On this Day in History ... 24 October

24 Oct is in October.

1055 Battle and Burning of Hereford

1249 Seventh Crusade

1360 Treaty of Brétigny

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1537 Funeral of Jane Seymour

1537 Death of Jane Seymour

1663 Farneley Wood Plot

1664 Transit of Mercury

1798 Action of 24 October 1798

On 24 Oct 996 Hugh I King France (age 55) died. His son Robert "Pious" II King France (age 24) succeeded II King France: Capet.

Battle and Burning of Hereford

John of Worcester. 24 Oct 1055. Earl Ralph, the cowardly son of king Edward's (age 52) sister, having assembled an army, fell in with the enemy two miles from the city of Hereford [Map], on the ninth of the calends of November [24th October]. He ordered the English, contrary to their custom, to fight on horseback; but just as the engagement was about to commence, the earl, with his French and Normans, were the first to flee. The English seeing this, followed their leader's example, and nearly the whole of the enemy's army going in pursuit, four or five hundred of the fugitives were killed, and many were wounded. Having gained the victory, king Griffyth and earl Algar entered Hereford [Map], and having slain seven of the canons who defended the doors of the principal church, and burnt the monastery built by bishop Athelstan, that true servant of Christ, with all its ornaments, and the relics of St. Ethelbert, king and martyr, and other saints, and having slain some of the citizens, and made many other captives, they returned laden with spoil.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 24 Oct 1055. This year died Earl Siward at York; and his body lies within the minster at Galmanho76, which he had himself ordered to be built and consecrated, in the name of God and St. Olave, to the honour of God and to all his saints. Archbishop Kinsey fetched his pall from Pope Victor. Then, within a little time after, a general council was summoned in London, seven nights before mid-Lent; at which Earl Elgar, son of Earl Leofric, was outlawed almost without any guilt; because it was said against him that he was the betrayer of the king and of all the people of the land. And he was arraigned thereof before all that were there assembled, though the crime laid to his charge was unintentional. The king, however, gave the earldom, which Earl Siward formerly had, to Tosty (age 29), son of Earl Godwin. Whereupon Earl Elgar sought Griffin's territory in North-Wales; whence he went to Ireland, and there gave him a fleet of eighteen ships, besides his own; and then returned to Wales to King Griffin with the armament, who received him on terms of amity. And they gathered a great force with the Irishmen and the Welsh: and Earl Ralph collected a great army against them at the town of Hereford [Map]; where they met; but ere there was a spear thrown the English people fled, because they were on horses. The enemy then made a great slaughter there-about four hundred or five hundred men; they on the other side none. They went then to the town, and burned it utterly; and the large minster [Map]77 also which the worthy Bishop Athelstan had caused to be built, that they plundered and bereft of relic and of reef, and of all things whatever; and the people they slew, and led some away. Then an army from all parts of England was gathered very nigh;78 and they came to Gloucester: whence they sallied not far out against the Welsh, and there lay some time. And Earl Harold (age 33) caused the dike to be dug about the town the while. Meantime men began to speak of peace; and Earl Harold (age 33) and those who were with him came to Bilsley, where amity and friendship were established between them. The sentence of outlawry against Earl Elgar was reversed; and they gave him all that was taken from him before. The fleet returned to Chester, and there awaited their pay, which Elgar promised them. The slaughter was on the ninth before the calends of November. In the same year died Tremerig, the Welsh bishop, soon after the plundering; who was Bishop Athelstan's substitute, after he became infirm.

Note 76 The church, dedicated to St. Olave, was given by Alan Earl of Richmond, about thirty-three years afterwards, to the first abbot of St. Mary's in York, to assist him in the construction of the new abbey. It appears from a MS. quoted by Leland, that Bootham-bar was formerly called "Galman-hithe", not Galmanlith, as printed by Tanner and others.

Note 77 Called St. Ethelbert's minster; because the relics of the holy King Ethelbert were there deposited and preserved.

Note 78 The place where this army was assembled, though said to be very nigh to Hereford, was only so with reference to the great distance from which some part of the forces came; as they were gathered from all England. They met, I conjecture, on the memorable spot called "Harold's Cross", near Cheltenham, and thence proceeded, as here stated, to Gloucester.

On 24 Oct 1131 Gerard II Count Guelders (age 26) died.

On 24 Oct 1168 William IV Count of Nevers (age 38) died. His brother Guy Count of Nevers succeeded Count Nevers.

Seventh Crusade

On 24 Oct 1249 Alphonse Capet Count Poitou II Count Toulose (age 28) arrived at Damietta during the Seventh Crusade.

On 24 Oct 1273 Louis "Strict" Wittelsbach II Duke Upper Bavaria (age 44) and Matilda Habsburg Duchess Bavaria (age 20) were married. She by marriage Duchess Bavaria. The difference in their ages was 23 years. She the daughter of Rudolph I King Romans (age 55) and Gertrude Hohenburg (age 48). He the son of Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria and Agnes Welf Duchess Bavaria. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Before 24 Oct 1283 John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp (age 35) and Cicely Vivonne Forz Baroness Beauchamp were married. She the daughter of William Forz 4th Earl Albemarle aka Aumale and Isabella Redvers 8th Countess Devon and Albemarle aka Aumale (age 46). They were third cousin once removed. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

On 24 Oct 1283 John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp (age 35) died at Hatch Beauchamp.

Treaty of Brétigny

On 08 May 1360 King Edward III of England (age 47) and King John "The Good" II of France (age 41), and their eldest sons Edward "Black Prince" (age 29) and the future King Charles V of France (age 21), ratified the Treaty of Brétigny at Calais [Map]. Louis Valois Anjou I Duke Anjou (age 20) and John Valois 1st Duke Berry (age 19) were given as hostages.

Philip "Bold" Valois II Duke Burgundy (age 18) was ransomed. The treaty confirmed lands held by King Edward III of England (age 47) including Aquitaine.

King John "The Good" II of France (age 41) was ransomed for three million écus being released after the payment of the first third.

Bishop William of Wykeham (age 40) was present.

The Treaty was signed on 24 Oct 1360 at Calais.

On 24 Oct 1378 David Stewart 1st Duke Rothesay was born to King Robert III of Scotland (age 41) and Anabella Drummond Queen Consort Scotland (age 28).

On 24 Oct 1420 René Valois Anjou I Duke Anjou (age 11) and Isabella Metz Duchess Anjou I Duchess Lorraine (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Charles Metz II Duke Lorraine (age 56). He the son of King Louis of Naples and Yolanda Barcelona Queen Consort Naples. They were third cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry III of England.

On 24 Oct 1525 Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 57) died in an accident. His son William Dacre 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 7th Baron Greystoke (age 32) succeeded 3rd Baron Dacre Gilsland 3C 1473. He inherited about 280 km² of land in Cumberland, 120 km² in Yorkshire and 80 km² in Northumberland.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 24 Oct 1535. R. O. 676. Stephen Bishop of Winchester (age 52) to Cromwell.

After a good passage, and the loss today of my servant Wodal by the great sickness, wherewith he was infected at his late being in London longer than I would he should, tomorrow I leave for the French court. My journey, though slow, is, I fear me, "more speedy than my horse, by reason of their travail on the seas, will maintain." The bailly of Troyes left me word to make no haste. If you think greater speed necessary, I shall use the post. I write you this that you may explain to the King the delay in my journey, which, in the "strange watery weather" in France, is more cumbrous than wont. Calays, 24 Oct. Signed.

P. 1. Add.: Chief Secretary. Endd.

Funeral of Jane Seymour

Letters and Papers 1537. 24 Oct 1537. Heralds' College MS. I. 11,f. 37. 1060. Queen Jane Seymour. A remembrance of the interment of Queen Jane, mother of Edward VI., who died at Hampton Court, 24 Oct., on Wednesday about 12 p.m., in child-bed, 29 Henry VIII.

Immediately upon this heavy news the King ordained the Duke of Norfolk (age 64), High Marshal, and Sir William Pawlet, Treasurer of the Household, to see to her burial; and he himself retired to a solitary place to pass his sorrows. The aforesaid councillors then sent for Garter and other of the Office of Arms to show precedents. First the wax-chandler did his office, taking out the entrails "with searing, balming, spicing, and trammeling in cloth," then the plumber leaded, soldered, and chested; and her entrails were honourably interred in the chapel. Friday, 26 Oct., there was provided in the chamber of presence a hearse with 21 tapers about it, &c., and the corpse conveyed, in honourable wise, from the place where she died, and laid beneath the hearse. All the ladies and gentlewomen "put off their rich apparel, doing on their mourning habit and white kerchers hanging over their heads and shoulders," and there knelt about the hearse during mass afore noon and Dirige after; there was also a watch kept nightly until the last day of the month.NOTEXT

Death of Jane Seymour

Letters and Papers 1537. 24 Oct [1537]. 977. Sir J. Russell to Cromwell. R. O. St. P. i. 573.

I have received your letter and shown it to the King, who caused Mr. Nevell to send for divers of the men, who shall be here to-morrow. Yesterday Mr. Treasurer and I examined one of Mr. Nevell's servants, who confessed to 20, not one of them in the bill the King had of you; so, by the time those you wrote of shall be taken, ye shall have a great number accused. Today the King intended to remove to Asher, and, because the Queen (age 28) was very sick this night and today, he tarried, but he will be there tomorrow. "If she amend he will go and if she amend not he told me this day he could not find in his heart to tarry." She was in great danger yesternight and to day but, if she sleep this night, the physicians hope that she is past danger. Hampton Court, xxiiiiith (sic) day of October. Signed.

Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: 24 October.

PAINTINGS/HOLBEIN_YOUNGER/Hans_Holbein_the_Younger_Jane_Seymour.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

On 24 Oct 1537 Queen Jane Seymour (age 28)died at Hampton Court Palace [Map] at two in the morning as a result of complications arising from childbirth.

On 24 Oct 1550 Louis Valois Duke Orléans (age 1) died.

On 24 Oct 1572 Edward Stanley 3rd Earl of Derby (age 63) died at Lathom. His son Henry Stanley 4th Earl of Derby (age 41) succeeded 4th Earl Derby 3C 1485, 12th Baron Strange Knockin 2C 1299, 8th Baron Mohun of Dunster, 5th Baron Stanley 1C 1456. Margaret Clifford Countess Derby (age 32) by marriage Countess Derby.

Richard Shireburn (age 50) was an executor in his will.


On 24 Oct 1579 Albert V Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 51) died. His son William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 31) succeeded V Duke Bavaria.

On 24 Oct 1589 Christopher St Lawrence 7th Baron Howth (age 78) died. His son Nicholas St Lawrence 8th Baron Howth (age 39) succeeded 8th Baron Howth.

On 24 Oct 1636 Ernest "The Pious" Saxe Gotha I Duke Saxe Gotha (age 34) and Elisabeth Sophie Saxe Altenburg Duchess Saxe Gotha (age 17) were married at Altenburg. She by marriage Duchess Saxe Gotha. She the daughter of Johann Philipp Wettin Duke Saxe Altenburg (age 39) and Elisabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Duchess of Saxe-Altenburg (age 43). He the son of Johann Wettin II Duke Saxe Weimar and Dorothea Maria Anhalt. They were first cousin once removed.

On 24 Oct 1637 Edward Denny 1st Earl Norwich (age 68) died. Earl Norwich 1C 1626 extinct.


1663 Farneley Wood Plot

Pepy's Diary. 24 Oct 1663. It seems that, after the much talk of troubles and a plot, something is found in the North that a party was to rise, and some persons that were to command it are found, as I find in a letter that Mr. Coventry (age 35) read to-day about it from those parts1.

Note 1. This refers to a rising in the West Riding of Yorkshire, which took place on October 12th, and was known as the Farneley Wood Plot. The rising was easily put down, and several prisoners were taken. A special commission of oyer and terminer was sent down to York to try the prisoners in January, 1663-64, when twenty-one were convicted and executed. (See Whitaker's "Loidis and Elmete", 1816.).


1664 Transit of Mercury

Evelyn's Diary. 24 Oct 1664. We dined at Sir Timothy Tyrill's (age 47) at Shotover. This gentleman married the daughter and heir (age 45) of Dr. James Usher, Archbishop of Armagh, that learned prelate. There is here in the grove a fountain of the coldest water I ever felt, and very clear. His plantation of oaks and other timber is very commendable. We went in the evening to Oxford, lay at Dr. Hyde's (age 47), principal of Magdalen-Hall (related to the Lord Chancellor (age 55)), brother to the Lord Chief Justice (age 69) and that Sir Henry Hyde, who lost his head for his loyalty. We were handsomely entertained two days. The Vice-Chancellor, who with Dr. Fell, Dean of Christ Church, the learned Dr. Barlow, Warden of Queen's, and several heads of houses, came to visit Lord Cornbury his father (age 55) being now Chancellor of the University), and next day invited us all to dinner. I went to visit Mr. Boyle (age 37) (now here), whom I found with Dr. Wallis and Dr. Christopher Wren, in the tower of the schools, with an inverted tube, or telescope, observing the discus of the sun for the passing of Mercury that day before it; but the latitude was so great that nothing appeared; so we went to see the rarities in the library, where the keepers showed me my name among the benefactors. They have a cabinet of some medals, and pictures of the muscular parts of man's body. Thence, to the new theater, now building at an exceeding and royal expense by the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury [Sheldon (age 66)], to keep the Acts in for the future, till now being in St. Mary's Church. The foundation had been newly laid, and the whole designed by that incomparable genius my worthy friend, Dr. Christopher Wren, who showed me the model, not disdaining my advice in some particulars. Thence, to see the picture on the wall over the altar of All Souls, being the largest piece of fresco painting (or rather in imitation of it, for it is in oil of turpentine) in England, not ill designed by the hand of one Fuller; yet I fear it will not hold long. It seems too full of nakeds for a chapel.

On 24 Oct 1668 William Craven 2nd Baron Craven was born to William Craven (age 30).


Before 24 Oct 1672 William Eure 6th Baron Eure died. His brother George Eure 7th Baron Eure succeeded 7th Baron Eure.

On or before 24 Oct 1672, the date he was buried, George Eure 7th Baron Eure died. His uncle Ralph Eure 8th Baron Eure succeeded 8th Baron Eure.

On 24 Oct 1674 Louis Otto Salm Count Salm Salm was born to Charles Theodore Salm Prince Salm (age 29) and Luise Marie Palatinate Simmern Countess Salm (age 27). He a great x 2 grandson of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland.

On 24 Oct 1675 Field Marshal Richard Temple 1st Viscount Cobham was born to Richard Temple 3rd Baronet (age 41) and Mary Knapp Lady Temple.


On 24 Oct 1749 James Lindsay 5th Earl Balcarres (age 57) and Anne Dalrymple Countess Balcarres (age 22) were married. They had eight sons and three daughters. The difference in their ages was 35 years. He the son of Colin Lindsay 3rd Earl Balcarres and Margaret Campbell Countess Balcarres.

On 24 Oct 1787 Charles Manners 4th Duke Rutland (age 33) died at Phoenix Park Lodge, Phoenix Park, Dublin. His son John Henry Manners 5th Duke Rutland (age 9) succeeded 5th Duke Rutland, 5th Marquess Grandby, 13th Earl of Rutland 3C 1525.

On 24 Oct 1788 Arthur Chichester 1st Marquess Donegal (age 49) and Charlotte Spencer were married. She died less than a year later.


Action of 24 October 1798

The action of 24 October 1798 was a minor naval engagement of the French Revolutionary Wars. Two Dutch ships were intercepted in the North Sea within hours of leaving port, 56 km northwest of the Texel, by the British ship HMS Sirius captained by Richard King 2nd Baronet (age 23). Both Dutch vessels were carrying large quantities of military supplies and French soldiers, reinforcements for the French and Irish forces participating in the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

On 24 Oct 1809 John Margetts Brewer and Sarah Dunn-Gardner Marchioness Townshend were married bigamously at Gretna Green, Dumfrieshire. She was, at the time, married to George Ferrars Townshend 3rd Marquess Townshend (age 30) although they had separated on 08 May 1808. The couple had a number of children who adopted the surname Townshend until delegitimated in 1843 by a private Act of Parliament and barred from using the surname Townshend.

On 24 Oct 1829 Thomas Taylour 1st Marquess of Headfort (age 71) died. His son Thomas Taylour 2nd Marquess of Headfort (age 42) succeeded 2nd Marquess of Headfort.

On 24 Oct 1835 George Harry Grey 8th Baron Grey of Groby (age 33) died.

On 24 Oct 1844 James Lloyd 1st Baronet (age 82) died.

On 24 Oct 1857 George Capell 7th Earl of Essex was born to Arthur de Vere Capell (age 31).

On 24 Oct 1885 Sewallis Edward Shirley 10th Earl Ferrers (age 38) and Ina Maude Hedges-White Countess Ferrers were married. She by marriage Countess Ferrers. She the daughter of William Henry Hare Hedges-White 3rd Earl Bantry. He the son of Washington Sewallis Shirley 9th Earl Ferrers and Annabella Augusta Chichester Countess Ferrers.

On 24 Oct 1886 George William Sackville 10th Duke Bedford (age 34) and Adeline Marie Somers Duchess Bedford (age 34) were married. She the daughter of Charles Somers-Cocks 3rd Earl Somers. He the son of Francis Russell 9th Duke Bedford (age 67) and Elizabeth Sackville-West Duchess Bedford (age 68). He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 24 Oct 1921 George Somerset 3rd Baron Raglan (age 64) died. His son Fitzroy Somerset 4th Baron Raglan (age 36) succeeded 4th Baron Raglan 1852.

On 24 Oct 1923 Anthony Gerard Edward Noel 5th Earl of Gainsborough was born to Arthur Noel 4th Earl of Gainsborough (age 39) and Alice Mary Eyre Countess Gainsborough. He a great x 3 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 24 Oct 1923 Robert Villiers Grimston 1st Baron Grimston (age 26) and Sybil Rose Neumann Baroness Grimston were married.

On 24 Oct 1927 Adolphus Cambridge Duke Teck (age 59) died. He was buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle [Map]. His son George Cambridge 2nd Marquess Cambridge (age 32) succeeded 2nd Marquess Cambridge.

On 24 Oct 1973 Rosina Tuchet-Jesson 24th Baroness Audley (age 62) died. Her first cousin Richard Souter 25th Baron Audley (age 59) succeeded 25th Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.