Biography of Thomas Tuddenham 1401-1462

On 10 May 1401 Thomas Tuddenham was born to Robert Tuddenham (age 35) and Margaret Harling (age 21) at Eriswell, Suffolk.

In 1405 [his father] Robert Tuddenham (age 39) died.

In 1416 [his mother] Margaret Harling (age 36) died.

Around 1425 Thomas Tuddenham (age 23) was knighted.

On 26 Oct 1446 Thomas Tuddenham (age 45) was appointed Keeper of the Great Wardrobe.

Chronicle of Gregory 1450. 02 Dec 1450. Ande that same yere, the ij day of Decembyr, the Duke of Somersett (age 44) was a-tachyde in the Fryer Prechourys at London. And that day he was robbyde of alle hys goodys, and hys jewyllys were takyn and borne a-way by lordys mayny. Ande in the morowe they dyspoylyd the placys and longgynges of many dyvers lordys, and they bare away alle the goodys that were with ynne hem, that ys to say, Syr Thomas Stodenham (age 49)a, a thenne beynge wardroper, Syr Thomas Hoo (age 54) the Lorde Hastynge, sum tyme the Chambyrlayne of Normandy.

Note a. Todenham.

In 1458 Thomas Tuddenham (age 56) was appointed Treasurer of the Royal Household. He was buried at Austin Friars.

Vere Plot to Murder Edward IV

Before 20 Feb 1462 John de Vere 12th Earl of Oxford (age 53), his son Aubrey de Vere and Thomas Tuddenham (age 60) were arrested for treason against King Edward IV (age 19). They were subsequently tried by John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl of Worcester (age 34).

On 23 Feb 1462 William Tyrrell (age 54), John Montgomery and Thomas Tuddenham (age 60) were beheaded at Tower Hill [Map].

Chronicle of Gregory 1462. 26 Feb 1462. And thys same yere the Erle of Oxforde (age 53), the Lord Abbry, the Lorde of Oxforde ys sone, Syr Thomas Todenham (deceased) knyght, John Mongomery, and William Terelle (deceased) squyer, were takyn in Esex, and brought unto Lundon to the Towre [Map]. Ande thenne they were ledde to Westemyster to the Kynges palys, and there they were attaynte of hyghe and myghthy treson that they ymagenyd agayne þe Kynge. And thenn they were drawe to the Towre from Westemyster. And at the Towre hylle was made a schaffolde for them, and there hyr heddys were smetyn on, and hyr bodys beryd, as hyt plesyd them to be qwethe hyr bodys. See Vere Plot to Murder Edward IV.

[his father] Robert Tuddenham and [his mother] Margaret Harling were married.

Ancestors of Thomas Tuddenham 1401-1462

Father: Robert Tuddenham

Thomas Tuddenham

GrandFather: John Harling

Mother: Margaret Harling