On this Day in History ... 30 July

30 Jul is in July.

1108 King Philip of France Dies Accession of Louis VI

1447 Richard York appointed Lieutenant of Ireland

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1603 Coronation of James I

1641 Jul 1641 Creation of Baronets

1665 Great Plague of London

1666 St James' Day Battle

On 30 Jul 657 Pope Vitalian was consecrated Pope.

On 30 Jul 734 Archbishop Tatwine (age 64) died.

King Philip of France Dies Accession of Louis VI

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1108. In this year was the King Henry (age 40) on the Nativity at Westminster, and at Easter at Winchester, and by Pentecost at Westminster again. After this, before August, he went into Normandy. And Philip, the King of France (age 55), died on the nones of August, and his son Louis (age 26) succeeded to the kingdom. And there were afterwards many struggles between the King of France (age 26) and the King of England (age 40), while the latter remained in Normandy.

On 30 Jul 1108 Philip "Amorous" I King France (age 56) died. His son Louis "Fat" VI King France (age 26) succeeded VI King France: Capet.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. On the 30th [Jul 1358], Lord Morley again dined with the Queen (age 63).

Before 30 Jul 1386 Robert Grey 4th Baron Grey (age 37) and Joan Unknown Baroness Grey of Rotherfield (age 29) were married. She by marriage Baroness Grey of Rotherfield 1338. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

After 30 Jul 1386 Robert Grey 4th Baron Grey (age 37) and Elizabeth Plaunche Baroness Clinton Baroness Grey Rotherfield (age 39) were married. She by marriage Baroness Grey of Rotherfield 1338. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 30 Jul 1431 William Clinton 4th Baron Clinton (age 53) died. His son John Clinton 5th Baron Clinton (age 21) succeeded 5th Baron Clinton.

Richard York appointed Lieutenant of Ireland

On 30 Jul 1447 Richard Duke of York (age 35) was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. An attempt by the Council to isolate Richard (age 35).

Before 30 Jul 1509 William Blount 4th Baron Mountjoy (age 31) and Inez Venegas Baroness Mountjoy were married. She by marriage Baroness Mountjoy.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 30 Jul 1535. R. O. 1142. Thomas Thacker to Cromwell.

Your household at the Rolls, the Friars Austins, and at Stepneth, are all in good health. Your works at Hackney and at the Friars Austings go well forward. Mr. Williamson, Ric. Lee, Sir John, and I, paid on Saturday 24 July £36 19s. 6½d. at Hackney. Four "parelles" for chimneys at Hackney, containing in all 17 feet, are not yet paid. At Friars Austins we paid £22 15s. 9½d. For Ewhurst, Sir Thomas Grene has fashioned everything till Friday 6 Aug. next. Henry Polsted has delivered me £280 8s. As Gostwick is not in London, Jynken Lloyde, your servant, has left with me £75 16s. 4½d., due by Hugh Vaghan for parcel of the King's rents of the lands late of Rice Griffith. Master Norton, of Kent, has sent you this day 12 "heron shoes," which Mr. Steward has received at the Rolls, as the city of London is sorely infected with the plague. Thomas Pykeryng says he has "inned" you 100 load of good hay, and you shall yet have 60 load or more at Nasyngbury. The Rolls, 30 July.

Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary.

On 30 Jul 1550 Thomas Wriothesley 1st Earl of Southampton (age 44) died. He was buried on 04 Aug 1550 at St Andrew's Church, Holborn [Map]. His son Henry Wriothesley 2nd Earl of Southampton (age 5) succeeded 2nd Earl of Southampton 2C 1547.


Coronation of James I

On 25 Jul 1603 King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 37) was crowned I King England Scotland and Ireland at Westminster Abbey [Map].

Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham (age 67) was appointed Lord High Steward.NOTEXT

On 26 Jul 1603 Thomas Bennett (age 60) and Thomas Cambell (age 67) were knighted.

On 27 Jul 1603 William Wrey 1st Baronet was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map].

On 30 Jul 1603 Richard Preston 1st Earl Desmond was knighted at Whitehall Palace [Map].

Bishop Thomas Bilson (age 56) gave the sermon. While the wording conceded something to the divine right of kings, it also included a caveat about lawful resistance to a monarch.

On 30 Jul 1624 Esmé Stewart 3rd Duke Lennox (age 45) died. His son James Stewart 4th Duke Lennox 1st Duke Richmond (age 12) succeeded 4th Duke Lennox, 2nd Earl March 3C 1619.

On 30 Jul 1627 William Murray 2nd Earl Tullibardine (age 53) died.

Jul 1641 Creation of Baronets

On 30 Jul 1646 Heneage Finch 1st Earl Nottingham (age 24) and Elizabeth Harvey Baroness Finch (age 19) were married.


On 30 Jul 1650 George Livingston 3rd Earl Linlithgow (age 34) and Elizabeth Maule Countess Kinghorne and Linlithgow were married. She by marriage Countess Livingston. She the daughter of Patrick Maule 1st Earl Panmure (age 65) and Frances Stanhope. He the son of Alexander Livingston 2nd Earl Linlithgow and Elizabeth Gordon.

On 30 Jul 1664 William Alington 1st and 3rd Baron Alington (age 24) and Juliana Noel Baroness Alington (age 19) were married. She by marriage Baroness Alington of Killard.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 30 Jul 1665. Will was with me to-day, and is very well again. It was a sad noise to hear our bell to toll and ring so often to-day, either for deaths or burials; I think five or six times. At night weary with my day's work, but full of joy at my having done it, I to bed, being to rise betimes tomorrow to go to the wedding at Dagenhams.

St James' Day Battle

Calendars. 30 Jul 1666. Great Yarmouth [Map]. 80. Rich. Bower to Williamson. The Zealanders were engaged with the Blue squadron Wednesday and most of Thursday, but at length the Zealanders ran; the Dutch fleet escaped to the Weelings and Goree; only hears of six ships lost by them; 32 wounded men from the Victory and Vanguard have come to Southwold [Map]. The Victory being threatened by a fire-ship, the captain sent his lieutenant in a ketch to put the fire-ship by; the ketch followed the fire-ship too near the Dutch fleet, and being herself taken for a fire-ship, every one near let fly at ber, so the ketch was sadly shattered and the lieuten- ant killed. Capt. Talbot of the Elizabeth came into Aldborough [Map], with his vessel in good condition, walking the deck in his silk morning gown and powdered hair. The East India London also came into Aldborough [Map]; the captain was killed, and the surgeon's arm broken; the men declared they would not fight without a surgeon; other arrivals at Yarmouth [Map]. Sir Thomas Allin (age 54) has taken and fired Banckart's flag ship, Banckart escaping in a boat. The Royal Charles is sent in; the generals remain on board the Royal James. The Hull fleet has sailed from Yarmouth [Map] for London without convoy. Begs the Gazettes regularly; 22 wounded men are brought ashore.


On 30 Jul 1678 Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven (age 17) and Mary Wynn (age 17) were married. He the son of Robert Bertie 3rd Earl Lindsey (age 47) and Elizabeth Wharton Countess Lindsey.

On 30 Jul 1680 Thomas Butler 6th Earl Ossory (age 46) died. He was buried in the Duke of Ormonde, Vault Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey the next day.

PAINTINGS/VERELST/Thomas_Tufton.jpg PAINTINGS/HIGHMORE/Sackville_Tufton.jpg PAINTINGS/VERELST/Mary_Savile.jpg PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Mary_Savile.jpg PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/Elizabeth_Ogilvy.jpg PAINTINGS/JERVAS/Mary_Savile.png

On 30 Jul 1733 Clobery Noel 5th Baronet (age 38) died. His son Edward Noel 1st Viscount Wentworth (age 17) succeeded 6th Baronet Noel.


On 30 Jul 1752 Valentine Richard Wyndham Quin 1st Viscount Mount Earl 1st Earl Dunraven and Mount Earl was born to Windham Quin (age 35) and Frances Dawson (age 22).

On 30 Jul 1768 William "Kitty" Courtenay 9th Earl Devon was born to William Courtenay 8th Earl Devon (age 25) and Frances Clack Countess Devon.

After 30 Jul 1792. Memorial to Mary Blackman (deceased) at St Nicholas Church, Whiston [Map] sculpted by Joseph Nollekens (age 54).

Mary Blackman: Around 1744 she was born to Rowland Blackman of Antigua. Before 30 Jul 1792 William Henry Irby (age 41) and Mary Blackman (age 48) were married. On 30 Jul 1792 Mary Blackman (age 48) died.

On 30 Jul 1802 John Crichton 3rd Earl Erne was born to John Crichton (age 30).

On 30 Jul 1806 Francis Mathew 1st Earl Llandaff (age 67) died. His son Francis Mathew 2nd Earl Landaff (age 38) succeeded 2nd Earl Llandaff of Thomastown in Tipperary.

PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/William_Craven_1st_Earl.jpg PAINTINGS/HAYTER/William_Craven.jpg

Ballidon Moor. On the 30th of July we opened a fine bowl-shaped tumulus [Blackstone's Low [Map]], 15 yards across, situated on Ballidon Moor. The upper part, to the depth of two feet was almost entirely of earth, near the centre presenting the appearance of having been tempered. In this stratum were a few calcined bones, and fragments of a rude urn. Immediately beneath was an accumulation of stones, large and small, forming the base of the mound, which was raised on a rocky and uneven surface, which caused the thickness of the substructure of stone to fluctuate between two feet and a yard. The limestone employed being of a friable nature had become so far decomposed as to yield sufficient sand to choke up the interstices.

After noticing the trifling remains exhumed from the upper bed of earth, we observed nothing until arriving at the sandy stone, amongst which were four skeletons that might have been slightly disturbed before, but from their contracted posture and decayed condition it was difficult to decide, with respect to three of them, whether they had or not; the fourth had certainly been either disturbed at the interment of the others, or had been buried as a skeleton whilst the bones were fresh, as all parts of the skeleton had been collected and the long bones laid side by side. The latter were still unbroken, and it is obvious that they must have been thus arranged while retaining much of their natural strength, had it been otherwise they would have been broken by the stones with which they were in contact. This skeleton was nearer the centre than the others, and a very few inches beyond it we first observed a well-defined stratum of burnt earth, with a layer of pure charcoal above it, interposed between the upper bed of earth and the sandy stone. Pursuing this favourable indication we discovered, almost simultaneously, two very interesting interments which were found by extending the cutting a little beyond the middle of the barrow. The most ancient was about five feet below the summit in a depression in the rock, which was converted into a neat lozenge-shaped cist by four flat stones placed on edge; it was the skeleton of a middle aged man in unusually flne preservation, who lay with the knees drawn up, contrary to the usual custom on his right: side his femur measures 18.6 inches; he was accompanied by one poor flint only, suited to point an arrow. The skull, in perfect preservation, has been engraved in the Crania Britannica, it is chiefly distinguished by the rugged or strongly marked character of the facial bones, and has an internal capacity of 74½ ounces; the nasal bones have been fractured, and re-joined during life, and the teeth were much worn down. The cranium is considered by the learned authors of the Crania Britannica, as a typical example of the brachy-cephalic variety of the Ancient British head, and is engraved as such in Dr. Meigs' Cranial Characteristics of the Races of Men, Philadelphia, 1857.

While taking up this skeleton we met with a large flat stone lying aslant, with its lowest edge within the cist; this was moat likely the cover which had given way; the upper end was embedded in stones and burnt sand, interspersed with partially calcined human bones, and others in their natural state; among the latter were some remains of an infant; close above stood a large cinerary urn in an upright position, containing calcined human bones, and protected from superincumbent pressure by a large stone resting at each end upon an upright slab. The urn, 11½ inches high and 9 diameter at the mouth, is ornamented by patterns impressed from a twisted thong, and is in fine preservation, having been found perfect. The bones within it were beautifully coloured by burning, and perfectly clean; amongst them we found a piece of an animal's jaw, rats' bones, a fine bone pin 4 inches long, a fragment of thin pottery, and a flint arrow head, all (including the rats' bones) much burnt. The presence of partially burnt human bones in the sand, the discoloration of the latter, and the occurrence of calcined rats' bones in the urn, demonstrate the fact of the corpse having been consumed upon the spot. The section will render the arrangement of the interments in this curious barrow easily understood.

On 30 Jul 1851 Robert Moncton Milnes 1st Baron Houghton (age 42) and Annabella Hungerford Crewe (age 37) were married.

On 30 Jul 1854 the Session Kinnoull Parish Church agreed that the "proper steps be taken to notice in the Sessions Records of Kinnoul that the following entry of marriage on Page 64 of the Records of Proclamations viz 'John Ruskin (age 35) of Denmark Hill London and Euphemia Chalmers Gray (age 26) in this Parish were proclaimed and married on the 10 day of April 1848 by the Revd John Edward Touch Minister of Kinnoul" had been declared null and void by the Commissary Court of Surrey' in a suit promoted by the said Euphemia Chalmers Gray (age 26) ... (1) to engross in full the said extract ...".

On 30 Jul 1858 Charles Abney-Hastings 2nd Baronet (age 65) died. Baronet Hastings of Willesley Hall in Derbyshire extinct. His estates of Blackfordby and Packington were inherited by Henry 4th Marquess Hastings (age 16). Willesley Hall and its estate were left to Edith Maud Rawdon-Hastings 10th Countess Loudon (age 24) and her husband Charles Frederick Abney-Hastings 1st Baron Donington (age 36) who changed his surname to Abney-Hastings.

On 30 Jul 1900 Prince Alfred Windsor (age 55) died. Duke Edinburgh 2C 1866 extinct.


On 30 Jul 1910 William Horsley-Beresford 4th Baron Decies (age 45) died without issue. His brother John Beresford 5th Baron Decies (age 43) succeeded 5th Baron Decies of Decies in Waterford.

On 30 Jul 1919 Humphrey Napier Sturt 2nd Baron Alington (age 59) died.

On 30 Jul 1941 Richard Lyon-Dalberg-Acton 4th Baron Acton was born to John Lyon-Dalberg-Acton 3rd Baron Acton (age 33) and Daphne Strutt Baroness Acton (age 30).

On 30 Jul 1958 Christopher Portman 10th Viscount Portman was born to Edward Portman 9th Viscount Portman (age 24) and Rosemary Joy Farris.

On 30 Jul 1990 Victor Cavendish-Bentinck 9th Duke of Portland (age 93) died without surviving male issue. He was buried at St Winifred's Church Holbeck. Duke Portland extinct. His half sixth cousin Henry Charles Bentinck 11th Earl of Portland (age 70) succeeded 11th Earl of Portland 2C 1689.