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1328 Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

1376 Death of the Black Prince

1651 Battle of Worcester

1837 Death of King William IV Succession of Queen Victoria

Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

On 01 Feb 1328 Charles IV King France I King Navarre (age 33) died. On 01 Apr 1328 His first cousin King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France (age 34) succeeded VI King France: Capet Valois. The succession somewhat complicated by Charles' wife Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France being pregnant. The child Blanche Capet was born two months later on 01 Apr 1328. A girl child therefore excluded from the succession confirming Philip's as King. Charles the last of the House of Capet. Philip the first of the House of Valois. His niece Joan Capet II Queen Navarre (age 16) succeeded II Queen Navarre. Her husband Philip "Noble" III King Navarre (age 21) by marriage III King Navarre.

On 30 Apr 1341 John Capet III Duke Brittany (age 55) died. Earl Richmond extinct. The succession of the Duchy of Brittany was disputed between Joan "Lame" Capet Countess Penthièvre (age 22) and John Montfort IV Duke Brittany (age 46) leading to the War of the Breton Succession. Joanna Dampierre Duchess Brittany (age 46) by marriage Duchess Brittany 1221 Dreux. His niece Joan "Lame" Capet Countess Penthièvre (age 22) succeeded Duchess Brittany 1221 Dreux. Charles "Saint" Chatillon Duke Brittany (age 22) by marriage Duke Brittany 1221 Dreux. His half brother John Montfort IV Duke Brittany (age 46) succeeded IV Duke Brittany 1221 Dreux.

Death of the Black Prince

In 1381 Gilbert Umfraville 9th Earl Angus (age 71) died. His niece Eleanor de Barrowden 4th Baroness Kyme succeeded 4th Baroness Kyme. Henry Tailboys Baron Kyme by marriage Baron Kyme.

Battle of Worcester

On 12 Sep 1651 William Hamilton 2nd Duke Hamilton (age 34) died from wounds received at the Battle of Worcester. His niece Anne Hamilton 3rd Duchess Hamilton (age 19), daughter of the 1st Duke, succeeded 3rd Duchess Hamilton. Earl Cambridge extinct.

On 21 Jul 1723 Anthony Grey 1453-1490 (age 28) died by choking on an ear of barley the beard of which stuck in his throat. His niece Jemima Campbell 2nd Marchioness Grey succeeded 4th Baroness Lucas of Crudwell.

On 01 Apr 1762 John Paul Stafford-Howard 4th Earl Stafford (age 61) died without issue. Earl Stafford extinct.His niece Anatasia Stafford-Howard 6th Baroness Stafford (age 40) de jure 6th Baroness Stafford.

Death of King William IV Succession of Queen Victoria

On 20 Jun 1837 King William IV of the United Kingdom (age 71) died at Windsor Castle [Map]. His niece Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 18) succeeded I Queen Great Britain and Ireland. His brother Ernest Augustus King Hanover (age 66) succeeded King Hanover. Frederica Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort Hanover (age 59) by marriage Queen Consort Hanover.

At 5am Francis Nathaniel Conyngham 2nd Marquess Conyngham (age 40) and Archbishop William Howley (age 71) went to Kensington Palace to inform the Princess she was now Queen. Francis Nathaniel Conyngham 2nd Marquess Conyngham (age 40) was the first to address her as 'Your Majesty'.

On 27 Jun 1871 Henry Wilson 11th Baron Berners (age 74) died. His niece Emma Harriet Wilson 12th Baroness Berners (age 35) succeeded 12th Baroness Berners. Henry Thomas Tyrwhitt-Jones 3rd Baronet (age 47) by marriage Baron Berners.

On 27 Aug 1881 Thomas Moreton FitzHardinge Berkeley 6th Earl of Berkeley (age 84) died. His first cousin once removed George Lennox Fitzhardinge Berkeley 7th Earl of Berkeley (age 54) de jure 7th Earl Berkeley, 7th Viscount Dursley. He never claimed or established his right to either title. His niece Louisa Mary Berkeley 15th Baroness Berkeley (age 41) succeeded 15th Baroness Berkeley.