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On 20 May 1912 George William Hanover (age 31) died in a car accident. Somewhat ironically he was driving to the funeral of his maternal uncle Frederick VIII King Denmark (deceased) when he skidded on a newly laid road surface. He and his valet Karl Grebe were killed in the accident. There is a monument at the site.

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Probably overtired, the car raced into loose gravel rock at 90 kilometers per hour, came off the road to the right, knocked down three trees and drilled into the earth with a destroyed front axle. Prince Georg Wilhelm and his valet Grebe – Karl Grebe – died instantly. The chauffeur sitting in the back survived slightly injured. The dead were laid out in the church of Nackel and brought a little later with military honors to Friesack station.

At the station, the coffins were loaded into the carriage to the songs of the Friesacker men's choir, which brought the crown prince to the funeral in Gmunden, Austria. The Friesacker stationmaster, Joachim Gahl, it is said, received a letter from Austria including two cufflinks decorated with diamonds and the initials "GW" thanks to his duty. Hanover's royal family thanked the villagers because they had shown themselves so compassionate. Monetary donations were made to the church, the warrior federation and the virgin association. In the church, a plaque commemorates the laying out and that the congregation sang before the transfer of the dead.

Salisbury Cathedral [Map]. On 15 Dec 1922 Lieutenant General Sir George Montague Harper (age 57) died in a car accident when his car skidded and overturned fracturing his skull. Memorial in Salisbury Cathedral [Map] sculpted by Allan Gairdner Wyon (age 40).

Lieutenant General Sir George Montague Harper: On 11 Jan 1865 he was born.

In 1927 David Duncombe (age 17) died in a car accident.

In 1930 Meliora Lavinia Adlercron (age 18) died in a car accident. She was buried at St Michael's Church, Heydour [Map].

Funeral At Heydour. Sincere sympathy was aroused in the Grantham and Sleaford district last week for Brigadier-General B. L. and Mrs. Adlercron, of Culverthorpe Hall, when it became known that two of their daughters, Lilias and Meliora, had met with a serious accident whilst motoring on the Great North Road, near Colsterworth, on Monday week. It appears their saloon car, swerving to avoid child who crossed the road, skidded and overturned. Miss M. Adlercron was severely hurt, and died at her home on Saturday night. Fortunately, her sister escaped with slight injuries. Deceased, who was only, 19 years of age, entered into the social life of the neighbourhood. and was beloved by all with whom she came in contact. Educated partly at Culverthorpe, she afterwards went to Paris, where she studied art, to which she was devoted. Deceased was well known in hunting circles, especially in Lincolnshire, and was a popular member of the Belvoir Hunt.

The Inquest was held at Culverthorpe,on Monday, the District Coroner, Dr. Cragg, who sat with a jury, Dr. O. Giles, of Sleaford, said there were multiple injuries to the scalp and right knee, and innumerable cuts and abrasions of the body and back. No bones were broken. Death was due to septic absorption from the wounds, and from shock caused by the wounds.—P.C. England said he found two skid marks forty-four feet long, caused, he believed by the application of the brakes. After that there were marks all over the road for sixty-nine feet. It appeared as if the car had overturned and continued on its side, the skid marks being about four feet from the proper side of the road. Brigadier-General Adlercron. who identified the body, said his daughter had been driving for two and-a-half years.—The verdict was that deceased died as a result of injuries received when the car she was driving was suddenly overturned.

Meliora's sister Lilias, who survived, later went to live in Canada. She lived to a great age and before expiring expressed a wish to be buried next to her sister in Heydour graveyard. Their headstones are adjacent.

Meliora's Cottage Nursing Home. This Charity was founded in 1931 in memory of Meliora Lavinia Adlercron, 1912-1930 of Culverthorpe Hall, byher family and friends. The Charity was reconstituted in 1978, when the funds derived from the sale of the Cottage were invested for the benefit of the people of the parishes of Heydour, Kelbyand Welby.

Meliora Lavinia Adlercron: In 1912 she was born to Rodolph Ladeveze Adlercron.

On 21 Feb 1944 John Pelham 8th Earl of Chichester (age 31) died in a car accident.

On 05 May 1957 Robert Grosvenor 5th Baron Ebury (age 43) died in a car accident at Prescott, Gloucestershire whilst driving a Jaguar C-type. His son Francis Grosvenor 8th Earl Wilton (age 23) succeeded 6th Baron Ebury.

On 04 Oct 1957 Clarence Bruce 3rd Baron Aberdare (age 72) died in a car accident. He and his wife Griselda Hervey Baroness Aberdare were returning from Yugoslavia where he had attended the 53rd Session of the International Olympic Committe in Sofia, as part of their honeymoon. Their car left the road near Risan and fell into the sea. He was drowned, his wife injured.

Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce 4th Baron Aberdare (age 38) succeeded 4th Baron Aberdare of Duffryn in Glamorganshire.

In 1964 Rupert Ingrams Baron Darcy (age 24) died in a car accident when the car in which he was returning from a dance with his wife Davina Darcy 18th Baroness Darcy of Knayth (age 25) crashed into a tree. She was paralysed from the neck down; she later regained some movement.

On 15 Jan 1968 Randal Smith 2nd Baron Bicester (age 70) died in a car accident. His nephew Angus Smith 3rd Baron Bicester (age 36) succeeded 2nd Baron Bicester of Tusmore in Oxfordshire.

On 03 May 1987 Viola Maud Lyttelton Duchess Westminster (age 74) died in a car accident at Dungannon, County Tyrone.

On 29 Oct 1989 Commander Clare George Vyner (age 95) died in a car accident at Ullapool.

On 30 Aug 1990 Simon Craven 8th Earl Craven (age 29) died in a car accident. His son Benjamin Craven 9th Earl Craven (age 1) succeeded 9th Earl Craven in Yorkshire, 9th Viscount Uffington, 15th Baron Craven of Hamstead Marshall in Berkshire.

On 26 Sep 2009 John Dyke Acland 16th Baronet (age 70) died in a car accident, or as a consequence of a car accident. His son Dominic Dyle Acland 17th Baronet (age 47) succeeded 17th Baronet Acland of Columb John in Devon.