Composite Columns

Composite Columns is in Capitals and Columns.

On 25 Jun 1601 Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby (age 45) died at Berwick on Tweed [Map]. His son Robert Bertie 1st Earl Lindsey (age 18) succeeded 14th Baron Willoughby de Eresby. He was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby [Map].

On 15 Feb 1610 Catherine Bertie (age 15) died in childbirth. She was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby [Map].

Monument Elizabethan Period. Tall Sideboard Tomb with reclining hooded figure of Lady Katherine, daughter of Peregrine, with Chrisom Child in the crib at her feet. Above a standing figure of Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby (age 45) in a niche, with strapwork embellishments, all supported on composite columns with a dentilated cornice.

Catherine Bertie: Around 1595 she was born to Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby and Mary Vere Baroness Willoughby of Eresby. Sources are confused about her birth year stating she was born in 1610 and that she married in 1609. Date adjusted to around 1595 on the assumption she was married around twenty years of age. Her son died at six days old on 09 Feb 1610. Her father died in 1601. Sources also refer to her as Baroness Rockingham whereas she died some eleven years before her husband was created Baron Rockingham. In 1609 Lewis Watson 1st Baron Rockingham and she were married.

After 28 Oct 1613. Monument to George St Paul 1st Baronet (deceased) and Frances Wray Countess Warwick. at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford [Map]. Elizabethan Period. A base supporting the reclining figures of the deceased with composite Pillars supporting an entablature and armorial termination. In the base is a central semi-circular niche containing a carving of the deceased's daughter, flanked by niches containing mourning putti. Above on the lower step is a figure of Frances in full mourning dress with formal Ruff and hat, reclining on a cushion holding a prayer book. On the upper step he reclines in plate armour with a sword. The figures are contained in a semi-circular headed Recess with roses in the archivolt and on the back wall is an inscribed rectangular panel with scrolls and memento mori. The Pillars to either side support a frieze and entablature from which rise flaming urns and at the angles, and at the centre is a raised achievement of arms flanked by scrolled shields and obelisks. Possibly sculpted by Cornelius Cure.

After 1658. Monument to Nicholas Breton and his wife Elizabeth in All Saints Church, Norton [Map]. Busts of each and framed by composite columns supporting broken segmental pediment.

On 20 Apr 1759 Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester (age 61) died. Earl of Leicester and Baron Lovel of Minster Lovell extinct. Wenman Roberts aka Coke (age 42) inherited his estates.

On 31 Aug 1753 Edward Coke (age 34) died.

Monument in Church of St Mary the Virgin, Tittleshall [Map] commissioned by wife and mother Margaret Tufton Countess Leicester (age 58). Erected in 1760. Sculpted by Charles Atkinson. Gadrooned sarcophagus on pedestal with a carved and painted achievement above surrounded by extravagant mantling. Flanked by pair of composite columns supporting a dentilated pediment. Carved bust figures to the sides of the Earl and Countess by Louis Francois Roubiliac (age 56).

Edward Coke: On 02 Feb 1719 he was born to Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester and Margaret Tufton Countess Leicester. On 01 Apr 1747 Edward Coke and Mary Campbell were married. She the daughter of John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll. He the son of Thomas William Coke 1st Earl of Leicester and Margaret Tufton Countess Leicester.

St Andrew's Church, Denton [Map]. In ashlar. The latin raised letter inscription is set in an egg and dart surround, flanked by Ionic Pilasters and free standing Composite fluted columns, supporting a pediment containing a pair of naked female figures holding hour glasses leaning on a skull. The frieze is decorated with medallions. The reclining figure of the deceased, his prayer book in hand, lies on a half rolled up mattress on a tomb chest on which are portrayed his wife and six children, all named in raised letters.