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Cap of Maintenance is in Clothing.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 1489. A capp of mayntenance brought from Rome to the Kinge.d

Note d. This agrees with Arnold and Bernard André, but Stow places it in 1505.

Detail of his head with a short haircut and beard. He wearing a circlet, possibly coronet. His head resting on a Great Helm with Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of his Leg Garter, Shoulder Garter and his Knots and Encircled Sheilds Collar Livery Collar.

Her feet on a Griffin. His feet resting on a Unicorn, with its horn missing.

His Mitten Gauntlets with the cloven-hooved foot of the Unicorn visible.

Detail of his Great Helm with Cap of Maintenance and the Manners Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of the panels of the chest.

Detail of her dress with fastenings, heart locket, hands crasped in prayer.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Oct 1553. The v day of October the Qwuen('s) (age 37) grace rod unto Westmynster chyrche, and ther her grace hard masse of the Holy-gost, and ther wher ij bysshopes; on delevered her the shepter and odur thyng. Her grace rod in her parlement robes, and all the trumpeters blohyng a-for them all; and so, after her grace had hard masse, they whent to the Parlement howsse all to-geyther, and the yerle of Devonshyre (age 26) bare the sworde, and the yerle of Westmorland (age 28) bare the cape of mayntenans.

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Henry Machyn's Diary. 12 Nov 1554. The xij day of November the Kyng (age 27) and the Quen (age 38) rod unto Westmynster chyrche to the masse of the Holy-gost, and after masse to the parlement-howsse; and all the bysshopes and the lordes in ther parlement robes, with trompeters blohyng, and all the harolds in ther cote armurs, and the juges in ther robes; the yerle of Penbroke (age 53) bare the kyng('s) sword, and the Catherine Clifford Baroness Scrope Bolton (age 41) bare the quen('s) sword, and the yerle of Shrowsbery (age 54) bare the kyng('s) cape of mantenance, and the yerle of Arundell (age 42) bare the quen('s) cape of mantenance; and a-for them rod to-gether my lord chansheler (age 71) and my lord tressorer (age 71) in ther parlement robes.

Evelyn's Diary. 02 Mar 1665. I went with his Majesty (age 34) into the lobby behind the House of Lords, where I saw the King (age 34) and the rest of the Lords robe themselves, and got into the House of Lords in a corner near the woolsack, on which the Lord Chancellor sits next below the throne: the King (age 34) sat in all the regalia, the crown-imperial on his head, the sceptre and globe, etc. The Duke of Albemarle (age 56) bore the sword, the Duke of Ormond (age 54), the cap of dignity. The rest of the Lords robed in their places:-a most splendid and august convention. Then came the Speaker and the House of Commons (age 48), and at the bar made a speech, and afterward presented several bills, a nod only passing them, the clerk saying, Le Roy le veult, as to public bills, as to private, Soit faite commeil est desirè. Then, his Majesty (age 34) made a handsome but short speech, commanding my Lord Privy Seal (age 59) to prorogue the Parliament, which he did, the Chancellor (age 56) being ill and absent. I had not before seen this ceremony.