On this Day in History ... 21 March

21 Mar is in March.

867 Battle of York

1152 Eleanor of Aquitaine Abduction Attempts

1373 Battle of Chiset

1555 Execution of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

1563 Wreck of The Greyhound

1672 Attack on the Smyrna Fleet

1681 Oxford Parliament 5C2

1683 Rye House Plot

Before 21 Mar 51BC Ptolemy XII Auletes Pharoah of Egypt 117BC 51BC (age 66) died. His daughter Cleopatra VII Philopator 69BC 30BC (age 18) succeeded Pharaoh of Egypt.


Battle of York

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 867. This year the army went from the East-Angles over the mouth of the Humber to the Northumbrians, as far as York. And there was much dissension in that nation among themselves; they had deposed their king Osbert, and had admitted Aella, who had no natural claim. Late in the year, however, they returned to their allegiance, and they were now fighting against the common enemy; having collected a vast force, with which they fought the army at York [Map]; and breaking open the town, some of them entered in. Then was there an immense slaughter of the Northumbrians, some within and some without; and both the kings were slain on the spot. The survivors made peace with the army. The same year died Bishop Ealstan, who had the bishopric of Sherborn [Map] fifty winters, and his body lies in the town.

On 21 Mar 867 Osberht King of Northumbria and Ælla King of Northumbria were killed during the Battle of York.

On 21 Mar 1076 Robert I Duke Burgundy (age 65) died. His grandson Hugh I Duke Burgundy (age 19) succeeded I Duke Burgundy.

Eleanor of Aquitaine Abduction Attempts

On 21 Mar 1152 Theobald "Good" Blois V Count Blois (age 22) attempted to abduct Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England (age 30) from Blois. She fled in the middle of the night taking a barge to Tours.

On 21 Mar 1306 Robert II Duke Burgundy (age 58) died. His son Hugh V Duke Burgundy (age 24) succeeded V Duke Burgundy.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. On the 21st [Mar 1358], William, Archbishop of Sens, now in England to negotiate a treaty of peace for his Sovereign with the English Monarch, the Maréchal D'Audenham, and the Countess of Pembroke (age 41), spend the entire day with Isabella (age 63); and her grandson, the Earl of Richmond (age 18), arrives to supper.

Battle of Chiset

On 21 Mar 1373 John Devereux 1st Baron Devereux (age 36) was captured during the Battle of Chiset at Chizé at which the English were defeated by the French forces commanded by Bertrand Geusclin (age 53). The battle brought an end to English control in Poitou.

On 21 Mar 1425 Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick was born to Richard Beauchamp 13th Earl Warwick (age 43) and Isabel Despencer Countess Warwick and Worcester (age 24) at Hanley Castle, Worcestershire. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 21 Mar 1504 Louis Bourbon Prince of La Roche sur Yon (age 31) and Louise Bourbon Duchess of Monpensier (age 22) were married. He the son of John Bourbon VIII Count Vendôme and Isabelle Beauvau Countess Vendôme.

Execution of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Mar 1555. The xxj day of Marche was bornyd at Oxford doctur Cranmer (age 65), late archebysshope of Canturbere.


Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Mar 1557. The xxj day of Marche the Kyng (age 29) and the Quen (age 41) [went] thrugh the galere unto ther closett, and ther thay [heard mass]; and ther was ij swordes borne a-for them, on by lord Cobham (age 60), and the thodur (by) my lord admerall (age 47); [and from] ther closett bake to dener, boyth the Kyng and the Quen together, and ther my lord chanseler (age 56) was ther and dyvers [other lords.]NOTEXT

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Mar 1559. The xxj of Marche the quen('s) master cokes and odur her offesers, and at Mylle-end [Map] ther they dynyd, [with] all maner of mett and drynke; and ther was all maner of artelere, as drumes, flutes, trumpetes, gones, mores pykes, halbardes, to the nomber of v C.; the gonners in shurtes of maylle and .... pykes in bryght harnes, and mony swardes and v grett pesses of gones and shot in ... the wyche dyd myche hurt unto glass wy[ndows;] and cam a grett gyant danssyng, and after [that a] mores dansse dansyng, and gones and mor[es pikes]; and after cam a cart with a grett wyth and ij [bears?] with-in the cartt, and be-syd whent a gret .... of grett mastes; and then cam the master cokes rydyng in cottes in brodere, and chynes of gold, and mony of the quen('s) (age 25) servandes in ther levery, to the cowrt, and ther they shott ther pesses, and with-in the parke was ij C. chamburs gret and smalle shot, and the Quen('s) (age 25) grace standyn in the galere; and so evere man whent in-to the parke, showhyng them in batell ray, shutyng and playhyng at bowt the parke; and a-for the quen (age 25) was on of bayres [one of the bears.] was bated, and after the mores dansers whent in-to the cowrt, dansyng in mony offeses.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

Wreck of The Greyhound

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Mar 1563. The xxj day of Marche tydynges cam to the cowrt that on off the quen's shypes callyd the Grahond was lost gohyng to Nuwhavyn; the captayn was ser Thomas Fynche (deceased) knyghtt of Kent, and ys brodur and on of my lord Cobbam('s) brodur and ij of my lord Whentforth ('s) bredurne [John Wentworth (deceased) and James Wentworth (deceased)] and mony gentyll men and mynstorels; [one] of my lord of Warwyke('s) newys [nephews], and a good mastur; and mony [good] marenars and sawgears [soldiers] to the nombur of (blank)

Around 21 Mar 1580 William Cavendish 1st Earl Devonshire (age 27) and Anne Keighley (age 17) were married.

Before 21 Mar 1628 Luke Plunkett 1st Earl of Fingall and Eleanor Bagenal Countess Fingall were married.

On 21 Mar 1652 Piers Butler 1st Earl Newcastle was born to Edward Butler 2nd Viscount Galmoye (age 25).

1672 Attack on the Smyrna Fleet

The London Gazette 662. 21 Mar 1672. The Hague. 1672 Attack on the Smyrna Fleet. Most of our Smirna Fleet are arrived in Zealand and in the Maes, together with the Mep of war, under whose Convoy they were, though extremely torn and very much disabled 5 five of ©ur Merchant men were taken bythe English-two of which were the richest in the Fleet, laden with Silks and other rich Commodities, and were called the Landtman oi Amsterdam, and the Vrede of Rotterdam, besides one of our men of War, called the Little Holland, mounted with 44 Guns and 150 men J Captain de Hies Admiral of this Fleet was killed in this engagement, with many of our men, and many more wounded, who have been since brought a shore at Rotterdam and other places. The men of War which served for Convoys to the said Fleet were.

Ships, Captains, Guns, Men.

The Ulisstiing, Adrian de Haes, 50, 250.

The Dort, Thomas de Bois, 46, 170.

The Entrecht, Cornelius Everfon, 48, 220.

the Hollandia, Thomas Nes, 44, 150.

The Delf, Pourt, 38, 145.

The Lion, Lenny, 34, 140.

The Centaur, Thomas Anderson, 41, 120.

The Friezland, Jacon Anderson, 30, 110.

The Munnick, a considerable Merchant man mounted with 30 guns was so torn and disabled that with much difficulty they have brought her into port, Captain du Bois Vice-=Admiral of this Fleet hath lost his right arm, and many of his men.

Evelyn's Diary. 21 Mar 1672. I visited the coasts in my district of Kent, and divers wounded and languishing poor men, that had been in the Smyrna conflict. I went over to see the new-begun Fort of Tilbury; a royal work, indeed, and such as will one day bridle a great city to the purpose, before they are aware.

On 21 Mar 1679 Benedict Calvert 4th Baron Baltimore was born to Charles Calvert 3rd Baron Baltimore (age 41) and Jane Lowe Baroness Baltimore (age 35).

Oxford Parliament 5C2

On 21 Mar 1681 Edward Hungerford (age 48) was elected MP Chippenham at Oxford [Map] during the Oxford Parliament 5C2.

Rye House Plot

Before 21 Mar 1683 the Rye House Plot was an attempt to assassinate King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 52) and his brother King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 49) as they passed Rye House Hoddesdon when were returning from the races at Newmarket on 01 Apr 1683. In the event a fire at Newmarket on the 22 Mar 1683 the races were cancelled.


After 21 Mar 1683 Edward Hungerford (age 50) was implicated and his home was searched during the Rye House Plot.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Dorothy_Savile.jpg PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Caroline_Ansbach.jpg PAINTINGS/DAHL/Dorothy_Savile.jpg

PAINTINGS/HIGHMORE/Elizabeth_Rooper.jpgAfter 21 Mar 1726 Joseph Highmore (age 33). Portrait of Elizabeth Rooper Lady Dryden.

Elizabeth Rooper Lady Dryden: On 22 Sep 1726 John Dryden 7th Baronet and she were married. She by marriage Lady Dryden of Canons Ashby in Northamptonshire. On 07 May 1791 she died.

On 21 Mar 1751 Baptist Noel 4th Earl Gainsborough (age 43) died. His son Baptist Noel 5th Earl Gainsborough (age 11) succeeded 5th Earl Gainsborough 1C 1682, 8th Viscount Campden.

On 21 Mar 1756 James Wemyss 5th Earl Wemyss (age 56) died. His son David Wemyss de jure 6th Earl Wemyss (age 26) de jure 6th Earl Wemyss since he head been attainted around 1748.

On 21 Mar 1760 John Roper (age 25) and Anna Gabriella Head were married. A Marriage of Two Sets of Siblings; her sister Maria Wilhelmina Head had previously married his brother Henry Roper 11th Baron Teynham (age 26). Further, their two younger brothers Francis Roper (age 22) and Philip Roper Roper (age 20) also married siblings Mary Lyttelton (age 26) and Barbara Lyttelton respectively.

On 21 Mar 1766 Philip Roper Roper (age 26) and Barbara Lyttelton were married. A Marriage of Two Sets of Siblings; her sister Mary Lyttelton (age 32) was previously married to his brother Francis Roper (age 28). Further, their two older brothers John Roper (age 31) and Henry Roper 11th Baron Teynham (age 32) also married siblings Anna Gabriella Head and Maria Wilhelmina Head respectively.

On 21 Mar 1769 Duke Ernest of Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 24) and Charlotte Saxe Meiningen Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 17) were married at Meiningen. She by marriage Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg. He the son of Duke Frederick III of Saxe Coburg Altenburg III (age 69) and Luise Dorothea Saxe Meiningen Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg.

On 21 Mar 1783 Charles Hervey (age 79) died.


On 21 Mar 1797 Charles Fitzroy 1st Baron Southampton (age 59) died at his home on Stanhope Street. His son George Fitzroy 2nd Baron Southampton (age 35) succeeded 2nd Baron Southampton.


On 21 Mar 1809 Bishop Edward Grey (age 26) and Charlotte Elizabeth Croft were married. He the son of Charles Grey 1st Earl Grey and Elizabeth Grey Countess Grey (age 65).


On 21 Mar 1851 Thomas Brand 20th Baron Dacre (age 76) died without issue. His brother General Henry Otway Trevor 21st Baron Dacre (age 73) succeeded 21st Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321.

On 21 Mar 1854 Rowland Winn 1st Baron St Oswald (age 34) and Harriet Marie Amelia Dumaresq were married.

On 21 Mar 1877 George Bertie 10th Earl Lindsey (age 62) died without issue. His brother Montague Peregrine Bertie 11th Earl Lindsey (age 61) succeeded 11th Earl Lindsey. Felicia Elizabetha Welby Countess Lindsey (age 42) by marriage Countess Lindsey.

On 21 Mar 1882 Henry Conyngham 4th Marquess Conyngham (age 24) and Frances Elizabeth Sarah Eveleigh-de-Moleyns Marchioness Conyngham were married. He the son of George Henry Conyngham 3rd Marquess Conyngham (age 57) and Jane St Maur Blanche Stanhope Marchioness Conyngham (age 48). He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 21 Mar 1901 George David Boyle (age 72) died. Salisbury Cathedral [Map].

George David Boyle: On 17 May 1828 he was born. In 1880 George David Boyle (age 51) was appointed Dean Salisbury Cathedral which position he held until he died.

On 21 Mar 1938 Charles Beauclerk 13th Duke St Albans (age 22) and Nathalie Chatham Walker were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 21 Mar 1939 Gerald Gibbs 3rd Baron Aldenham (age 60) died. His first cousin Walter Gibbs 2nd Baron Hunsdon 4th Baron Aldenham (age 50) succeeded 4th Baron Aldenham of Aldenham in Hertfordshire. Beatrix Elinor Paul Baroness Aldenham and Hunsdon (age 48) by marriage Baroness Aldenham of Aldenham in Hertfordshire.

On 21 Mar 1957 Orlando Bridgeman 5th Earl Bradford (age 83) died. His son Gerald Bridgeman 6th Earl of Bradford (age 45) succeeded 6th Earl Bradford 2C 1815, 7th Baron Bradford in Shropshire, 11th Baronet Bridgeman of Great Lever in Lancashire. Mary Willoughby Montgomery Countess Bradford by marriage Countess Bradford.

On 21 Mar 1991 John Edward Pelham 7th Earl of Yarborough (age 70) died. His son Charles Pelham 8th Earl of Yarborough (age 27) succeeded 8th Earl Yarborough, 9th Baron Yarborough.