On this Day in History ... 22 December

22 Dec is in December.

1135 Coronation of King Stephen

1387 Battle of Radcot Bridge

1476 Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

1551 Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

1660 December Creation of Baronets and Peerages

1664 Comet

1665 Great Plague of London

1845 Battle of Ferozeshah

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1060. This year was a great earthquake on the Translation of St. Martin, and King Henry (age 52) died in France. Kinsey, Archbishop of York, died on the eleventh before the calends of January; and he lies at Peterboorugh [Map]. Bishop Aldred succeeded to the see, and and Walter to that of Herefordshire. Dudoc also died, who was Bishop of Somersetshire; and Gisa the priest was appointed in his stead.

On 22 Dec 1060 Archbishop Cynesige died.

Coronation of King Stephen

Florence of Worcester Continuation. 22 Dec 1135. ... and Stephen (age 41), his sister's son, being elected to the kingdom of England, was consecrated king, by William (age 65), archbishop of Canterbury, on the thirteenth of the calends of January [20th December], at London, where he held his court, at Christmas, surrounded by the nobles of England, with great courtesy and royal pomp.

On 22 Dec 1369 Thomas Bardolf 5th Baron Bardolf was born to William Bardolf 4th Baron Bardolf (age 20) and Agnes Poynings Baroness Bardolf. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Battle of Radcot Bridge

On 22 Dec 1387 the forces of the Lords Appellant led by the future Henry IV King England (age 20) prevented the forces of King Richard II of England (age 20) commanded by Robert de Vere 1st Duke Ireland (age 25) from crossing the bridge [Map] over the River Thames at Radcot in Oxfordshire. When Thomas of Woodstock 1st Duke of Gloucester (age 32) arrived with further Lord Appellant forces the King's men were encircled. The King's men attempted to force the crossing of the bridge at which time the only casualties occurred including Thomas Molyneux (age 49) who was killed by Thomas Mortimer (age 37). Robert de Vere 1st Duke Ireland (age 25) narrowly escaped to France. Around 800 of his men drowned in the marshes whilst trying to escape.

On 22 Dec 1397 Guy Chatillon II Count Blois died.

Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

On 22 Dec 1476 Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence (age 25) died in childbirth. She was buried in Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 27) believed she had been murdered by Ankarette Twynyho. See Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho.

Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence: On 05 Sep 1451 she was born to Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 22) and Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick (age 25) at Warwick Castle. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. On 06 Sep 1465 Archbishop George Neville (age 33) was enthroned as Archbishop of York at Cawood Castle. Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence (age 14), Anne Neville Queen Consort England (age 9) and King Richard III of England (age 12) were present. On 11 Jul 1469 George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 19) and Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence (age 17) were married by Archbishop George Neville (age 37) at the Église Notre-Dame de Calais witnessed by Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 40). She by marriage Duchess Clarence. She the daughter of Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 40) and Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick (age 42). He the son of Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke York and Cecily "Rose of Raby" Neville Duchess York (age 54). They were first cousin once removed. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England. Calendars. 06 Jun 1474. Westminster Palace. Exemplification at the request of Richard Duke of Gloucester (age 21), of the tenour of an act (English) in the Parliament summoned at Westminster, 6 October, 12 Edward IV, and continued to 9 May, 14 Edward IV, ordaining that George Duke Clarence (age 24), and Isabel (age 22) his wife and Richard Duke of Gloucester, and Anne (age 17) his wife, daughters and heirs to Richard Nevyle, late Earl of Warwick, and daughters and heirs apparent to Anne Beauchamp (age 47), his wife should possess and enjoy as in the right of the said wives all possessions belonging to the said Countess as though she were naturally dead and that she should be barred and excluded therefrom, that they should make partition of the premises and the same partition should be good in law, that the said Dukes should enjoy for life all the possessions of their wives if they should outlive the latter, that the said George (age 24) and Isabel (age 22) should not make any alienation, grant, fine or recovery of any of the premises to the hurt of the said Richard (age 21) and Anne (age 17) or the latter to the hurt of the former, that if the said Richard and Anne be divorced and afterwards married this Act should hold good, that if they be divorced and he do his effectual diligence to be married to her and during her life be not wedded to any other woman he should enjoy as much of the premises as should appertain to her during his life, and that notwithstanding the restraint of alienation or recovery above specified the lordship, manor and wappentake of Chesterfield and Scarvesdale with the appurtenances and all the lands and tenements in Chesterfield and Scarvesdale sometime of Ales, late Countess of Salisbury, might be given to the King and his heirs in exchange for other lands and tenements, which shall however be subject of this Act.Anne Beauchamp declared Legally Dead.

On 22 Dec 1499 Henry Vavasour (age 78) died. His son William Vavasour de jure 12th Baron Vavasour.

Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Chronicle of Greyfriars. 22 Dec 1551. Item the xxij. day of the same monyth [Note. Other sources say 22 Jan 1552] was be[heddyd] at the Towre hyll [Map] before viij. a clocke Edwarde deuke of Somersett (age 51) [erle of Hertjforde and unkyll unto the kynges (age 14) grace]. And also there was a commandment thorrow London that alle howsolders with their servantes shulde kepe their howses unto it was ....


Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Dec 1556. The xxij day of Desember the Quen('s) (age 40) grace [removed] from Sant James thrugh the parke, and toke [her barge] unto Lambyth unto my lord cardenalles (age 56) place, [where] her grace dynyd with hym and dyvers of the [council]; and after dener her grace toke her gornay to Grenwyche [Map], to kepe her Cryustynmus ther.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

PAINTINGS/CLOUET/Margaret_Duchess_Savoy.jpgOn 22 Dec 1572 François Clouet (age 62). Portrait of Margaret Valois Duchess Berry and Savoy (age 49).

1660 December Creation of Baronets and Peerages

In Dec 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded of further tranche of those who supported his Restoration by awarding them Baronetcies ...

On 03 Dec 1660 George Winn 1st Baronet (age 53) was created 1st Baronet Winn of Nostel in Yorkshire.

On 22 Dec 1660 John Keyt 1st Baronet (age 44) was created 1st Baronet Keyt of Ebrington in Gloucestershire for having raised a troop of horse to fight in the Royalist cause.

On 24 Dec 1660 William Frankland 1st Baronet (age 20) was created 1st Baronet Frankland of Thirkleby in Yorkshire.

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On 22 Dec 1661 Patrick Maule 1st Earl Panmure (age 76) died.

1664 Comet

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Dec 1664. This year I planted the lower grove next the pond at Sayes Court [Map]. It was now exceedingly cold, and a hard, long, frosty season, and the comet was very visible.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 22 Dec 1665. Thence to my lodging, making up my Journall for 8 or 9 days, and so my mind being eased of it, I to supper and to bed. The weather hath been frosty these eight or nine days, and so we hope for an abatement of the plague the next weeke, or else God have mercy upon us! for the plague will certainly continue the next year if it do not.

On 10 Dec 1674 John Vaughan of Transgoed (age 71) died at Serjeants' Inn. He was buried at Temple Church, London [Map] on 22 Dec 1674. His marble monument was destroyed in WWII. Edward Stillingfleet (age 39) preached his funeral sermon. His son Edward Vaughan (age 39) inherited a Cardiganshire estate worth £1,200 each year.

PAINTINGS/CRADOCK/Edward_Stillingfleet.jpg PAINTINGS/CRADOCK/Edward_Stillingfleet2.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Dec 1674. Was at the repetition of the "Pastoral", on which occasion Mrs. Blagg (age 22) had about her near £20,000 worth of jewels, of which she lost one worth about £80, borrowed of the Countess of Suffolk (age 52). The press was so great, that it is a wonder she lost no more. The Duke (age 41) made it good.


On 22 Dec 1678 William North 6th Baron North was born to Charles North 1st Baron Grey of Rolleston 1673-5th Baron North (age 42) and Catherine Grey Baroness North and Grey of Rolleston (age 47) in Caldecote. The date somewhat suspicious given his mother Catherine Grey Baroness North and Grey of Rolleston (age 47) was forty-seven at the time and her first and only child.

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Dec 1680. A solemn public Fast that God would prevent all Popish plots, avert his judgments, and give a blessing to the proceedings of Parliament now assembled, and which struck at the succession of the Duke of York (age 47).

On 22 Dec 1684 Francis Hawley 1st Baron Hawley (age 76) died. His grandson Francis Hawley 2nd Baron Hawley (age 11) succeeded 2nd Baron Hawley of Donsmore, 2nd Baronet Hawley of Buckland in Somerset.

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Dec 1685. Our patent for executing the office of Privy Seal during the absence of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, being this day seal'd by the Lord Chancellor (age 40), we went afterwards to St James's, where the Court then was on occasion of building at Whitehall; his Ma* (age 52) deliver'd the seale to my Lord Tiviot and myselfe, the other Commissioners not being come, and then gave us his hand to kisse. There were the two Venetian Ambassadors, and a world of company; amongst the rest the first Popish Nuncio that had ben in England since the Reformation, so wonderfully were things chang'd, to the universal jealousy.

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PAINTINGS/HUDSON/William_Anne_Keppel _2nd_Earl_Albemarle.png

On 22 Dec 1762 Dudley Ryder 1st Earl of Harrowby was born to Nathaniel Ryder 1st Baron Harrowby (age 27) and Elizabeth Terrick Baroness Harrowby.


On 22 Dec 1780 Thomas Foley 3rd Baron Foley was born to Thomas Foley 2nd Baron Foley (age 38) and Henrietta Stanhope Baroness Foley (age 24). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

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On 22 Dec 1809 John Hamner 1st Baron Hamner was born to Thomas Hanmer 2nd Baronet (age 62) and Margaret Kenyon Lady Hanmer.

On 22 Dec 1815 Alan Hyde Gardner 2nd Baron Gardner (age 45) died. His son Alan Legge Gardner 3rd Baron Gardner (age 5) succeeded 3rd Baron Gardner.

On 22 Dec 1832 William Meredyth Somerville 1st Baron Meredyth and Athlumney (age 30) and Maria Harriet Conyngham were married. She the daughter of Henry Conyngham 1st Marquess Conyngham (age 65) and Elizabeth Denison Marchioness Conyngham (age 63).

Battle of Ferozeshah

On 21 and 22 Dec 1845 the Battle of Ferozeshah was a victory by the British East India Company over the Sikh Empire.

On 22 Dec 1878 Ernest Augustus Hanover 3rd Duke Cumberland and Teviotdale (age 33) and Thyra Glücksburg Duchess Cumberland and Teviotdale (age 25) were married. She by marriage Duchess Cumberland and Teviotdale. She the daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark (age 60) and Queen Louise Hesse-Kassel of Denmark (age 61). He the son of George V King Hanover and Marie Saxe Altenburg Queen Consort Hanover. They were fourth cousins. He a great grandson of King George III of Great Britain and Ireland. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Roger_Grey.jpg22 Dec 1910. Bassano Ltd. Photograph of Roger Grey 10th Earl Stamford 6th Earl Warrington (age 14).

On 22 Dec 1950 Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (age 87) died.

After 22 Dec 1950. St Mary's Church, Chirk [Map]. Memorials to Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (deceased) and his wife Phyllis May Sims Baroness Trevor (age 47).

Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor: On 22 Dec 1863 he was born to Arthur Edwin Hill aka Hill-Trevor 1st Baron Trevor (age 44) and Mary Catherine Curzon Baroness Trevor (age 26). On 19 May 1923 Arthur William Hill-Trevor 2nd Baron Trevor (age 70) died. His brother Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (age 59) succeeded 3rd Baron Trevor of Brynkinalt in Denbighshire. On 27 Jul 1927 Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (age 63) and Phyllis May Sims Baroness Trevor (age 24) were married. She by marriage Baroness Trevor of Brynkinalt in Denbighshire. The difference in their ages was 39 years. On 22 Dec 1950 Charles Edward Hill-Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (age 87) died.

Phyllis May Sims Baroness Trevor: In 1903 she was born. In 1991 Phyllis May Sims Baroness Trevor (age 88) died.

On 22 Dec 1960 George Townshend 7th Marquess Townshend (age 44) and Ann Frances Darlow Marchioness Townshend were married. She by marriage Marchioness Townshend. He the son of John Townshend 6th Marquess Townshend. He a great x 3 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.