Misericorde is in Armour.

Misericorde. A pointed dagger literally 'act of mercy' used to kill an injured opponent.

After 17 Jan 1425. Monument in Church of St Oswald, Methley [Map] to Robert Waterton Constable (deceased) and Cecily Fleming.

York School of Carving. Crocketed arch. He in Early Plate Bascinet Period armour. Large Orle highly decorated with head resting on great helm with feathered crest. Beard with spiral twists. Collar Esses and Crowns Alternating. Misericorde. Hip Belt with decorated buckle. She wearing a squared crespine headress and small Esses Collar. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields. Chunky Lions Mane.

Cecily Fleming: she was born to Robert Fleming of Woodhall. Before 1398 Robert Waterton Constable and she were married. Around 1424 she died.

Edith Latimer: Before 1479 John Greene and she were married. Around 1450 she was born to Nicholas Latimer and Joan Hody at Duntish, Dorset. Before 1475 John Mordaunt and she were married. The date somewhat unreliable. Her first husband John Greene is supposed to have died in 1483 which makes the date of her marriage to John Mordaunt and the birth of her sons by him unreliable? On 01 Sep 1504 Edith Latimer died at Turvey. She was buried at All Saints Church, Turvey.