Died of Tuberculosis

Died of Tuberculosis is in Disease.

Death of Henry VII

On 21 Apr 1509 King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 52) died of tuberculosis at Richmond Palace [Map]. His son Henry VIII  (age 17) succeeded VIII King England. Duke York and Earl Chester merged with the Crown.

On 08 Feb 1645 Thomas Hamilton 3rd Earl Haddington (age 19) died of consumption. His brother John Hamilton 4th Earl Haddington (age 19) succeeded 4th Earl Haddington.

On 16 Feb 1658 Robert Rich (age 24) died of consumption.

On 08 Apr 1676 Claudia Felicitas of Holy Roman Empress (age 22) died of tuberculosis.

On 01 Jun 1732 Benedict Leonard Calvert died of tuberculosis.

On 10 Mar 1736 Colonel William Cosby (age 46) died of tuberculosis between 1 and 2 pm, in the Governor's House at Fort George, New York, today's Battery Park, New York City. He was initially buried in a vault at Fort George's chapel. But in 1788, his remains were moved to an unmarked grave at St Paul Church's Cemetery, New York, together with the remains of the Earl of Bellomont, who served as New York governor between 1698 and 1701.

On 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45) died of tuberculosis in Holies Street. He was buried in St Marylebone Church.

On 25 Jun 1766 Elizabeth Lygon (age 24) died of consumption. She was buried at St Andrew's Church, Wimpole [Map]. White marble inscription scroll flanked by putti beneath a shaped cornice enriched with torches and an urn, and with apron framing a cartouche of arms

Elizabeth Lygon: Around 1742 she was born to Reginald Pyndar aka Lygon of Madresfield in Worcestershire and Susannah Hamner. In 1762 John Yorke and she were married. He the son of Philip Yorke 1st Earl of Hardwicke and Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke.

In 1791 Louisa Pitt (age 37) died of tuberculosis in Florence, Italy. She was buried in the Old English Cemetery.

On 30 Nov 1797 William Henry Lambton (age 33) died of consumption. He was buried at Old English Cemetery.

In 1820 George Charles Canning (age 19) died of consumption.

On 03 Apr 1835 Julia Tomasina Hay Lady Hobhouse died of tuberculosis.

On 18 Dec 1835 Frances Charlotte Lambton (age 23) died of consumption.

On 05 Jun 1846 Elizabeth Bromley (age 27) died of tuberculosis in Paris [Map]. She was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery.

On 10 Feb 1850 Elizabeth Martineau (age 55) died of tuberculosis.

In 1891 Kathleen MacDermott died of tuberculosis.

On 15 Mar 1895 Jaqueline Mary Alva Montagu (age 15) died of consumption.

On 19 Mar 1895 Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe Duchess Leinster (age 30) died of tuberculosis at Menton.

On 11 Aug 1899 John Vinton Dahlgren (age 31) died of tuberculosis. His funeral was held on 18 Aug 1899, in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown University's Dahlgren Chapel, which had been constructed six years earlier as a memorial to the death of Dahlgren's infant son, Joseph.

On 10 Jan 1900 Alice Eleanor Louise Montagu (age 20) died of consumption.

On 05 Feb 1911 Amalia Mary Maud Cassel (age 31) died of tuberculosis. She was buried at Romsey Abbey [Map].

On 11 Jan 1934 María del Rosario de Silva Duchess of Alba (age 33) died of tuberculosis.