Or is in Field.

Wrottesley Arms. Or, three piles sable, a canton ermine. Source.

Aragon Arms. Or, four pallets gules. Source.

Lowther Arms. Or, six annulets sable, three, two, one. Source.

Camden Arms. Or, a fess engrailed between six crosses crosslet fitchy sable. Source.

Chicheley Arms. Or, a chevron between three cinquefoils gules. Source.

Morrison Arms. Or, on a chief gules three chaplets of the first. Source.

Constable Arms. Or three bars. Source.

Palmer Arms. Or, two bars gules each charged with three trefoils of the first in chief a greyhound currant sable. Source.

Fitzwalter Arms. Or, a fess gules between two chevrons of the last. Source.

Portman Arms. Or, a fleur-de-lis azure. Source.

Graham Arms. Or an a chief sable three escallops argent. Source.

Hornby Arms. Or, two chevronels between three bugle-horns sable stringed gules on a chief of the second as many eagle's legs erased of the first. Source.

Redvers Arms. Or, a lion rampant azure. Source.

Rolle Arms. Or, a fess dancetté between three billets azure each charged with a lion rampant of the first three bezants. Source.

Bayning Arms. Or two bars sable on each as many escallops of the first. Source.

Scott Arms. Or, on a bend azure a mullet of six points between two crescents of the field. Source.

NO IMAGE. Or, on a pile gules between six fleur de lys azure three lions of England. Augmentation of honour granted to Edward Seymour 1st Duke of Somerset when his sister Queen Jane Seymour married King Henry VIII of England and Ireland. Source.

Carew Arms. Or, three lions passant in pale sable. Source.

NO IMAGE. Or, a chief indented azure, a crescent for difference. Source.

Wake Arms. Or, two bars gules in chief three torteaux. Source.

La Marck Arms. Or, a fess chequered argent and gules. Source.

Walpole Arms. Or a fess between two chevrons sable three cross crosslets of the field. Source.