Cornucopia is in Architectural Detail.

On 30 Jun 1753 George Strode of Parnham died. On 14 Sep 1746 Catherine Brodrepp died. Monument in Church of St Mary, Beaminster [Map]. Classical Period.

Probably by Peter Scheemakers (age 62), erected by Thomas Strode, brother of George, with reclining figures of a man and woman on a sarcophagus and on either side standing allegorical figures one with a cornucopia the other an anchor, above is an achievement-of-arms.

George Strode of Parnham: George Strode of Parnham and Catherine Brodrepp were married. he was born to Thomas Strode of Parnham.

Catherine Brodrepp: she was born to Richard Brodrepp of Maperton.

Thomas Strdode of Parnham: he was born to Thomas Strode of Parnham.

1787. Monument in Church of St Peter and St Paul, Exton, Rutlandshire [Map] to Baptist Noel 4th Earl Gainsborough and Elizabeth Chapman Countess Gainsborough sculpted by Joseph Nollekens (age 49) in 1787. A reclining female figure with a cornucopia, on a sarcophagus backed by an obelisk with medallions and putti.

Elizabeth Chapman Countess Gainsborough: In 1708 she was born. In 1728 Baptist Noel 4th Earl Gainsborough and she were married. She by marriage Countess Gainsborough. He the son of Baptist Noel 3rd Earl Gainsborough and Dorothy Manners Countess Gainsborough. After 21 Mar 1751 Thomas Noel and she were married. On 13 Nov 1771 she died.

Putti with torch held downwards, extinguished, indicating the end of life.

Sculpted by Joseph Nollekens (age 49).