Cadaver Underneath

Cadaver Underneath is in Cadaver Tombs.

On 07 Oct 1471 Richard Willoughby died. He was buried in St Leonard's Church, Wollaton [Map].

Monument to Richard Willoughby and Anna Leeke. Excellent brass with Cadaver Underneath. The arms being, left to right, Bugge Arms, Bugge Arms impaled with Leeke, Bugge Arms impaled with Foljambe Arms, Bugge Arms impaled with Annesley Arms.

Richard Willoughby: he was born to Hugh Willoughby and Isabel Foljambe. In or before 1468 Richard Willoughby and Anna Leeke were married.

Anna Leeke: Around 1425 she was born to Simon Leeke in Cotham Ollerton, Nottinghamshire. Around 1468 Anna Leeke died in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire. She was buried at St Leonard's Church, Wollaton.

After 20 May 1475. St Mary's Church, Ewelme [Map]. Monument to Alice Chaucer Duchess Suffolk (deceased). Wrist Garter. The effigy was, apparently, viewed to determine how a lady should wear the garter at the re-commencement of Lady of the Garter appointments in 1901 after a gap of several hundred years. A particularly fine Cadaver Underneath the chest on which Alice's effigy lies. Full-length in a shroud. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields.

Detail of the South Side of the Monument to Alice Chaucer Duchess Suffolk (deceased).

1 Roet Arms impaled Chaucer Modern Arms. Alice's paternal grandparents.

2 De La Pole Arms impaled Stafford Arms. Her third husbands parents Michael de la Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk and Katherine Stafford Countess Suffolk.

3 Montacute and Monthermer Arms impaled Francis? Possibly Alice's second husband's parents John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury and Maud Francis Countess of Salisbury.

4 De La Pole Arms quartered Chaucer Modern Arms.

5 Roet Arms quartered Chaucer Modern Arms.

6 Chaucer Modern Arms.

7 De La Pole Arms.

8 De La Pole Arms impaled England Henry IV Arms signifying Alice's son John's (age 32) marriage to Elizabeth of York (age 31) sister of King Edward IV of England (age 33).

Detail of the North Side of the monument to Alice Chaucer Duchess Suffolk (deceased). Arms from left to right ...

1 De La Pole Arms quartered Chaucer Modern Arms impaled Unknown.

2 De La Pole Arms impaled Chaucer Modern Arms. Her third husband William "Jackanapes" de la Pole 1st Duke of Suffolk.

3 De La Pole Arms quarted Chaucer Modern Arms. Alice's son John de la Pole 2nd Duke of Suffolk (age 32) by her second husband William "Jackanapes" de la Pole 1st Duke of Suffolk.

4 Chaucer Modern Arms.

5 Montacute and Monthermer Arms quartering impaled Chaucer. Alice's second husband Thomas Montagu 1st Count Perche 4th Earl Salisbury.

6 Roet Arms. Alice's paternal grandmother Philippa Roet.

7 England Henry IV Arms impaling Roet Arms probably signifying John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster and Katherine Roet Duchess Lancaster, Katherine being the sister of Alice's paternal grandmother Philippa Roet who married Geoffrey Chaucer.

8 Roet Arms impaling Chaucer Modern Arms. Her paternal grandparents Geoffrey Chaucer and Philippa Roet.

Katherine Stafford Countess Suffolk: Around 1376 she was born to Hugh Stafford 2nd Earl Stafford and Philippa Beauchamp Countess Stafford. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. Before 1394 Michael de la Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk and she were married. She by marriage Countess Suffolk. She the daughter of Hugh Stafford 2nd Earl Stafford and Philippa Beauchamp Countess Stafford. He the son of Michael de la Pole 1st Earl Suffolk and Katherine Wingfield Countess Suffolk. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. On 08 Apr 1419 Katherine Stafford Countess Suffolk died.

Philippa Roet: Around 1346 she was born to Giles "Payne" Roet. Before 1367 Geoffrey Chaucer and she were married at St Mary de Castro Leicester, Leicestershire. Excerpta Historica Page 152. Philippa, his eldest daughter, is stated to have been the maid of honour to Philippa Queen of Edward the Third who by the name of "Philippa Pycard" obtained a grant of one hundred shillings per annum on the 20th January 1370, and married Geoffrey Chaucer, to whom, in consequence, it is supposed, of this connexion, the Duke of Lancaster granted the Castle of Dodington. Of John of Gaunt's connexion with Chaucer, however, no proof has been found; and the circumstance of the lady assigned to him for his wife being styled "Philippa Pycard," instead of Roelt, renders the assertion, that she was the sister of the Duchess of Lancaster, extremely doubtful. Around 1387 Philippa Roet died.

In 1528 Henry Willoughby (age 77) was buried at St Leonard's Church, Wollaton [Map]. A fine chest tomb monument in sandstone (rather than alabaster), somewhat damaged, with his four wives, two each side.Lancastrian Esses Collar somehwat unusual given the 1528 date of his death. Sphinx Crest. Cadaver Underneath. Henry Willoughby's Arms including Willoughby top left hand corner (Water Bougets from Willoughy family original name Bugge). Lancastrian Esses and Inter-twined Knots Collar.

On 29 Dec 1595 Frances Berkeley (age 31) died. She was buried at Church of St Mary and St Hardulph, Breedon on the Hill [Map]. Monument to Frances Berkeley (age 31) and George Shirley 1st Baronet (age 36). The armorial shows Shirley Arms and Berkeley Arms impaled. Cadaver Underneath. Attributed to Jasper Hollemans.

Frances Berkeley: Around 1564 she was born to Henry Berkeley 7th Baron Berkeley and Katherine Howard Baroness Berkeley. After 21 Feb 1587 George Shirley 1st Baronet and she were married.

In 1608 Francis Fitton died. He was buried at the Church of St James, Gawsworth [Map]. Cadaver Underneath.

Francis Fitton: he was born to Edward Fitton. In 1588 Francis Fitton and Katherine Neville Countess Northumberland were married. She the widow of Henry Percy 8th Earl of Northumberland.

In 1625 John Sydenham V (age 57) died. Monument at St Andrew's Church, Brympton d'Evercy [Map].

A Corinthian column at each corner supports the fine canopy, and the whole is adorned withmany coats of arms, which,commencing on the north side, illustrate, as it were, the pedigree of the family. On either side the canopy is surmounted by the arms ofSir John Sydenham, on the north impaling those of his first wife, and on the south the arms of his second;each coat is flanked by a small shield supported by a ram. Bound the edge of the canopy are thirteen shields, on which are impaled the arms brought inby various atches. On each side of the tomb itself are three large shields:those on the north side bearing the arms of Sydenham, impaling those of Audley Arm, Bruges, and Godolphin Arms, with their various quarterings;on the south are the arms of John Sydenham (age 36), who erected the monument, his sister impaled with those of her husband Edward Paston, and another coat in which the sinister side is not filled in. Probably it was meant to await the marriage of Sir Balph Sydenham (age 34), a younger brother of the founder. At the west end base is the large quartered coat of Sir John Sydenham, impaling the arms of Buckland with its nine quarterings. At the head of the tomb, surmounted by the helmet, crest, and lambrequin, is the-Sydenham coat of twelve quarterings, beneath which is the following inscription:

My foundir Sydenham, match'd with Hobye's Heyr,.

Badde me inform thee (gentle Passenger).

That what hee hath donne in mcc is onlie meant.

To memorize his father and s discent.

Without vayne glorye but he doth intreat.

That if thou comst his legende to repeate.

Thou speak him truly as he was and than - Report itso, hee dyed an honest mane.

10 November 1626.

The main armorial as follows: 1 Sydenham Arms 2 Kitsford Arms 3 Dalingrige Arms 4 Hussey Arms 5 Stourton Arms 6 Langland Arms 7 Beaufre Arms 8 Furneux Arms 9 Godolphin Arms 10 Balune Arms 11 Killigrew Arms 12 Trenouth Arms. Source.

Cadaver Underneath.

John Sydenham V: In 1568 he was born to John Sydenham IV "The Elder" and Grace Godolphin.

John Sydenham: In 1589 he was born to John Sydenham V. In 1627 John Sydenham died.

Ralph Sydenham: In or after 1590 he was born to John Sydenham V. In 1671 Ralph Sydenham died.