Died of Apoplexy

Died of Apoplexy is in Disease.

On 21 Nov 1579 Thomas Gresham (age 60) died of apoplexy. He was buried in St Helen's Church Bishopsgate.

On 08 Dec 1626 John Davies (age 57) died of apoplexy.

In Jan 1662 Frederick Cornwallis 1st Baron Cornwallis (age 50) died of apoplexy. His son Charles Cornwallis 2nd Baron Cornwallis (age 30) succeeded 2nd Baron Cornwallis.

On 06 Mar 1685 Thomas Spencer 3rd Baronet (age 46) died of apoplexy. He was buried in the Spencer Chapel at Church of St Bartholomew, Yarnton. His first cousin Thomas Spencer 4th Baronet succeeded 4th Baronet Spencer of Yarnton in Oxfordshire.

In Aug 1711 Anthony Henley (age 44) died of apoplexy.

On 20 May 1713 Bishop Thomas Sprat (age 78) died of apoplexy at the Bishop's Palace, Bromley. He was buried in the south side of the Chapel of St Nicholas, Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 03 May 1733 Richard Cox 1st Baronet (age 83) died of apoplexy. His grandson Richard Cox 2nd Baronet (age 31) succeeded 2nd Baronet Cox Dunmanway in County Cork.

On 31 Aug 1807 Coulson Wallop (age 32) died of apoplexy whilst imprisoned at Verdun.

On 01 Aug 1813 Henry Vane-Tempest 2nd Baronet (age 42) died of apoplexy. Baronet Vane of Long Newton in County Durham extinct. Memorial and vault at St Mary's Church, Long Newton [Map] sculpted by Richard Westmacott (age 38).

On 11 Feb 1822 Arthur William Devis (age 59) died of apoplexy at Caroline Street Bedford Square Camden. He was buried at Church of St Giles in the Fields.

On 17 Jan 1824 Thomas Maitland (age 63) died of apoplexy.

On 25 May 1829 Charles John Gardiner 1st Earl Blessington (age 47) died of apoplexy without issue. Earl Blessington, Viscount Mountjoy, Baron Mountjoy extinct.