Pauldron is in Armour.

Pauldrons. Pauldrons are armour at the shoulders.

In 1436 John Greystoke 4th Baron Greystoke (age 47) died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Greystoke [Map]. His son Ralph Greystoke 5th Baron Greystoke (age 22) succeeded 5th Baron Greystoke. Monument in St Andrew's Church, Greystoke [Map]. Fluted Period. His Pauldrons are unusual in their style. His arms are fully encased in plate with a couter (or coude) protecting the elbow joint. Fine detail of the straps that held the armour in place may be seen on the underarms. A gorget, has replaced the camail. His head is, very unusually, bare as is his face, his hair cut in the style so typical of portraits of Henry V. The effigy was possibly made somewhat after John's death or, possibly, that the effigy has been incorrectly assigned. His head rests on the decorated tournament helm. He wears the Lancastrian Esses Collar. John had supported the usurpation of Richard II by Henry IV in the 1390s; staunch Lancastrians. John had married, in 1407, Elizabeth Ferrers, daughter of Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt, son of King Edward III. Two sword belts: diagonal (bawdric) and horizontal. The jupon, beneath the waist has been replaced by a fauld; horizontal strips of metal that wrap around.

John Greystoke 4th Baron Greystoke: In 1389 he was born to Ralph Greystoke 3rd Baron Greystoke and Catherine Clifford Baroness Greystoke. On 28 Oct 1407 John Greystoke 4th Baron Greystoke and Elizabeth Ferrers Baroness Greystoke were married at Greystoke Castle, Cumberland. She by marriage Baroness Greystoke. She the daughter of Robert Ferrers and Joan Beaufort Countess of Westmoreland. She a great granddaughter of King Edward III of England. On 06 Apr 1418 Ralph Greystoke 3rd Baron Greystoke died. He was buried at Newminster Abbey. His son John Greystoke 4th Baron Greystoke succeeded 4th Baron Greystoke.

Around 1456 John Curzon (age 76) died. Monument in All Saints Church, Kedleston [Map] to John Curzon (age 76) and Joan Bagot (age 56). Fluted Period. Eagle Crest. Lancastrian Esses Collar. Couters. Pauldrons. Sabatons. Dogs chewing at her dress with Studded Collar. Probably Harpur and Moorecock of Burton on Trent.

John Curzon: Around 1380 he was born to Richard Curzon at Kedleston. Before 1412 John Curzon and Joan Bagot were married. The difference in their ages was 20 years.

Joan Bagot: Around 1400 she was born to John Bagot and Beatrice Mallory.