Biography of Henry Count Loon 1136-1218

Around 1134 [his father]  (age 26) and [his mother]  (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess Loon.

In or after 1136 Henry Count Loon was born to (age 28) and (age 22).

Around 1180 [his mother]  (age 66) died.

Before 02 Aug 1218 [his brother] Louis II Count Loon was fatally poisoned. His brother Henry Count Loon (age 82) succeeded Count Loon.

On 02 Aug 1218 Henry Count Loon (age 82) was fatally poisoned a few days after his [his brother] brother had been. His brother [his brother]  succeeded III Count Loon.

Family Trees of Henry Count Loon 1136-1218

Maternal Family Tree: Agnes Metz Countess Loon 1114-1180

Ancestors of Henry Count Loon 1136-1218


GrandFather: Folmar V Count Metz