Harpy is in Great Helms and Male Headwear.

On 16 Sep 1562 John Mordaunt 1st Baron Mordaunt (deceased) was buried at All Saints Church, Turvey [Map].

A curious monument to John Mordaunt 1st Baron Mordaunt (deceased) and Elizabeth Vere Baroness Mordaunt with effigies that appear correct for the time of death, Elizabethan Period, whereas the surrounding monument appears a hundred years later. The carving of his head and torso also appear somewhat out of date. No explanation for his missing right foot. Sculpted by T Kirkby.

Elizabeth Vere Baroness Mordaunt: she was born to Henry Vere. Before 1508 John Mordaunt 1st Baron Mordaunt and she were married. In 1529 John Mordaunt 1st Baron Mordaunt was created 1st Baron Mordaunt. She by marriage Baroness Mordaunt. Before 1561 she died.

What appear to be Harpies supporting the monument.

The Mordaunt Crest has changed to a Blackamoor's Head.

In 1571 John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt (age 63) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Turvey [Map]. His son Lewis Mordaunt 3rd Baron Mordaunt (age 32) succeeded 3rd Baron Mordaunt.

On 02 Jun 1543 Ellen Fitzlewis (age 21) died. In Apr 1592 Joan Fermor (age 76) died.

Elizabethan Period monument with eight Doric Columns with John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt (age 63) in an elevated position with a wife either side, each lying on a rush mat. All three wearing ruffs. .

Ellen Fitzlewis: In 1522 she was born to John Fitzlewis. Before 1538 John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt and she were married.

Joan Fermor: Around 1516 she was born to Richard Fermor and Anne Browne. After 1543 John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt and she were married.

The Mordaunt crest an Blackamoor's Head.

What appear to be Harpies supporting the monument.

After 21 Feb 1581. Church of St Peter and St Paul, Exton, Rutlandshire [Map]. Elizabethan Period monument to Robert Keilway (deceased). This memorial is attributed by Pevsner to Nicholas Johnson and by others to Nicholas Stone. Made of various marbles, a large standing wall monument of 1580, richly decorated and with a recumbant and kneeling figures of the whole family, in an aedicule, capped by obelisk, arms, etc.

His son-in-law John Harington 1st Baron Harington (age 41).

His daughter Anne Keilway Baroness Harington (age 27).

His grandson Kelwey who died aged 21 weeks.

His grand-daughter Lucy Harrington Countess Bedford (age 1).

His feet resting on a horse with its head turned back.

A Harpy. The begin to appear at the end of the 16th Century - see All Saints Church, Turvey [Map].

The same armorial on both sides include Harrington Arms, Keilway Arms

His arms quartered 1: Keilway Arms.

A separate wall mounted monument to Robert Keilway (age 84) with the inscription "Here lies Robert Keylway a distinguished esquire among civilians (whilst he lived), renowned for talent, learning and virtue, who loved retirement, lived as a Christian and died in the Lord on the 21st of February 1581 in the year of our Salvation, 1580, and the 84th year of his age. He left Anne (age 27) his sole heiress and only dearly loved daughter married to John Harrington of Exton, Knt (age 41), whom he had always affectionately loved as a son and friend, by which Anne (age 27) the said John (age 41) had during the life of the aforesaid Robert (deceased) two children, a son, Kelwey, who died Dec. 2nd, 1570, 21 weeks old, and lies buried here with his grandfather, and also a daughter Lucy (age 1) still surviving, and may God grant her a long life. To pay, therefore, a just tribute to so dear and affectionate a parent and to leave to posterity an evidence of their deep gratitude, the said John (age 41) and Anne (age 27) have raised this. Monument and dedicated to their father, Keylwey, and their son Keylwey (to their lasting memory if it so please God) and design it, if God will, as a sepulchre for themselves also".