Fess is in Charges.

fess. A horizontal bar across the centre of the escutcheon. From the Latin fascia meaning band.

Lisle Arms. Or a fess between two chevrons sable. Source.

Avenell Arms. Argent, a fess between five annulets gules. Modified from source.

Badlesmere Arms. Argent, a fess between two gemelles gules. Source.

Louvain Arms. Gules billety or a fess of the last. Source.

Camden Arms. Or, a fess engrailed between six crosses crosslet fitchy sable. Source.

Lucas Arms. Argent, a fess between six annulets gules.

Coventry Arms. Sable a fess between three crescents or. Source.

Roper Arms. Per fess azure and or, a pale counter-changed and three buck's heads erased of the second. Source.

Tennant Arms. Argent, two crescents in fess sable on a chief gules a boar's head couped of the first. Source.

Cromwell Arms. Quarterly per fess indented, azure and or, four lions passant counterchanged. Source.

Ayscough Arms. Sable, a fess or, between three asses passant argent, maned and unguled of the second. Source.

Clere Arms. Argent on a fess azure, three eagles displayed or. Source.

Walpole Arms. Or a fess between two chevrons sable three cross crosslets of the field. Source.

Watkins Arms. Azure, a fess vair between three leopard's faces jessant-de-lys or. Source.

Woodville Arms. Argent, a fess and a canton conjoined gules. Source.

Beauchamp Arms. Gules a fess or between six cross crosslets or.

Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Fess Argent

Around 1577 George Gower (age 37). Portrait of Richard Drake (age 42). The heraldic escutcheon shows seven quarters as follows:

1: Drake of Ash Arms. Drake of Ash in the parish of Musbury, Devon.

2: Argent, on a chief gules three cinquefoils of the first; Billet of Ash.

3: Gules, on a fess argent two mullets sable; Hamton of Rockbere and Ash.

4: Ermine, on a chief indented sable three crosslets fitchee or; Orwey of Orwey and Ash.

5: Barry of seven argent and sable.

6: Azure, six lions rampant argent crowned Gules, 3, 2, 1; Forde of Forde.

7: Argent, two chevrons sable (Esse/Ash of Ash); Esse or Ash of Ash.

Carteret Arms. Gules four fusils in fess argent.

Daubigny Arms. Gules, four fusils conjoined in fess argent. Source.

Hood Arms. Sable, on a fess argent between three leopards passant guardant or spotted of the field as many escallops gules. Source.

Kitson Arms. Sable three fishes hauriant in fess argent a chief or. Source.

Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Fess Azure

Feilding Arms. Argent, on a fess azure three lozenges or. Source.

Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Fess Chequy

Arden Arms. Ermine, a fess chequy or and azure. Source.

Stewart Arms. Or a fess chequy. Source.

Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Fess Dancetté

Duff Arms. Vert, a fess dancetté ermine, between a buck's head caboshed in chief and two escallops in base or.

Rolle Arms. Or, a fess dancetté between three billets azure each charged with a lion rampant of the first three bezants. Source.

Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Fess Gules

Onslow Arms. Argent, a fess gules, between six Cornish Choughs proper. Source.

Ingram Arms. Ermine on a fess gules three escallops or. Source.

Devereux Arms. Argent, a fess gules three torteaux in chief. Source.

Fitzwalter Arms. Or, a fess gules between two chevrons of the last. Source.

Clifford Arms. Chequy or and azure, a fess gules. Source.

Lumley Arms. Argent a fess gules between three parrots vert, collared of the second. Source.

Marmion Arms. Vairy, a fess gules, fretty or. Source.

Montagu Arms. Argent, three fusils conjoined in fess gules. Source.

Acland Arms. Chequy argent and sable, a fess gules. Source.