Egg and Dart

Egg and Dart is in Architectural Detail.

On 29 Aug 1582 Thomas St Paul died. He was buried at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford [Map]. Monument to Thomas St Paul and Faith Grantham. Fine freestanding tomb chest with canopy. The sides of the tomb chest have acanthus Pilasters, the panels between contain wreathed shields. The full length recumbent albaster effigies show the man in full plate armour holding sword and prayerbook, head on helm, feet on a cushion with flowers. His wife is in a long dress with cloak and close fitting hat, holding a bible. The inscription runs round the top edge of the chest. The canopy is supported on six pillars, those at the angles being circular and bulbous, the others in the form of obelisks decorated with fishscale Paterae, with elaborate Ionic Capitals with roses in the necking. The entablature has an egg and dart frieze. Above the heads of the columns are five female and one male weepers. At the centre of the canopy is a raised altar bearing shields and surmounted by the kneeling figure of the heir clad in armour. In front kneels a larger figure of a girl. the monument is all painted and gilded.

Thomas St Paul: he was appointed High Sheriff of Lincolnshire. he and Faith Grantham were married. In 1580 Thomas St Paul was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland at Richmond, Surrey.

In 1708. Albemarle Bertie (age 40) erected a monument to members of the Bertie Family in Church of St Michael and All Angels, Edenham [Map]. A large, semi-circular headed Sideboard Tomb supporting a black Sarcophagus with gadrooned top and lions feet, erected 1738. Commemorates seven members of the Bertie family. The rear has a marble surround with egg and dart moulding and scrolled imposts with Cartouche of arms to the top. Within are seven classical busts, supported on moulded corbels.[Source: BLB].

Albemarle Bertie: Around 1668 he was born to Robert Bertie 3rd Earl Lindsey and Elizabeth Wharton Countess Lindsey. In 1728 Philip Bertie died without issue. He left his esate to his brother Albemarle Bertie. In 1742 Albemarle Bertie died.

St Andrew's Church, Denton [Map]. In ashlar. The latin raised letter inscription is set in an egg and dart surround, flanked by Ionic Pilasters and free standing Composite fluted columns, supporting a pediment containing a pair of naked female figures holding hour glasses leaning on a skull. The frieze is decorated with medallions. The reclining figure of the deceased, his prayer book in hand, lies on a half rolled up mattress on a tomb chest on which are portrayed his wife and six children, all named in raised letters.