's death, payment was made to a messenger who had been sent to London to fetch Master Simon de Bredon "ad videndum statum Reginæ1." Increased alarm for the Queen's health is now visible, for by a payment made on the 24th of August, two days after her death, it appears that a messenger had been sent to Canterbury "cum maxima festinatione2" with letters of the Queen, to bring Master Lawrence, the physician, to see the Queen's state. And another entry occurs of a payment made on the 12th of September to Master Lawrence, of forty shillings, for attendance on the Queen and the Queen of Scotland, at Hertford, for an entire month. Finally an allowance is made to the accountant, on the 6th of December, in terms which, as they are somewhat obscure, I prefer to quote in the original words, "Magistro Johanni Gateneys, de dono, in precio xv. florenorum de xl. denariis, sibi liberatorum in vita Reginæ, ad decoquend' cum medicinis pro corpore Reginæ3, l. s."

It is evident that the body of the Queen remained in the chapel of the Castle until the 23rd of November, as a payment is made to fourteen poor persons for watching the Queen's corpse there, day and night, from Saturday the 25th of August to that date, each of them receiving two pence daily, besides his food. The body was probably removed from Hertford Castle on the 24th of November, as we find, by the continuation of the Account of the expenses of the household, that on the 22nd and 23rd the Bishop of Lincoln, the Abbot of Waltham (? ), the Prior of Coventry, and "plures extranei4" were there for the performance of a solemn mass in the chapel; and the daily expenditure on those days, and on the 24th, rises from the average of six pounds to fifteen and twenty-five pounds. Moreover, from the 25th to the 28th of November the household is in London, after which it returns again to Hertford. The statement, therefore, of chroniclers that the Queen's funeral took place on the 27th is confirmed. She was interred in the choir of the church of the Grey Friars [Map], within Newgate, now Christ Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury officiating, and the King (age 45) himself being present at the ceremony. Just twenty-eight years before, on nearly the same day, the body of her paramour Mortimer was consigned to its grave in the same building

Note 1. "to see the state of the Queen".

Note 2. "with the greatest haste".

Note 3. "to see the state of the Queen's Master John Gateneys, of the gift, at the price of xv. 40 florins denarii, which had been delivered to him during the Queen's lifetime, to be decoctioned together with the medicines for the Queen's body".

Note 4. "many strangers".

On 21 Aug 1400 Rupert King Germany (age 48) was appointed King Germany.

On 21 Aug 1535 Nicholas Poyntz (age 25) visited by Henry VIII (age 44) and Queen Anne Boleyn of England (age 34) at Acton Court Iron Acton, Gloucestershire [Map].


Trial and Execution of Lady Jane Grey's Supporters

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Aug 1553. The xxj of August was, by viij of the cloke in the mornyng, on the Towre hylle a-boythe x M1. men and women for to have [seen] the execussyon of the duke of Northumberland (age 49), for the skaffold was mad rede, and sand and straw was browth, and all the men [that] longest to the Towre, as Hogston, Shordyche, Bow, Ratclyff [Map], Lymhouse, Sant Kateryns, and the waters of the Towre, and the gard, and shyreyffs offesers, and evere man stand in order with ther holbardes, and lanes made, and the hangman was ther, and sodenly they wher commondyd to [depart].

On 20 Aug 1632 Dorothy St John Countess Bath died. She was buried on 21 Aug 1632 at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map]. There are letters from her husband Edward Bourchier 4th Earl Bath (age 42) and from the Earl of Bedford, both dat. 26 May 1633, referring to "the fresh sense he hath of the loss of so noble a wife," and to his unwillingness on that account to marry "Mistress Dorothy Seymour," as suggested by the King.

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Aug 1649. I went to salute the French King (age 10) and the Queen Dowager (age 47); and, on the 21st, returned in one of the Queen's coaches with my Lord Germain, Duke of Buckingham (age 21), Lord Wentworth (age 37), and Mr. Croftes (age 38), since Lord Croftes.

Before 21 Aug 1657 Henry Yelverton Baron Grey of Ruthyn (age 24) and Susan Longueville 13th Baroness Grey of Ruthyn were married. He by marriage Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324.

On 21 Aug 1657 Charles Yelverton 14th Baron Grey of Ruthyn was born to Henry Yelverton Baron Grey of Ruthyn (age 24) and Susan Longueville 13th Baroness Grey of Ruthyn.

On 21 Aug 1670 James Fitzjames 1st Duke Berwick was born illegitimately to King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 36) and Arabella Churchill (age 21).


Battle of Texel

On 21 Aug 1673 the Battle of Texel was a naval battle between the English and Dutch. Prince Rupert Palatinate Simmern 1st Duke Cumberland (age 53) commanded the Allied fleet of about 92 ships and 30 fireships. Jean II d'Estrées commanding the van, and Sir Edward Spragge (age 53) the rear division. The Dutch fleet of 75 ships and 30 fireships was commanded by Admiral Michiel de Ruyter (age 66).

Although there were no major ship losses, many were seriously damaged and about 3,000 men died, two-thirds of them English or French.

The Gloucester fought.


On 21 Aug 1673 Henry Grey 1st Earl Stamford (age 74) died. His grandson Thomas Grey 2nd Earl Stamford (age 19) succeeded 2nd Earl Stamford, 3rd Baron Grey of Groby 1603.


Evelyn's Diary. 21 Aug 1674. In one of the meadows at the foot of the long Terrace below the Windsor Castle [Map], works were thrown up to show the King (age 44) a representation of the city of Maestricht, newly taken by the French. Bastians, bulwarks, ramparts, palisadoes, graffs, horn-works, counter-scarps, etc., were constructed. It was attacked by the Duke of Monmouth (age 25) (newly come from the real siege) and the Duke of York (age 40), with a little army, to show their skill in tactics. On Saturday night they made their approaches, opened trenches, raised batteries, took the counter-scarp and ravelin, after a stout defense; great guns fired on both sides, grenadoes shot, mines sprung, parties sent out, attempts of raising the siege, prisoners taken, parleys; and, in short, all the circumstances of a formal siege, to appearance, and, what is most strange all without disorder, or ill accident, to the great satisfaction of a thousand spectators. Being night, it made a formidable show. The siege being over, I went with Mr. Pepys (age 41) back to London, where we arrived about three in the morning.


Siege of Limerick

On 21 Aug 1690 John Margetson (age 34) died at Limerick, County Limerick during the Siege of Limerick.

PAINTINGS/PHILLIPS/George_Wyndham.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/George_Obrien.jpg

On 21 Aug 1765 Aubrey Beauclerk 6th Duke St Albans was born to Aubrey Beauclerk 5th Duke St Albans (age 25) and Catherine Ponsonby Duchess St Albans (age 22). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 21 Aug 1766 William Assheton Harbord 2nd Baron Suffield was born to Harbord Morden aka Harbord 1st Baron Suffield (age 32) and Mary Assheton Baroness Suffield.

On 21 Aug 1777 Charles Townshend 1st Baron Bayning (age 47) and Annabella Smith-Powlett (age 23) were married at Lambeth Palace [Map]. The difference in their ages was 24 years. They were first cousin once removed.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/George_Vernon.jpg PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/George_Venables_Vernon.jpg PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/George_Lord_Vernon.png

On 21 Aug 1791 Augustus Fitzgerald 3rd Duke Leinster was born to William Robert Fitzgerald 2nd Duke Leinster (age 42) and Emilia St George Duchess Leinster. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


Battle of Vimeiro

On 21 Aug 1808 the Battle of Vimeiro was fought at which Earl of Wellington (age 39) defeated the French under Major-General Jean-Andoche Junot near the village of Vimeiro.

General Thomas Bradford (age 30) fought.

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On 21 Aug 1831 Henry Byng 4th Earl Strafford was born to George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford (age 25) and Agnes Paget (age 27).

On 21 Aug 1844 William Compton 4th Marquess Northampton (age 26) and Eliza Harriet Elliot Marchioness Northampton (age 24) were married at Naples. He the son of Spencer Compton 2nd Marquess Northampton (age 54) and Margaret Douglas-Maclean-Clephane Marchioness Northampton.

On 21 Aug 1846 William O'Brien 2nd Marquess Thomond (age 81) died. On 21 Aug 1846 His brother James O'Brien 3rd Marquess Thomond (age 77) succeeded 3rd Marquess Thomond, 7th Earl Inchiquin.

After 26 Apr 1865. Monument to Emily Eglantine Balfour (deceased) who probably died in childbirth, or as a consequence of childbirth, having given birth to three children since her marriage on 21 Aug 1861. Sculpted by James Forsyth (age 37). Holy Cross Church, Burley-on-the-Hill [Map].

Emily Eglantine Balfour: On 21 Aug 1841 she was born to Colonel John Balfour 7th of Balbirnie (age 30) and Georgiana Campbell (age 21). On 21 Aug 1861 George Henry Finch (age 26) and Emily Eglantine Balfour (age 20) were married at St Peter's Church, Pimlico. They were half second cousin twice removed. On 26 Apr 1865 Emily Eglantine Balfour (age 23) died at Burley-on-the-Hill, Rutlandshire.


On 21 Aug 1905 Charles Marsham 4th Earl Romney (age 64) died. His son Charles Marsham 5th Earl Romney (age 40) succeeded 5th Earl Romney 2C 1801, 5th Viscount Marsham, 7th Baron Romney, 11th Baronet Marsham of Cuckston in Kent. Anne Louisa Scott Countess of Romney (age 37) by marriage Countess Romney.

On 21 Aug 1915 Thomas Pakenham 5th Earl of Longford (age 50) was killed in action at the Battle of Gallipoli. His son Edward Pakenham 6th Earl of Longford (age 12) succeeded 6th Earl Longford 2C 1785, 7th Baron Longford 2C 1756.

On 21 Aug 1944 Lieutenant Edward Norman Petty-Fitzmaurice (age 22) was killed in action in Italy. He is commemorated on Panel 2 of the Cassino memorial. His older brother Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice 7th Marquess of Lansdowne (age 27) was killed nine days later.

On 21 Aug 1964 Edward Fox-Strangways 7th Earl of Ilchester (age 58) died without surviving male issue. His fourth cousin Walter Angelo Fox-Strangways 8th Earl of Ilchester (age 77) succeeded 8th Earl Ilchester.