Escallop is in Charges.

Escallop. A shell. The badge of a pilgrim, also a symbol of the Apostle S.James the Great, who is generally drawn in the garb of a pilgrim.

Keppel Arms. Gules, three escallops argent. Source.

Bayning Arms. Or two bars sable on each as many escallops of the first. Source.

Littleton Arms. Argent, a chevron between three escallops sable. Source.

Spencer Churchill Arms. Quartered 1&4 Churchill Arms a canton of St George, 2&3 Despencer Arms a bend sable three escallops, overall an escutcheon St George overall an escutcheon Capet Arms.

Roger Lupton Arms. Argent, on a chevron between three wolf's heads and necks erased sable three lilies of the field on a chief gules between two escallops a Tau cross or. Arms granted to Roger Lupton by King Henry VII. The Tau cross was a symbol of Saint Anthony of Egypt and thus probably referred to his mastership of St Anthony's Hospital. The escallops were possibly bells, another symbol of Saint Anthony, of which two were often shown suspended from the cross member of a Tau cross. The wolves were canting references to his surname from the Latin Lupus, "a wolf", and Sable, three lilies argent, is the base part of the arms of Eton College [Map].

Duff Arms. Vert, a fess dancetté ermine, between a buck's head caboshed in chief and two escallops in base or.

Lyttleton Arms. Argent, a chevron between three escallops sable. Source.

Freschville Arms. Azure, bend argent between six escallops.

Maule Arms. Per pale, argent and gules, a bordure charged with eight escallops, all countercharged. Source.

Pollard Arms. Argent, a chevron sable between three escallops gules.

Ingram Arms. Ermine on a fess gules three escallops or. Source.

Strickland Arms. Sable three escallops argent. SSource.

Graham Arms. Or an a chief sable three escallops argent. Source.

Hood Arms. Sable, on a fess argent between three leopards passant guardant or spotted of the field as many escallops gules. Source.

Foljambe Arms. Sable a bend between six escallops or.

Townshend Arms. Azure, a chevron ermine between three escallops argent. Source.

Wendesley Arms. Ermine, on a bend gules three escallops argent. Source.

Dacre Arms. Gules three escallops argent. Source.