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Bongrace is in Female Headwear.

A Bongrace was a velvet-covered headdress, stiffened with buckram, that covered the top of the head only.

On 25 Feb 1387 John Grey aka Marmion (age 44) died in Spain. In 1400 Elizabeth St Quentin (age 53) died.

Monument in St Nicholas Church, West Tanfield [Map]. Camail and Jupon Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Hip Belt. Feathered Crest on Great Helm. Angels Supporting Pillow. His bascinet has decorated edges with the camail appearig to attach inside the bascinet. Decorated flat band. She wearing a unusual headress which appears to be a cross between Gabled Headress and Bongrace. Her dress long with a Low Rounded Neckline and appears to be decoated with an armorial: vair at the top, chevrons at the bottom, which may be Marmion Arms or a variation of.

John Grey aka Marmion: In 1343 he was born to John Grey 1st Baron Grey (age 42) and Avice Marmion Baroness Grey Rotherfield (age 34). Before 25 Feb 1387 John Grey aka Marmion (age 44) and Elizabeth St Quentin (age 40) were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Elizabeth St Quentin: Before 1347 she was born to Herbert St Quentin and Mary Lisle (age 39).

In 1580 Henry Sacheverell (age 33) died at Ratcliffe on Soar [Map]. Tomb in Holy Trinity Church Ratcliffe on Soar [Map]. His head on a great helm with Goat Crest. She wearing a Bongrace.

Henry Sacheverell: In 1547 he was born to Henry Sacheverell (age 21) and Lucie Pole (age 19) at Ratcliffe on Soar. Around 1558 Henry Sacheverell (age 11) and Jane Ireton (age 18) were married.

1581. Monument to Robert Townshend and his wife Alice Poppy at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow [Map]. She wearing a Bongrace. He, unusually, with his head on a book. The inscription panel behind the tomb, cutting into older tracery, bears the date 1581; it seems likely that the tomb in its present state dates from that time, and was erected by his children, after the death of their mother in the 1570s. The figures of their twelve children, six sons in pairs on the front, six daughters in two groups of three at each end, all named, are set within a classical framework of round-headed arched divided by fluted Ionic columns. The tomb has been much repaired and repainted. The recess in which the tomb stands was originally the setting for the pre-Reformation Easter Sepulchre, a sacred location which became popular for personal tombs in the later middle ages. The decorative arch around the recess has hanging corbels, the eastern one carved with a pomegranate, emblem of Katharine of Aragon, suggesting the arch was part of a refurbishment of the church in the early 16th century, when Katharine, as the wife of Prince Arthur, was living in Ludlow.

Alice Poppy: She was born to Robert Poppy. Before 1534 Robert Townshend and she were married. Around 1575 she died.

Sherborne Abbey [Map]. On 26 Apr 1584 John Leweston (age 78) died. In 1579 Joanna Culpepper (age 59) died. Bongrace.

Joanna Culpepper: Around 1520 she was born to Alexander Culpepper (age 62) and Constance Chamberlayne (age 62). Before 1579 John Leweston (age 73) and Joanna Culpepper (age 58) were married.

After Dec 1584. Elizabethan Period monument to Godfrey Foljambe (deceased) and Troth Tyrwhitt (age 50) at the St Mary and All Saints Church, Chesterfield [Map]. She wearing a Bongrace.

Godfrey Foljambe: On 04 Mar 1527 he was born to James Foljambe (age 16) and Alice Fitzwilliam (age 26) at Walton. Before 21 Nov 1558 Godfrey Foljambe (age 31) and Troth Tyrwhitt (age 24) were married. In Dec 1584 Godfrey Foljambe (age 57) died at Chesterfield.

Troth Tyrwhitt: In 1534 she was born to William Tyrwhitt (age 34) and Isabel Girlington (age 39) at Walton. On 11 Apr 1617 Troth Tyrwhitt (age 83) died at Aldwark.

John Salusbury: In 1519 he was born to Roger Salusbury (age 37). In 1563 Humphrey Llwyd aka Lluyd (age 36) lived at Denbigh Castle by permission of Sir John Salusbury (age 44) [Note. Some sources say Richard Myddelton (age 54)] who was then the Lord of the Manor of Denbigh. Before 1578 John Salusbury (age 59) and Jane Myddelton (age 77) were married. In 1578 John Salusbury (age 59) died. He was buried at St Marcella's Church, Denbigh.

Jane Myddelton: In 1500 she was born to David Myddelton (age 20). In 1588 Jane Myddelton (age 88) died.

Anne Rawson: Around 1515 she was born to Nicholas Rawson of Aveley in Essex (age 44) and Beatrix Cooke. In or before 1540 Michael Stanhope (age 33) and Anne Rawson (age 24) were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England. On 20 Feb 1588 Anne Rawson (age 73) died.

The quartered Stanhope Arms impaled with Rawson Arms: Gules, a four square castle in perspective with as many towers and cupolas one at each angle or standing in water azure.

Detail of her Bongrace.

Dress folds typical of Richard and Gabriel Royley of Burton upon Trent.

After 04 Apr 1617. Monument to Charles Cavendish (deceased) and Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 47) in the St Mary and St Laurence's Church, Bolsover [Map]. Jacobean Period. Bongrace. Rush Mat.

Charles Cavendish: On 28 Nov 1553 he was born to William Cavendish (age 48) and Bess of Hardwick Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 26). Before 06 Dec 1592 Charles Cavendish (age 39) and Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 22) were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward IV of England. On 04 Apr 1617 Charles Cavendish (age 63) died.

Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle: Around 1570 she was born to Cuthbert Ogle 7th Baron Ogle (age 30) and Catherine Carnaby Baroness Ogle (age 27). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward IV of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.60%. On 20 Nov 1597 Cuthbert Ogle 7th Baron Ogle (age 57) died at Cockle Park. Baron Ogle abeyant between his two daughters Joane Ogle Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 31) and Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 27). Around 04 Jan 1626 Joane Ogle Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 60) died. Her sister Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 56) abeyance terminated 8th Baroness Ogle. On 18 Apr 1629 Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 59) died at Bothal.

On 17 Jan 1625 Henry Sacheverell (age 59) died. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church Ratcliffe on Soar [Map].

Dutch School mural monument with his three wives (Marie Giddings wearing Bongrace, Elizabeth Copley and Lucie Boughton) above and he recumbent. Below effigies of children including Chrisom Child. Possibly Jasper Hollemans or Nicholas Stone (age 38).

After 15 Aug 1625. St Oswald's Church, Malpas [Map]. Monument to Hugh "The Younger" Cholmondeley and Mary Holford (deceased). Jacobean Period. She wearing a Bongrace. Chrisom Child.

Hugh "The Younger" Cholmondeley: In 1552 he was born to Hugh "The Elder" Cholmondeley (age 39) and Ann Dorman. In 1575 Hugh "The Younger" Cholmondeley (age 23) and Mary Holford (age 12) were married. On 23 Jul 1601 Hugh "The Younger" Cholmondeley (age 49) died.

Mary Holford: On 20 Jan 1562 she was born. On 15 Aug 1625 Mary Holford (age 63) died at Vale Royal.