6th Century Events

6th Century Events is in 1st Millennium Events.

Battle of Salisbury

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 552. This year Cynric fought with the Britons on the spot that is called Sarum [Map], and put them to flight. Cerdic was the father of Cynric, Cerdic was the son of Elesa, Elesa of Esla, Esla of Gewis, Gewis of Wye, Wye of Frewin, Frewin of Frithgar, Frithgar of Brand, Brand of Balday, Balday of Woden. In this year Ethelbert, the son of Ermenric, was born, who on the two and thirtieth year of his reign received the rite of baptism, the first of all the kings in Britain.

Battle of Beran Burg

In 556 Cynric King Wessex and Ceawlin King Wessex defeated the Britons at Barbury Castle [Map] during the Battle of Beran Burg. Barbury Castle [Map] possibly of strategic importance since it is located on the Ridgeway with extensive views over the Thames valley.

Battle of Cúl Dreimhne

In 560 (other sources indicate between 555 and 561) the Battle of Cúl Dreimhne, or the Battle of the Book, at north-west Ireland. Some sources describes the cause of the battle as being over the copyright of a book that Saint Columba had copied. Other sources suggest the battle was over the killing of Diarmait of Curnán (son of Áed mac Echach King Connaught), who was under Saint Columba's protection, by Diarmait mac Cerbaill High King of Ireland.

Battle of Wibbandun

In 568 Ceawlin King Wessex and Cutha Wessex fought against King Æthelberht of Kent (age 18) at the Battle of Wibbandun and drove him into Kent. The location of the battle is unknown.

Battle of Dyrham

In 577 Ceawlin King Wessex and his son Cuthwine (age 12) won a major victory over the Britons at the Battle of Dyrham at Hinton Hill Dyrham, Gloucestershire. The victory of resulted in the capture of Gloucester, Gloucestershire [Map], Cirencester, Gloucestershire [Map] and Bath, Somerset [Map].

Coinmail Briton, Condidan Briton and Farinmail Briton were killed.

The Hwicce was a kingdom in Anglo-Saxon England established in 577 after the Battle of Dyrham. In 628 Hwicce became a sub-kingdom of Mercia after the Battle of Cirencester. Hwicce included most of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and the south-west part of Warwickshire.

Battle of Fethan Leag

In 584 Ceawlin King Wessex and his son Cutha Wessex defeated the Britons at the Battle of Fethan Leag which was probably fought at Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire [Map].

First Battle of Woden's Barrow

In 584 Ceawlin King Wessex was defeated, probably by the Britons, possibly by Ceol King Wessex at the First Battle of Woden's Barrow which fought at Adam's Grave [Map], Pewsey, Wiltshire.

592 Battle of Wanborough

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 592. This year there was a great slaughter of Britons at Wanborough; Ceawlin was driven from his kingdom, and Ceolric reigned six years.

In 592 Ceawlin King Wessex was killed at the Battle of Wanborough. His nephew Ceol King Wessex succeeded King Wessex.