Died of Pneumonia

Died of Pneumonia is in Disease. See Pneumonia.

On 16 Sep 1607 Princess Mary Stewart (age 2) died of pneumonia at the Stanwell Park Stanwell, Surrey home of Thomas Knyvet 1st Baron Knyvet (age 62) in whose care she had been placed. As soon as Mary died, the Earl of Worcester (age 57), the Earl of Leicester (age 43) and the Earl of Totnes (age 52) went to Hampton Court Palace [Map], to inform the Queen (age 32) of her daughter's death. Seeing the three men before her, Queen Anne realized what had happened and spared the men the task of telling her.

On 09 Apr 1626 Francis Bacon 1st Viscount St Alban (age 65) died of pneumonia. He was buried at St Paul's Walden Bury, Hertfordshire. Viscount St Alban and Baron Verulam extinct.

Siege of Bristol

In 1643 Edward Fitton 2nd Baronet (age 40) died of consumption at the Siege of Bristol without surviving issue. He was buried at the Church of St James, Gawsworth [Map]. Baronet Fitton of Gawsworth Hall extinct.

Originally a canopied monument what remains of the canopy is fixed to the wall. His daughter Margaret Fitton who predeceased him kneeling.

Edward Fitton 2nd Baronet: In 1603 he was born to Edward Fitton 1st Baronet and Anne Barratt. Before 1631 Edward Fitton 2nd Baronet and Jane Trevor were married.

Margaret Fitton: Around 1631 she was born to Edward Fitton 2nd Baronet and Jane Trevor. In 1638 Margaret Fitton died.

On 13 Feb 1662 Princess Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia (age 65) died of pneumonia shortly after midnight. She was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 30 Oct 1735 Edmund Sheffield 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (age 19) died of consumption at Rome, Italy unmarried and without issue. Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, Earl Mulgrave and Baron Sheffield of Butterwick in Lincolnshire extinct.

On 09 Oct 1785 John Cullum 6th Baronet (age 52) died of consumption. His brother Thomas Gery Cullum 7th Baronet (age 43) succeeded 7th Baronet Cullum of Hastede in Suffolk.

On 03 Sep 1820 Charlotte Elizabeth Digby (age 42) died of rapid consumption. Monument in Worcester Cathedral [Map] sculpted by Francis Leggatt Chantrey (age 43) in 1825.

Charlotte Elizabeth Digby: On 07 Aug 1778 she was born. In 1802 she was appointed Maid of Honour to Charlotte Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort England. On 03 Jan 1802 William Digby Prebendary and she were married. Memorials of Francis Chantrey RA in Hallamshire and Elsewhere Part V London Life and Works. To 1825 belongs the figure of Mrs. Digby, in marble, seated on a couch, in Worcester Cathedral; and a similar one of Mrs. Boulton, in the church of Great Tew, Oxfordshire.

On 30 Apr 1841 Christiana Bacon (age 34) died of consumption. She was buried at St Thomas' Church, Exeter.

On 27 May 1900 Captain Ralph Nevile Fane (age 30) died of pneumonia at Wynberg where he was buried.

On 11 Apr 1902 Frances Bastard (age 74) died of Pneumonia.

On 27 Nov 1907 Cyril Flower 1st Baron Battersea (age 64) died of pneumonia. Baron Battersea of Battersea in London and of Overstrand in Norfolk extinct.

On 05 Apr 1908 Ronald Henry Fulke Greville (age 43) died of pneumonia without issue following an operation, predeceasing his own father.

On 01 Oct 1914 Alfred Jerome Vassalli (age 33) died of pneumonia (or possibly of wounds) at the King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor. He was buried at St Michael's Church, Muncaster [Map]. He was Corporal with the 2nd King Edward's Horse.

On 08 Jan 1915 Charles Chetwynd-Talbot (age 32) died of pneumonia.

On 10 Aug 1920 Kathleen Lucille Payne-Gallwey (age 36) died of consumption contracted in Greece during the Revelution of 1917.

On 23 Jun 1923 Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 68) died of pneumonia at Sprotbrough Hall.

On 07 Jul 1935 Oliver Russell 2nd Baron Ampthill (age 66) died of pneumonia. His son John Russell 3rd Baron Ampthill (age 38) succeeded 3rd Baron Ampthill of Ampthill in Bedfordshire.

On 17 Sep 1940 Napier Sturt 3rd Baron Alington (age 43) died of pneumonia in Cairo, Egypt whilst on active service. He was buried at the New British Protestant Cemetery, Cairo. Baron Alington extinct.