Biography of Bishop William Longchamp -1197

1189 Richard I Appoints his Bishops

1189 Dec New Bishops Consecrated

1193 Richard I's Ransom

In 1189 Bishop William Longchamp was appointed Lord Chancellor for which office he had paid £3000.

Richard I Appoints his Bishops

On 15 Sep 1189 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 32) held a Council meeting at Pipewell [Map] at which he appointed a number of Bishops:

Bishop William Longchamp was elected Bishop of Ely.

Bishop Godfrey Lucy was elected Bishop of Winchester.

Bishop Richard Fitzneal (age 59) was elected Bishop of London.

Archbishop Hubert Walter (age 29) was elected Bishop of Salisbury.

1189 Dec New Bishops Consecrated

On 31 Dec 1189 two of Richard I's new bishops were consecrated ...

Bishop William Longchamp was consecrated Bishop of Ely.

Bishop Richard Fitzneal (age 59) was consecrated Bishop of London.

On 06 Jan 1190 Bishop William Longchamp was enthroned Bishop of Ely at Ely Cathedral [Map].

After 1191 Archbishop Geoffrey Plantagenet (age 39) was imprisoned by Bishop William Longchamp at Dover Castle [Map].

Richard I's Ransom

In Dec 1193 Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England (age 71) left Orford, Suffolk [Map] with her son Richard's (age 36) ranson of 100,000 marks in silver and 200 hostages. She was accompanied by Walter de Coutances and Bishop William Longchamp. Hubert Walter Bishop of Salisbury (age 33) was Regent of England in her absence.

In 1197 Bishop William Longchamp died.