On this Day in History ... 28 January

28 Jan is in January.

814 Death of Charlemagne

1069 Murder of Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria

1393 Bal de Ardents

1457 Birth of King Henry VII

1536 Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

1547 Death of Henry VIII Accession of Edward VI

1552 Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

1554 Battle of Hartley

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion

1661 Execution of Deceased Regicides

1685 Popish Plot

1688 Buckingham Shrewsbury Duel

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

1813 Publication of Pride and Predjudice

1937 Marriage of Duke of Norfolk and Miss Strutt

Death of Charlemagne

Murder of Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria

On 28 Jan 1069 Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria was burned to death in Durham [Map] when a rebel army set fire to the house in which he was staying. All his men were killed. In retaliation King William "Conqueror" I of England (age 41) commenced the Harrying of the North.

On 28 Jan 1256 William Gerulfing II Count Holland (age 28) died. His son Floris Gerulfing V Count Holland (age 1) succeeded V Count Holland.

On 28 Jan 1284 Alexander Dunkeld Prince Scotland (age 20) died at Lindores Abbey, Newburgh. He was buried at Dunfermline Abbey [Map].

On 28 Jan 1312 Joan Capet II Queen Navarre was born to Louis X King France I Navarre (age 22) and Margaret of Burgundy Queen Consort France (age 22). There was some doubt over her paternity since her mother had been embroiled in the Aunay Brothers Affair in which one of the brothers admitted under torture to having been Margaret of Burgundy Queen Consort France (age 22) lover. Her father (age 22), however, stated she was his legitimate daughter on his deathbed. Coefficient of inbreeding 4.42%.

Bal de Ardents

On 28 Jan 1393 the Bal de Ardents (aka Ball of the Burning Men or Ball of the Wild Men) was a masquerade ball held at the Hôtel Saint Pol [Map] in Paris by Charles "Beloved Mad" VI King France (age 24) who performed with five members of the French nobility. The performers were dressed as wild men of the woods; four were killed when their costumes caught fire.

Charles "Beloved Mad" VI King France (age 24) was rescued by his aunt Joan II Countess of Auvergne Duchess Berry (age 15) who smothered him in her dress.

Sieur de Nantouillet jumped into an open vat of wine and remained there until the flames were extinguished.

Count de Joigny died.

Yvain de Foix, son of Gaston Fébus, Count of Foix died after two days.

Aimery Poitiers, son of the Count of Valentinois died after two days.

Huguet de Guisay died after three days.

On 28 Jan 1405 Philip "Good" Valois III Duke Burgundy (age 8) and Michelle Valois Duchess Burgundy (age 10) were married. She the daughter of Charles "Beloved Mad" VI King France (age 36) and Isabeau Wittelsbach Queen Consort France (age 35). He the son of John "Fearless" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 33) and Margaret Wittelsbach Duchess Burgundy (age 42). They were second cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

Birth of King Henry VII

On 28 Jan 1457 King Henry VII of England and Ireland was born to the late Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond and Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond (age 13) at Pembroke Castle [Map]. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England.

PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Meynnart_Wewyck_Lady_Margaret_Beaufort.jpg

On 28 Jan 1501 Guy 15th of Laval (age 65) died without issue. Guy 16th de Laval Count succeeded Count Laval.

On 28 Jan 1512 George Fitzhugh 7th Baron Fitzhugh (age 26) died without issue. Baron Fitzhugh abeyant between the descendants of Alice Fitzhugh (age 64) and Anne Parr Countess Pembroke.


Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

On 29 Jan 1536 Catherine of Aragon (deceased) was buried at Peterborough Cathedral [Map] at a service for a Princess rather than Queen.

Bishop John Hilsey preached, alleging that, in the hour of death, she had acknowledged that she had never been Queen of England.

Eleanor Brandon Countess Cumberland (age 17) was Chief Mourner. Henry VIII (age 44) refused their daughter Mary (age 19) permission to attend. On the same day Queen Anne Boleyn of England (age 35) miscarried a child.

William Harvey (age 26) attended; the only officer of arms to do so.

On 28 Jan 1543 Bishop Rowland Lee aka Leigh (age 56) died.

Death of Henry VIII Accession of Edward VI

Annales of England by John Stow. 28 Jan 1547. Edward (age 9) the first borne at Hampton court [Map] (by the decease of k. Henry (age 55) his father) began his raigne the 28 of January, and was proclaimed k. of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, and of the churches of England and also of Ireland the supreme head immedlatly in earth under God, & on the last day of January, in the yere of Christ after the Church of England 1546 but after the accompt of them that begin the yere at Chatfimas 1547 being then of the age of nine yéeres. And the same day in the afternoone the saide young king came to the tower of London [Map] from Hertford, and rode into the City at Aldgate, and so along the wall by the crossed Friars [Map] to the Tower hill, & entred at the red bulwarke [Map], where be was received by sir John Gage (age 67) constable of the tower, and the lieutenant on horseback, the Earle of Hertford (age 47) riding before the king, and sir Anthony Browne (age 47) riding after him: and on the bridge next the warde gate, the archbishop of Canterbury (age 57), the lorde Chancellor (age 41), with other great lords of the Councell received him, and so brought him to his chamber of pretence, there they were sworne to his majesty.

On 28 Jan 1547 Henry VIII (age 55) died at Whitehall Palace [Map]. His son King Edward VI of England and Ireland (age 9) succeeded VI King England. Earl Chester 9C 1537 merged with the Crown.

Thomas Wendy (age 46) attended the King. He was one of the witnesses to the King's last will and testament, for which he received £100.


Trial and Execution of Edward Seymour Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 28 Jan 1552. The 28 of January Sir Thomas Arundell (age 50), knight, was arraigned at Westminster, and condempned for fellonie, and had judgment to be hanged.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 28 Jan 1552. The xxviij day of January was reynyd sir Thomas Arundell (age 50) knyght, and so the qwest cold nott fynd ym tyll the morow after, and so he whent to the Towre agayn, and then the qwest wher shutt up tyll the morow with-owt mett or drynke, or candylle or fyre, and on the morow he cam a-gayne, and the qwest qwytt ym of tresun, and cast hym of felony to be hangyd,-the v king Edward vjth.

Battle of Hartley

On 28 Jan 1554 the Battle of Hartley was fought at Hartley Sevenoaks between a rebel force of Wyatt's Rebellion led by Henry Isley (age 54) and a loyal royalist force led by Henry Neville 6th and 4th Baron Bergavenny (age 24) and Robert Southwell (age 48). The rebels were defeated. Rebel Anthony Knyvet (age 37) fought and was captured.

Wyatt's Rebellion

Henry Machyn's Diary. 28 Jan 1554. The xxviij day of January the Quen('s) (age 37) grace dyd send to master Wyatt (age 33) [and his company the] master of the horsse (age 33) and master Cornwales, to know their intentt; and thay send word that they wold have the Quen and the Towre in kepyng, and odur thynges.


Before 28 Jan 1557 William Hartgill and John Hartgill were murdered by Charles Stourton 8th Baron Stourton (age 37).


PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/John_Talbot.jpgBefore 28 Jan 1611 Cornelius Johnson (age 17). Portrait of John Talbot (age 66).

John Talbot: John Talbot and Katherine Petre were married. In 1545 he was born to John Talbot (age 32) and Frances Giffard (age 25). On 28 Jan 1611 John Talbot (age 66) died.

Before 28 Jan 1618 Henry Ley 2nd Earl of Marlborough (age 22) and Mary Capell (age 20) were married. He the son of James Ley 1st Earl of Marlborough (age 66) and Mary Pettie.

On 28 Jan 1618 James Ley 3rd Earl Marlborough was born to Henry Ley 2nd Earl of Marlborough (age 22) and Mary Pettie. Coefficient of inbreeding 25.00%.

Execution of Deceased Regicides

Pepy's Diary. 28 Jan 1661. At the office all the morning; dined at home, and after dinner to Fleet Street, with my sword to Mr. Brigden (lately made Captain of the Auxiliaries) to be refreshed, and with him to an ale-house, where I met Mr. Davenport; and after some talk of Cromwell, Ireton and Bradshaw's bodies being taken out of their graves to-day1, I went to Mr. Crew's (age 63) and thence to the Theatre [Map], where I saw again "The Lost Lady", which do now please me better than before; and here I sitting behind in a dark place, a lady spit backward upon me by a mistake, not seeing me, but after seeing her to be a very pretty lady, I was not troubled at it at all. Thence to Mr. Crew's (age 63), and there met Mr. Moore, who came lately to me, and went with me to my father's, and with him to Standing's, whither came to us Dr. Fairbrother, who I took and my father to the Bear and gave a pint of sack and a pint of claret.

Note 1. "The bodies of Oliver Cromwell, Henry Ireton, John Bradshaw, and Thomas Pride, were dug up out of their graves to be hanged at Tyburn [Map], and buried under the gallows. Cromwell's vault having been opened, the people crowded very much to see him".-Rugge's Diurnal.

On 28 Jan 1676 Susan Longueville 13th Baroness Grey of Ruthyn died. She was buried at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Easton Maudit [Map]. Her son Charles Yelverton 14th Baron Grey of Ruthyn (age 18) succeeded 14th Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324.

On 28 Jan 1678 Philip "Infamous Earl" Herbert 7th Earl Pembroke 4th Earl Montgomery (age 26) was imprisoned at Tower of London [Map] by King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 47) "for uttering such horrid and blasphemous words, and other actions proved upon oath, as are not fit to be repeated in any Christian assembly". He was released two days later on 30 Jan 1678.

PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

Popish Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 28 Jan 1685. I was invited to my Lord Arundel of Wardour (age 52), (now newly released of his 6 yeares confinement in ye Tower [Map] on suspicion of the Plot call'd Oates's Plot), where after dinner the same Mr. Pordage entertain'd us with his voice, that excellent and stupendous artist Sign' Jo. Baptist playing to it on the harpsichord. My daughter Mary (age 20) being with us, she also sung to the greate satisfaction of both the masters, and a world of people of quality present. She did so also at my Lord Rochester's (age 42) the evening following, where we had the French Boy so fam'd for his singing, and indeede he had a delicate voice, and had ben well taught. I also heard Mrs. Packer (daughter to my old friend) sing before his Ma* and the Duke, privately, that stupendous basse Gosling accompanying her, but hers was so loud as tooke away much of the sweetnesse. Certainly never woman had a stronger or better eare, could she possibly have govern'd it. She would do rarely in a large church among the nunns.


Buckingham Shrewsbury Duel

Calendars. 28 Jan 1688. Whitehall. Warrant for a grant to Francis Earl of Shrewsbury of pardon for killing William Jenkins, and for all duels, assaults, or batteries on George Duke of Buckingham, Sir John Talbot (age 57), Sir Robert  Holmes (age 66), or any other, whether indicted or not for the same, with restitution of lands, goods, &. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 28, f. 12.]

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

On 28 Jan 1697 John Fenwick 3rd Baronet (age 52) was beheaded for his part in the 1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III. Baronet Fenwick of Fenwick in Northumberland extinct. He was the last person ever executed under an Act of Attainder.

Robert Burdett 3rd Baronet (age 57) had spoken against the attainder in Parliament.


Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 28 Jan 1719. Ordered by the Society that Mr George Vertue (age 35) Print off 100 Exemplar of the Font for a further Dividend to the Subscribers.

On 28 Jan 1723 James Stuart 2nd Earl Bute (age 27) died. His son John Stuart 3rd Earl Bute (age 9) succeeded 3rd Earl Bute. Mary Wortley-Montagu Countess Bute (age 4) by marriage Countess Bute.


On 28 Jan 1742 Clotworthy Skeffington 2nd Earl Massereene was born to Clotworthy Skeffington 1st Earl Massereene (age 27) and Anne Eyre Countess Massereene (age 25).

After 28 Jan 1763. Monument to Ann Isted (deceased) at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Ecton [Map] possibly sculpted Henry Cheere 1st Baronet (age 60).

Ann Isted: On 26 Feb 1683 she was born to Ambrose Isted (age 41) and Sarah Feltham (age 27). On 28 Jan 1763 Ann Isted (age 79) died unmarried.

On 28 Jan 1768 Frederick VI King Denmark and Norway was born to Christian VII King Denmark and Norway (age 18) and Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 16). He a great grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland. Coefficient of inbreeding 6.63%.

PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Jacob_2nd_Earl_Radnor.jpg PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Jacob_Pleydell-Bouverie.jpg PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Jacob_Pleydell_Bouverie.jpg

On 27 Dec 1777 George Irby 3rd Baron Boston was born to Frederick Irby 2nd Baron Boston (age 28) and Christian Methuen. He was baptised on 28 Jan 1778; King George III of Great Britain and Ireland (age 39) was his godfather.


After 28 Jan 1791. St Mary's Church, Fawsley [Map]. Monument to Lucius Knightley (deceased) and Charles Knightley sculpted by Richard "The Elder" Westmacott (age 44).

Charles Knightley: On 29 Oct 1753 he was born to Valentine Knightley (age 35). On 28 Jun 1787 Charles Knightley (age 33) died.

On 28 Jan 1800 John Stuart 1st Marquess Bute (age 55) and Frances Coutts Marchioness Bute were married. She by marriage Marchioness Bute. He the son of John Stuart 3rd Earl Bute and Mary Wortley-Montagu Countess Bute (age 81).

On 28 Jan 1802 John Fitzgibbon 1st Earl of Clare (age 54) died. His son John Fitzgibbon 2nd Earl of Clare (age 9) succeeded 2nd Earl Clare 3C 1795.

Publication of Pride and Predjudice

On 28 Jan 1813 Jane Austen's (age 37) novel Pride and Predjudice was first published by Thomas Egerton Publisher of Whitehall.

After 28 Jan 1813. Memorial at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map] to Anne Osborn Lady Wrey (deceased).

Anne Osborn Lady Wrey: In 1763 she was born to John Osborn (age 24). In Jan 1793 Bourchier Wrey 7th Baronet (age 35) and Anne Osborn Lady Wrey (age 30) were married. She by marriage Lady Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. On 28 Jan 1813 Anne Osborn Lady Wrey (age 50) died.

On 28 Jan 1836 William Scott 1st Baron Stowell (age 90) died.

PAINTINGS/BEECHEY/Charles_Brudenell.jpgBefore 28 Jan 1839. William Beechey (age 85). Portrait of Charles Brudenell 1st Marquess Ailesbury (age 65).


After 28 Jan 1842. Monument to William Henry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland (deceased) in St Mary's Church, Staindrop [Map]. Sculpted by Richard Westmacott (age 66).

On 28 Jan 1849 John Gage Prendergast 5th Viscount Gort was born to Standish Prendergast Vereker 4th Viscount Gort (age 29) and Caroline Harriet Gage (age 25).

On 28 Jan 1859 Frederick John Robinson 1st Earl Ripon (age 76) died. He has a monument at All Saints' Church, Nocton [Map] sculpted by Matthew Noble (age 41). His son George Frederick Samuel Robinson 1st Marquess Ripon (age 31) succeeded 2nd Earl Ripon. Henrietta Anne Theodosia Vyner Marchioness Ripon (age 25) by marriage Countess Ripon.

Henrietta Anne Theodosia Vyner Marchioness Ripon: On 17 Apr 1833 she was born to Henry Vyner (age 27) and Mary Gertude Robinson (age 24). On 08 Apr 1851 George Frederick Samuel Robinson 1st Marquess Ripon (age 23) and Henrietta Anne Theodosia Vyner Marchioness Ripon (age 17) were married. He the son of Frederick John Robinson 1st Earl Ripon (age 68) and Sarah Albinia Louisa Hobart (age 58). They were first cousin once removed. In 1871 George Frederick Samuel Robinson 1st Marquess Ripon (age 43) was created 1st Marquess Ripon. Henrietta Anne Theodosia Vyner Marchioness Ripon (age 37) by marriage Marchioness Ripon. On 28 Feb 1907 Henrietta Anne Theodosia Vyner Marchioness Ripon (age 73) died.

On 28 Jan 1869 Reginald Charles Abbot 3rd Baron Colchester (age 27) and Isabella Grace Maude (age 23) were married. She the daughter of Cornwallis Maude 1st Earl Montalt (age 51) and Clementina Elphinstone-Fleming Viscountess Hawarden.

On 28 Jan 1885 John Gage Prendergast 5th Viscount Gort (age 36) and Eleanor Surtees (age 28) were married.

On 28 Jan 1916 John Horace Savile 5th Earl Mexborough (age 73) and Anne Belcher were married. She by marriage Countess Mexborough of Lifford in County Donegal. He died four months later. He the son of John Savile 4th Earl Mexborough and Rachel Katherine Walpole.


Marriage of Duke of Norfolk and Miss Strutt

Times Newspaper Marriages. 28 Jan 1937. The Duke Of Norfolk And Miss Strutt.

Princess Alice Countess Athlone (age 53) and Major-General the Earl of Athlone (age 63), and Prince Arthur of Connaught (age 54) were present yesterday afternoon at the marriage at Brompton Oratory of the Duke of Norfolk, Premier Peer and Hereditary Earl Marshal of England, and the Hon. Lavinia Mary Strutt (age 20), only daughter of Lord Belper (age 53) and the Countess of Rosebery (age 44).

Princess Alice Countess Athlone (age 53) wore a mink coat over a dress of burgundy-red crepe, with a small red hat to match.

The Oratory was decorated with four large stands of flowers, placed at the chancel steps. They were in mixed shades of red and included amaryllis lilies, poinsettia, anthuriums, roses, carnations, and red leaves. While the guests were arriving the organist played Mendelssohn's Allegretto from the Fourth Sonata, Elgar's Allegro Maestoso from the First Sonata, and the prelude and fugue in E flat, and the organ choral "Mortify us by Thy Goodness" by J. S. Bach.

The bride (age 20) arrived with her father, Lord Belper (age 53), and was loudly cheered by the crowd outside the Oratory, who broke through the police cordon. She walked up the nave to Handel's March from the Occasional Oratorio, and was met by Father Talbot and Father John Cuddon. Miss Strutt (age 20) wore a classically simple dress of silver lame, cut on straight sheath lines with long tight sleeves and a high round roll collar. The skirt just touched the ground and was continued at the back to form a long square train. She wore a girdle of silver cord knotted in front. Her long veil of white tulle fell from a simple coronet of orange-blossom and green leaves, and she carried a sheaf of arum lilies. She was followed by six little pages-Robin Herbert, Timothy Hunloke, Bob McCreery, John Scrope, George Vivian-Smith, and Michael Watt; and by six bridesmaids-Lady Katharine (age 25) and Lady Winefride Howard (age 23) (sisters of the bridegroom), Lady Anne Bridgeman (age 23), the Hon. Pamela Digby (age 16), Miss Gillian Drummond, and Miss Nancy Malcolmnson. The bridegroom's (age 28) racing colours, pale blue and scarlet, were introduced into the dresses and suits of the attendants. The pages were in pale blue satin suits piped with scarlet, and the bridesmaids wore dresses of sky-blue corded crepe, with touches of scarlet at the waistline. They had high rounded necklines with long bell sleeves and their headdresses of red bavardia were massed in front. They carried bouquets of red flowers, including tulips, amaryllis lilies, carnations, and euphorbia. The bridegroom gave them brooches showing his and his bride's initials in rubies and diamonds. The Earl of Eldon (age 37) was best man.NOTEXT

The marriage service was very short and non-choral, as the bride (age 20) is not a Roman Catholic. After they had plighted their troth Father Ronald Knox gave an address from the centre of the transept. The bride (age 20) and bridegroom (age 28) remained kneeling at the chancel steps, facing the altar. They then went in procession to the vestry, where the registrar, Mr. J. P. Bond, conducted the civil ceremony.NOTEXT

Afterwards the bride (age 20) and bridegroom (age 28) left for 38, Mayfair (the residence of the Earl of Rosebery (age 55)), where the Countess of Rosebery (age 44) held a reception. The bride (age 20) went away for the honeymoon in a dress of black and red shot silk taffeta, under a broadtail coat with a fur cap to match.NOTEXT

Among those present at the Oratory were:

The Earl (age 55) and Countess of Rosebery (age 44).

The Duchess of Norfolk (age 60).

Lady Rachel Howard (age 32).NOTEXT

Lady Belper.

the Hon. Alexander (age 24) and the Hon. Michael Strutt (age 23), the Hon. Mrs. Parry-Evans. Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Vernon Malcolmsonson, Lord and Lady Aberdare, the Hon. Margaret Strutt, the Hon. Mrs. Frank Hormsby, etc.

On 28 Jan 1944 Arthur Valerian Wellesley 8th Duke Wellington (age 28) and Diana McConnel Duchess of Wellington (age 22) were married at St George's Cathedral Jerusalem. Before he married he was twice engaged to Rose Mary Primrose Paget (age 24). He the son of Gerald Wellesley 7th Duke Wellington (age 58) and Dorothy Violet Ashton Duchess Wellington (age 54).

On 28 Jan 1967 Edward Agar 5th Earl Normanton (age 56) died. His son Shaun Agar 6th Earl Normanton (age 21) succeeded 6th Earl Normanton.

On 28 Jan 2006 Christopher Makins 2nd Baron Sherfield (age 63) died.