Great Uncle

Great Uncle is in Uncle and Aunt.

In 676 Escwin King Wessex died. His great uncle Centwine King Wessex succeeded King Wessex.

In 716 Ceolred King Mercia died. He was buried at Lichfield Cathedral [Map]. His great uncle Eowa King Mercia succeeded King Mercia.

In 1193 Richard Redvers 4th Earl Devon died. His great uncle William Redvers 5th Earl Devon succeeded 5th Earl Devon.

On 21 Nov 1361 Philip I Duke Burgundy (age 15) died. His great uncle John I Count of Auvergne succeeded Count Auvergne.

On 28 Dec 1683 Edward Carr 4th Baronet (age 17) died unmarried. His great uncle Rochester Carr 5th Baronet succeeded 5th Baronet Carr of Sleaford in Lincolnshire.

In 1732 Henrietta Ashburnham 5th Baroness Strange Knockin (age 16) died. Her great uncle James Stanley 10th Earl of Derby (age 67) succeeded 6th Baron Strange Knockin.

On 10 Aug 1779 Henry Howard 13th Earl Suffolk 6th Earl Berkshire died two days old. His great uncle Thomas Howard 14th Earl Suffolk 7th Earl Berkshire (age 58) succeeded 14th Earl Suffolk, 7th Earl Berkshire.

On 24 Feb 1936 Anthony Francis Vincent 14th Baronet (age 41) died. His great uncle Frederick D'Abernon Vincent 15th Baronet (age 84) succeeded 15th Baronet Vincent of Stoke d'Abernon which title he held for one week before he died.