Martlets is in Birds.

Martlets. Birds which have no feet so are continously in flight.

Arundell Arms. Sable, six martlets argent. Source.

Harding Arms. Or, a bend azure three martlets argent.

Brabazon Arms. Gules on a bend or three martlets sable. .

NO IMAGE. Sable, a fess cotised between three martlets or. Source.

Chaworth Arms. Barry argent and gules over three martlets.

Tempest Arms. Argent, a bend engrailed between six martlets sable. Source.

Beckford Arms. Per pale, gules and azure, on a chevron argent between three martlets or, an eagle displayed sable. Source.

Brownlow Arms. Or an escutcheon within an orle of martlets sable. Source

Cookes Arms. Argent, two chevronels between six martlets 3, 2 and 1 gules. Source.

Fleetwood Arms. Per pale nebulée azure and or, six martlets, two, two and two, counterchanged. Source.

Temple Arms. Argent two bars sable each charged with three martlets or.

Valence Arms. Barry of argent and azure, an orle of martlets gules. Source.

Watson Arms. Argent, on a chevron engrailed azure between three martlets sable as many crescents or. Source.

Davers Arms. Argent, a bend gules three martlets or. Source.