Biography of Alphonse Legros 1837-1911

Alphonse Legros 1837-1911 is in Sculptors.

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 09 Dec 1863. 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

My dear Leathart (age 43),

The picture of Whistler's (age 29) which I mentioned was the unfinished Chinese one, since bought by Gambart (age 49) & which was, as I thought, the one about which you wished to know.

The Thames picture is still unsold, and on enquiring of Whistler (age 29) I find its price is 300 guineas. It is the noblest of all the pictures he has done hitherto, and is the one for your collection.

regards Legros' works, I yesterday saw for the first time a picture he is doing now, of Hamlet in his mother's chamber, where he kills Polonius, about 20 inches by 15 I suppose in size, it may be rather more, and a truly admirable work, the finest he has done in London as yet. He intends to ask 45 guineas for it. It is so very cheap proportionately to the other that I am induced to mention it to you, since it is a work which will stand the proximity of anything whatever, being most full & luminous in colour, though, like all his work, low in tone.

With kind remembrances to Mrs. Leathart[8].

I remain my dear Leathart

Yours ever truly

D G Rossetti (age 35)

Before 1880 Maria Terpsithea Cassavetti aka Zambaco (age 36) studied art at the Slade School of Art under Alphonse Legros and Auguste Rodin.