Assassinated is in Murder.

942 Assassination of William "Longsword"

1419 Murder of John the Fearless

1437 Assassination of King James I of Scotland

1570 James Stewart 1st Earl of Moray Assassinated by Firearm

1588 "Day of the Dagger" Assassination of Henry 1st Duke Guise

1812 Assassination of Primeminister Spencer Perceval

1881 Assassination of Tsar Alexander II

1882 Phoenix Park Killings

In 632 Eorpwald King East Anglia was assassinated by Ricberht.

Assassination of William "Longsword"

On 17 Dec 942 William "Longsword" Normandy I Duke Normandy (age 49) was assassinated at Picquigny by the followers of Arnulf "Great" I Count Flanders (age 52) with whom he was attending a peace conference. He was buried at Rouen Cathedral, Rouen. His son Richard "Fearless" Normandy I Duke Normandy (age 10) succeeded I Duke Normandy. Gunnora Countess Ponthieu by marriage Countess Ponthieu.

After 1066 Robert Beaumont was assassinated.

On 24 Nov 1192 Bishop Albert Reginar (age 26) was assassinated at Reims.

On 10 Aug 1250 King Eric IV of Denmark (age 34) was assassinated.

Murder of John the Fearless

On 10 Sep 1419 Charles "Victorious" VII King France (age 16) and John "Fearless" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 48) met on the bridge at Montereau to progress their peace negotiations. During the course of the discussions John "Fearless" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 48) was assassinated. His son Philip "Good" Valois III Duke Burgundy (age 23) succeeded III Duke Burgundy. Michelle Valois Duchess Burgundy (age 24) by marriage Duchess Burgundy.

Assassination of King James I of Scotland

On 21 Feb 1437 King James I of Scotland (age 42) was assassinated at Blackfriars. He was buried at Carthusian Charterhouse, Perth. His son King James II of Scotland (age 6) succeeded II King Scotland. His wife, Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland (age 33), managed to escape.

On 02 Jun 1567 Shane O'Neill (age 37) was assassinated at Castle Cara.

James Stewart 1st Earl of Moray Assassinated by Firearm

On 23 Jan 1570 James Stewart 1st Earl of Moray Regent (age 39) was assassinated at Linlithgow by James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh, a supporter of Mary Queen of Scots (age 27). His daughter Elizabeth Stewart 2nd Countess Moray (age 4) succeeded 2nd Countess Moray. As he was passing in a cavalcade in the main street below, Hamilton fatally wounded him with a carbine shot from a window of his uncle Archbishop Hamilton's (age 57) house. He was the first head of government to be assassinated by a firearm.

"Day of the Dagger" Assassination of Henry 1st Duke Guise

On 23 Dec 1588 Henry 1st Duke Guise (age 37), leader of the Catholic League, was assassinated at the Château de Blois by the King's bodyguard whilst Henry III King France (age 37) looked on.

On 02 Aug 1589 Henry III King France (age 37) was assassinated.

On 20 Jul 1590 James Stewart 1st Lord Doune (age 61) was assassinated (the first in Scotland by a fiream). His son James "The Bonnie Earl" Stewart 2nd Earl of Moray (age 25) succeeded 2nd Lord Doune.

Assassination of Primeminister Spencer Perceval

On 11 May 1812 Spencer Perceval (age 49) was assassinated at House of Commons. Robert Jenkinson 2nd Earl Liverpool (age 41) was appointed Prime Minister.

At 5:15 pm, on the evening of 11 May 1812, Perceval was on his way to attend the inquiry into the Orders in Council. As he entered the lobby of the House of Commons, a man stepped forward, drew a pistol and shot him in the chest. The assassin, John Bellingham, was a merchant who believed he had been unjustly imprisoned in Russia and was entitled to compensation from the government, but all his petitions had been rejected.

Perceval left a widow and twelve children aged between three and twenty. Parliament voted to settle £50,000 on Perceval's children, with additional annuities for his widow and eldest son.

On 18 May 1812 John Bellingham was hanged at Newgate Prison, London [Map]. René Martin Pillet says ...

This unfortunate man had presented several memorials, and had repeatedly demanded audience, but they had given him no answer. Driven to despair, he presented himself at the door of the house of commons, waited for the prime minister, Mr. Percival, and shot him. He was seized, confessed the crime, was tried, condemned to be hung, and executed a few days after. At the time of execution an immense crowd filled the public square, and these expressions were heard on every side: Farewell poor man, you owe satisfaction to the offended laws of your country, but God bless you! you have rendered an important service to your country, you have tdugllt ministers that they should do justice, and grant audience when it is asked of them.

A subscription was opened for the widow and children, and a handsome sum was raised. Their fortune was ten times greater than they could ever have expected in any other situation.

On 02 Apr 1878 William Clements 3rd Earl Leitrim (age 71) was assassinated along with his clerk and driver, near Cratlagh Wood while on his way to Milford (a village he owned in its entirety) from his home, Manor Vaughan (usually known as Mulroy House), on Mulroy Bay. Michael Heraghty and brothers Thomas and Bernard McGranahan were arrested. The gun butt had been traced to Heraghty, and paper for the wadding used to load the rifle was traced to a school copybook owned by the McGranahans. The McGranahans were released from Lifford Jail due to a lack of evidence. Heraghty died in Lifford Jail of typhus... The assassins, Nial Shiels of Doughmore, an itinerant tailor, Michael Hergarty of Tullyconnell, and Michael McElwee of Ballyworiskey, were from the remote Fanad Peninsula.

Assassination of Tsar Alexander II

On 13 Mar 1881 Tsar Alexander II of Russia (age 62) was assassinated. He died at the Winter's Palace, St Petersburg. His son Tsar Alexander III of Russia (age 36) succeeded III Tsar Russia. Dagmar aka Maria Feodrovna Glücksburg (age 33) by marriage Tsarina Russia.

As he was known to do every Sunday for many years, the emperor went to the Mikhailovsky Manège for the military roll call. A young member of the Narodnaya Volya ("People's Will") movement, Nikolai Rysakov, threw a bomb which explosion Alexander survived. A second young member of the Narodnaya Volya, Ignacy Hryniewiecki, threw a second bomb killing the Tsar.

Phoenix Park Killings

On 06 May 1882 Frederick Charles Cavendish (age 45) was assassinated at Phoenix Park, Dublin during the Phoenix Park Killings. He was buried in the Cavendish Plot, St Peter's Church, Edensor [Map].

On 06 Nov 1922 Ali Kemal (age 53) was assassinated.

On 06 Jun 1928 Robert "Bobby" Francis Kennedy (age 2) was assassinated.

On 09 Oct 1934 Alexander I King Yugoslavia (age 45) was assassinated at Marseilles, France.

Salomon King Brittany was assassinated.