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Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings is in Chest Tombs.

After 1488. All Saints Church, Youlgreave [Map]. Monument to Thomas Cockayne (deceased). An unusual monument insofar as it half-life sized apparently as a result of his dying before his father John Cockayne (age 77). Fluted Period. Suns and Roses Collar. Cockayne Cockerel Crest. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings. Chest with Weepers holding Shields.

Thomas Cockayne: In 1451 he was born to John Cockayne (age 40) and Agnes Vernon (age 24) at Ashbourne. In or before 1477 Thomas Cockayne (age 26) and Agnes Barlow aka Barley (age 21) were married. Around 1488 Thomas Cockayne (age 37) was killed in a fight with Thomas Burdett, possibly his brother-in-law, at Polsworth over inheritance or dower.

John Cockayne: John Cockayne and Agnes Vernon were married. They were half third cousins. In 1411 he was born to John Cockayne (age 41) and Isabel Shirley at Ashbourne. In May 1504 John Cockayne (age 93) died at Ashbourne.

On 13 Mar 1518 Thomas Babington of Dethick (age 69) died at Ashover [Map]. He was buried at All Saints Church, Ashover [Map].

Monument to Thomas Babington of Dethick (age 69) and Editha Fitzherbert. Excellent painted alabaster monument of the Fluted Period with the colours much refreshed. Carved by Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings.

Thomas Babington of Dethick: Around 1449 he was born to John Babington (age 26) and Isabel Bradbourne (age 22). Before 1476 Thomas Babington of Dethick (age 27) and Editha Fitzherbert (age 18) were married.

Editha Fitzherbert: Around 1457 she was born to Ralph Fitzherbert (age 29) and Elizabeth Marshall (age 20) at Norbury, Derbyshire. In 1511 Editha Fitzherbert (age 54) died at Ashover.

She wearing a Gabled Headress with long lappets.

He in civilian clothes with a purse (aka scrip aka gypciere) hanging from his belt.

Dogs chewing at her dress suggests Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent carved the monument.

The chest tomb of exceptional quality with the fifteen weepers under crocketed canopies broadly undamaged. The weepers on the sides are believed to represent Thomas and Editha's children, possibly fourteen, and their respective spouses. Those on the ends appear to be Saints and Angels with the one in the middle possible St Catherine. The chest tomb now abuts the south wall of the chancel meaning only three sides visible.

Babington Arms impaled Fitzherbert Arms.

Randle Brereton of Malpas: Around 1480 he was born to Randle Brereton of Malpas (age 28). There is some confusion here with so many Randle Breretons. Some sources insert another generation between Randle Brereton 1480-1530 and his father although doing so makes the dates inconsistent. In or before 1499 Randle Brereton of Malpas (age 19) and Eleanor Dutton (age 14) were married.

Eleanor Dutton: In 1484 she was born to Peter Dutton (age 32). In 1522 Eleanor Dutton (age 38) died at Malpas.