Baldachin is in Architectural Detail.

Baldachin. A canopy over an altar, tomb, or throne. The original meaning of 'baldachin' is a silk cloth from Baghdad (baldacco in Italian). A baldacchino is supported by columns and can be portable or fixed

After 1674. St Mary's Church, Chirk [Map]. Monument to Thomas Myddelton of Chirk Castle and Maria Napier by John Bushnell of London. Life sized busts of Sir Thomas and his wife Maria flanked by obelisks carrying flaming urns. Black field curtained from a baldachin. The pedestalled busts stand on a moulded shelf, bracketed by a wide strapwork panel with a central Latin inscription, added in 1722.

Maria Napier: she was born to Robert Napier 1st Baronet and Mary Robinson. Before 02 Nov 1624 Thomas Myddelton of Chirk Castle and she were married. In 1674 she died.

After 1675. St Mary's Church, Chirk [Map]. Monument to Elizabeth Wilbraham Lady Myddelton (deceased) wife of Thomas Myddelton 2nd Baronet (age 24). She died in childbirth, the child days later. Monument by John Bushnell of London. Reclining figure of Elizabeth Myddleton suckling an infant, set in front of a draped black panel flanked by pedestalled urns, the drapery eminating from a baldachin, heads each side, and crowned by arms. Below the shelf a cushioned panel in a strapwork cartouche, set in front of a lower shelf with a fullsome inscription, all also added in 1722.

Elizabeth Wilbraham Lady Myddelton: Around 1653 she was born to Thomas Wilbraham 3rd Baronet and Elizabeth Mytton Lady Wilbrahim. Before 1675 Thomas Myddelton 2nd Baronet and she were married. She by marriage Lady Myddelton of Chirk Castle. In 1675 Elizabeth Wilbraham Lady Myddelton died in childbirth.

After 29 Apr 1714. St Michael's Church, Stowe Nine Churches [Map]. Monument to Thomas Turner (deceased). Sculpted by Thomas Stayner (age 49). Baldachin. Drapery. Baroque. The figure on the left is Faith who holds a model of a circular church. The figure on the right is Thomas Turner (deceased). Segmental Pediment. Moulded Cornice.

Thomas Turner: In Sep 1645 he was born to Dean Thomas Turner and Margaret Windebank. Evelyn's Diary. 20 Dec 1685. Dr Turner, brother to yc Bp. of Ely, and sometime Tutor to my son, preach'd at Whitehall on 8 Mark 38, concerning ye submission of Christians to their persecutors, in were some passages indiscreete enough, considering yc time, and the rage of the inhumane French tyrant against the poore Protestants. On 29 Apr 1714 he died.