Biography of Bishop Maurice -1107

Around 1078 Bishop Maurice was appointed Lord Chancellor.

On 25 Dec 1085 Bishop Maurice was appointed Bishop of London.

Coronation of Henry I

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1100. And after this the Bishop of London, Maurice, consecrated him king (age 32); and all in this land submitted to him, and swore oaths, and became his men. And the king (age 32), soon after this, by the advice of those that were about him, allowed men to take the Bishop Ranulf of Durham (age 40), and bring him into the Tower of London [Map], and hold him there.

On 05 Aug 1100 King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (age 32) was crowned I King England by Bishop Maurice at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 26 Sep 1107 Bishop Maurice died.