Heraldry, Terms, Charges, Fretty

Fretty is in Charges.

Fretty. A continuous fret, and forms a pattern for diapering the field, or some ordinary.

Noel Arms. Or, fretty gules a canton ermine. Source.

Marquess Donegal Arms. Quartering Chichester Arms and Etchingham azure fretty argent. Source.

Delves Arms. Argent, a chevron gules fretty or between three delves sable. Source.

Marmion Arms. Vairy, a fess gules, fretty or. Source.

Bugge Arms. Or fretty azure. Source.

St Leger Arms. Azure fretty argent, a chief or. Source.

Vernon Arms. Argent, fretty sable. Source.

Willoughby Arms. Or fretty azure. Source.

Audley Arms. Gules, fretty. Source.