Hip Belt

Hip Belt is in Belts.

After 10 Aug 1358. Monument to Piers Grandison 2nd Baron Grandison. Lady Chapel of Hereford Cathedral [Map]. Mid 14th-century, altar-tomb with effigy and canopy, altar-tomb with range of cinquefoil-headed panels in front and panelled buttresses at ends carried up to the cornice of the canopy, effigy in mixed mail and plate-armour with camail and ridged bascinet, hauberk with scalloped lower edge, cyclas, enriched Hip Belt with dagger hanging in front and sword at side, head on cushions and feet on hound; recess with panelled back, moulded jambs and square head enriched with Paterae and trefoiled and sub-cusped pendant tracery below the head; vaulted soffit to canopy; canopy with range of six bays of open arcading with trefoiled and sub-cusped heads, crockets and finials, in arcading two headless figures of the Coronation of the Virgin, headless figure with book, archbishop with cross-staff, St. John the Baptist holding a roundel with the Agnus Dei, and a bishop, last four figures brought from elsewhere; canopy finished with enriched cornice and pierced parapet with quatrefoils and cusped cresting.

Piers Grandison 2nd Baron Grandison: he was born to William Grandison 1st Baron Grandison and Sibylla Tregoz Baroness Grandison at Ashperton, Ledbury. On 27 Jun 1335 William Grandison 1st Baron Grandison died at Lambourne. His son Piers Grandison 2nd Baron Grandison succeeded 2nd Baron Grandison. Blanche Mortimer Baroness Grandison by marriage Baroness Grandison. In or before 1340 Piers Grandison 2nd Baron Grandison and Blanche Mortimer Baroness Grandison were married. She the daughter of Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March and Joan Geneville Baroness Mortimer 2nd Baroness Geneville. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England. On 10 Aug 1358 Piers Grandison 2nd Baron Grandison died at Ashperton, Ledbury. His brother Bishop John Grandison 3rd Baron Grandison succeeded 3rd Baron Grandison.

On 26 Jul 1375 Richard Pembridge (age 55) died. Hereford Cathedral [Map]. Alabaster altar-tomb and effigy, altar-tomb with moulded base and capping, sides and ends panelled with alternate quatrefoils enclosing shields of his arms and trefoil-headed panels; effigy in bascinet, Camail and Jupon Period. His jupon with same arms as his shield. Hip Belt, Leg Garter, right leg modern, head on helm crested with a Feathered Crest, feet on hound.

On 25 Feb 1387 John Grey aka Marmion (age 44) died in Spain. In 1400 Elizabeth St Quentin (age 53) died.

Monument in St Nicholas Church, West Tanfield [Map]. Camail and Jupon Period. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Hip Belt. Feathered Crest on Great Helm. Angels Supporting Pillow. His bascinet has decorated edges with the camail appearig to attach inside the bascinet. Decorated flat band. She wearing a unusual headress which appears to be a cross between Gabled Headress and Bongrace. Her dress long with a Low Rounded Neckline and appears to be decoated with an armorial: vair at the top, chevrons at the bottom, which may be Marmion Arms or a variation of.

John Grey aka Marmion: In 1343 he was born to John Grey 1st Baron Grey and Avice Marmion Baroness Grey Rotherfield. Before 25 Feb 1387 John Grey aka Marmion and Elizabeth St Quentin were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Elizabeth St Quentin: Before 1347 she was born to Herbert St Quentin and Mary Lisle.

On 23 Apr 1394 Hugh Calverley (age 70) died. He was probably buried in St Boniface's Church, Bunbury [Map]. Monument Early Plate Bascinet Period. Finely carved Calf's Head on the breastplate representing Hugh Calveley's canting arms. Calf's Head Crest. Hip Belt. Basinet with unusual decorated Orle.

After 01 Sep 1414 William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 44) was buried at Belvoir Priory [Map]. At the dissolution of the monasteries his monument was moved to the Chancel of St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, Leicestershire [Map] on the right side of the High Altar. Alabaster Monument of the Camail and Jupon Period. Possibly Sutton and Prentys.

Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields.

Scabbard with IHS. Wire Wrapped Grip. Hip Belt.

Detail of the Ros Family Peacock Crest surmounting his Great Helm.

Detail of decorated Orle and Vervelle Cover.

Detail of Lancastrian Esses Collar and face. Note the twisted moustache that is frequently seen on Sutton and Prentys monuments. The fixing of the Esses Collar to the Camail using a small trefoil.

After 1418. Monument to John Harrington 4th Baron Harington (age 34) and Elizabeth Courtenay Baroness Bonville and Harington. Finely carved alabaster. Monument of the Early Plate Bascinet and Gorget Period. Decorated orle and the plate gorget (throat protection), Hip Belt and the Horses Head Crest. She wearing a Crespine Headress. Chunky Lions Mane. Angels Supporting Pillow.

John Harrington 4th Baron Harington: In 1384 he was born to Robert Harrington 3rd Baron Harington and Isabel Loring Baroness Harington. On 21 May 1406 Robert Harrington 3rd Baron Harington died at Aldingham Furness, Lancashire. His son John Harrington 4th Baron Harington succeeded 4th Baron Harington. On 11 Apr 1418 John Harrington 4th Baron Harington died. He was buried in the Lady Chapel of St Dubricius Church, Porlock. His brother William Harrington 5th Baron Harington succeeded 5th Baron Harington. After 17 Feb 1461 John Harrington 4th Baron Harington and Elizabeth Courtenay Baroness Bonville and Harington were married. She by marriage Baroness Harington. She the daughter of Edward "Blind Earl" Courtenay 11th Earl Devon and Maud Camoys Countess Devon. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

After 17 Jan 1425. Monument in Church of St Oswald, Methley [Map] to Robert Waterton Constable (deceased) and Cecily Fleming.

York School of Carving. Crocketed arch. He in Early Plate Bascinet Period armour. Large Orle highly decorated with head resting on great helm with feathered crest. Beard with spiral twists. Collar Esses and Crowns Alternating. Misericorde. Hip Belt with decorated buckle. She wearing a squared crespine headress and small Esses Collar. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields. Chunky Lions Mane.

Cecily Fleming: she was born to Robert Fleming of Woodhall. Before 1398 Robert Waterton Constable and she were married. Around 1424 she died.

On 27 May 1435 Nicholas Montgomery (age 59) died at Great Cubley [Map]. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Great Cubley [Map]. Damaged. Probably carved in 1461. Early Suns and Roses Collar. Hip Belt. IHC NASARE Lettering. Early Plate Bascinet and Gorget Period. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields.

Nicholas Montgomery: Around 1376 he was born to Nicholas Montgomery and Margaret Foljambe at Great Cubley. In or before 1390 he and Joan Longford were married.

Before 15 Nov 1448 Hugh Willoughby died. On 15 Nov 1448 Hugh Willoughby was buried at St Mary & All Saints Church, Willoughby-on-the-Wolds [Map]. Monument to Hugh Willoughby and Margaret Freville (age 47). Early Plate Bascinet and Gorget Period. Hip Belt. Horned Headdress. Chest with Weepers holding Shields. Dogs chewing at her dress with Studded Collar. Angels Supporting Pillow. Possibly Sutton and Prentys.

Hugh Willoughby: he was born to Edmund Willoughby and Isabel Annesley. Around 1395 Hugh Willoughby and Isabel Foljambe were married. Before 1419 Hugh Willoughby and Margaret Freville were married.

Margaret Freville: In 1401 she was born to Baldwin Freville. In 1493 she died.