Cartouche is in Architectural Detail.

On 11 Sep 1617 Anthony Mildmay (age 68) died. He was buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. His inscription reads ... Here sleepeth in the Lord with certaine hope of resurection Sr Antony Mildmay Knt eldet sonne to Sr Walter Mildmay Knt Chaunclor of the Exchequor. to Queene Elizabeth. He was Embassador from Queen Eliza: to the most Christian King of Fraunce Henry the 4th Ano. 1596; He was to Prince and Country faithful, and serviceable, in peace and warre, to freinds constant to enemies reconciliable. Bountiful and loved hospitality. He died September 11 1617.

On 27 Jul 1620 Grace Sharington (age 68) died. She was buried at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map]. The inscription of her monument reads ... Here also lyeth Grace Ladie Mildmay the only wife of the saied Sr Antho: Mildmay one of the heyres of Sr Henry Sharington Knt: of Lacock in the County of Wiltes who lived 50 years maried to him and three years a widow after him. she was most devout, unspotedly chast mayd, wife, and widow, compassionate in heart, and charitably helpful with phisick, cloathes, nourishment, or counsels to any in misery, She was most careful and wise in managing worldly estate. So as her life was a blessing to hirs, and hir death she blessed them which hapned July 27 1620.

From RCHME Inventory. It is of grey veined and black marble and is partly gilded and painted. Two effigies lie on a black and white marble tomb chest beneath a baldachino consisting of a shallow dome with a cupola having round-headed openings in its drum, which give light to the interior. The baldachino is supported at each end by a rectangular pier onto which curtains, hanging from the architrave of the dome, are looped. Against the piers are standing figures representing the four Virtues, and the frieze is inscribed 'Devoute', 'Wise', 'Charitable' and 'Just'; the frieze is also inscribed 'Chaste' and 'Valiant'. The head of the figure representing Justice is modern. Seated on the cornice are smaller figures, on the E. of Faith and on the W. of Hope; on the cupola dome is a seated figure of Charity. Crowning the cornice are freestanding cartouches of arms of Mildmay (N.E. and S.E.) and Sherington (N.W. and S.W.). Against the cupola drum are shields of arms of Mildmay impaling Sherington, both quartered with alliances, and Mildmay quarterly. The W. pier of the baldachino is inscribed with a record of the setting up of the monument by Sir Francis Fane (age 37) in 1621. The tomb chest is enriched with emblems of mortality and eulogistically-phrased inscriptions record the lives of Sir Anthony on the S., and of Lady Grace on the N. The effigies lie on rush mats, he in Greenwich armour, she in full mantle, ruff and head-dress. The authorship of the monument is not known but the figures of the four Virtues are in the manner of Maximillian Colt (age 42) (cf. Cecil monument, Hatfield, Hertfordshire); the baldachino may be compared with that over the tomb of the Countess of Derby at Harefield, Middlesex, probably also by Colt (age 42).

Grace Sharington: Around 1552 she was born to Henry Sharington of Lacock in Wiltshire and Anne Paggett of Lacock Abbey. In 1567 Anthony Mildmay and she were married. They lived at Apethorpe Hall, Northamptonshire. In 1581 Henry Sharington of Lacock in Wiltshire died. His two surviving daughters for many disputed his will. According to Grace Sharington her sister Olive Sharington had persuaded their father to change his will. Grace Sharington eventually gained an equal share.

On 20 Mar 1619 Robert Rich 1st Earl Warwick (age 59) died. His son Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (age 31) succeeded 2nd Earl Warwick, 4th Baron Rich of Leez. Frances Hatton Countess Warwick (age 29) by marriage Countess Warwick.

He was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford [Map]. Unusual head and shoulder portrait sculpture of deceased full face, with a profile of his wife Frances Wray Countess Warwick behind, set in a circular medallion. To either side are pelleted Pilasters supporting an entablature with scrolled Cartouche of arms and flanked by heraldic supporters. The whole is painted and gilded and beneath is a panel containing an inscribed poem. Above his Arms implaled with hers. His are quartered 1&4 Rich Arms 2&3 Baldry Arms (his mother), hers quartered 1&4 Wray 2&3 Unknown. the monument is perhaps the work of Epiphanius Evesham. Sculpted by Epiphanius Evesham.

After 1627. Monument in the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map] to John Leigh -1627. Descended from the Leigh family of Addington. Grateful for further information as to his descent;

Black marble panel flanked by Ionic columns supporting a frieze enriched with fruit and flowers, and an inverted broken pediment on which rest a reclining figure and a cartouche of arms of Leigh quartered with others

On 14 Nov 1627 Elizabeth Waldegrave died. On 06 Dec 1629 Arthur Coke (age 42) died in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk [Map]. Jacobean Hooded Monument sculpted by Nicholas Stone (age 40) in St Andrew's Church, Bramfield [Map]. White and black marble; reclining effigy of Elizabeth with Arthur kneeling in prayer above within an arched Recess; Arms over the arch and surrounding it are seven Cartouche's.

Elizabeth Waldegrave: she was born to George Waldegrave. On 08 Feb 1608 Arthur Coke and she were married at Hitcham, Norfolk as recorded in the papers of the Winthrop Family Folio 36: "The viijth of Feb. beinge Shrovetuesday the L Cokes seconde soonne maryed the daughter and heire of Sir George Waldegrave at Hiccham". The Hitcham Register gives 09 Feb as the date of the marriage. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Arthur Coke: In 1587 he was born to Edward Coke and Bridget Paston.

After 25 Jul 1666. Church of St Michael and All Angels, Edenham [Map]. Monument to Montagu Bertie 2nd Earl Lindsey (deceased). Two adjacent memorial tablets have moulded base and cornice and are surmounted by the Cartouche of arms and the Ancaster cannon. To the sides are military trophies in high relief and at the base, arms, anchors and helms.[Source: BLB].

After 19 Jan 1686. Church of St Michael and All Angels, Edenham [Map]. Monument to Richard Bertie (deceased). Large swagged and scrolled cartouche surmounted by an urn and cornucupia and bearing two scrolled inscription panels, a shield of arms with palms supported by two putti.[Source: BLB].

Richard Bertie: Around 1635 he was born to Montagu Bertie 2nd Earl Lindsey and Martha Cockayne Countess Lindsey and Holderness. In 1685 Richard Bertie was elected MP Woodstock. On 19 Jan 1686 Richard Bertie died.

In 1708. Albemarle Bertie (age 40) erected a monument to members of the Bertie Family in Church of St Michael and All Angels, Edenham [Map]. A large, semi-circular headed Sideboard Tomb supporting a black Sarcophagus with gadrooned top and lions feet, erected 1738. Commemorates seven members of the Bertie family. The rear has a marble surround with egg and dart moulding and scrolled imposts with Cartouche of arms to the top. Within are seven classical busts, supported on moulded corbels.[Source: BLB].

Albemarle Bertie: Around 1668 he was born to Robert Bertie 3rd Earl Lindsey and Elizabeth Wharton Countess Lindsey. In 1728 Philip Bertie died without issue. He left his esate to his brother Albemarle Bertie. In 1742 Albemarle Bertie died.

On 25 Jun 1766 Elizabeth Lygon (age 24) died of consumption. She was buried at St Andrew's Church, Wimpole [Map]. White marble inscription scroll flanked by putti beneath a shaped cornice enriched with torches and an urn, and with apron framing a cartouche of arms

Elizabeth Lygon: Around 1742 she was born to Reginald Pyndar aka Lygon of Madresfield in Worcestershire and Susannah Hamner. In 1762 John Yorke and she were married. He the son of Philip Yorke 1st Earl of Hardwicke and Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke.