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Death of Queen Elizabeth I Accession of James I

On 24 Mar 1603 Elizabeth I (age 69) died at Richmond Palace [Map] around three in the morning. Her first cousin twice removed King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 36) succeeded I King England Scotland and Ireland.

Immediately following her death Robert Carey 1st Earl Monmouth (age 43) started on horseback for Edinburgh to inform King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 36) arriving at Holyrood Palace [Map] late on the 26 Mar 1603. His conduct met with general disapproval and merited censure as contrary to all decency, good manners and respect. George Carew and Thomas Lake (age 41) were sent by the Council to formally inform James of her death.


On 27 May 1942 Mary Thicknesse-Touchet 22nd Baroness Audley (age 83) died unmarried. Her first cousin twice removed Thomas Percy Tuchet-Jesson (age 28) succeeded 23rd Baron Audley of Heighley in Staffordshire.

In 1943 Francis Henry Rivers Astley-Corbett 5th Baronet (age 28) was killed in action. His first cousin twice removed Francis Jacob Dugdale Astley 6th Baronet (age 34) succeeded 6th Baronet Astley of Everleigh in Wiltshire.