Biography of Hugh Toucy Archbishop Sens -1168

In 1142 Hugh Toucy Archbishop Sens was appointed Archbishop Sens.

Louis and Eleanor's Divorce

On 11 Mar 1152 the marriage of Louis VII King Franks (age 32) and Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England (age 30) was dissolved by Hugh Toucy Archbishop Sens in Château de Beaugency, Beaugency, Loiret on the grounds of consanguinity. Both Louis and Eleanor were present as were the Archbishops of Rouen and Bordeaux. Samson Mauvoison Archbishop Reims acted on behalf of Eleanor. In dissolving the marriage Louis lost control of the Duchy of Aquitaine which was to have far reaching consequences for the next three centuries.

In 03 Feb 1168 Hugh Toucy Archbishop Sens died.