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Pedestal is in Architectural Detail.

After 26 Jul 1723. Church of St Michael and All Angels, Edenham [Map]. Monument to Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven (deceased) sculpted by Peter Scheemakers (age 32) and Henry Cheere 1st Baronet (age 20). A Classical Period with Corinthian Capitals supporting open dentilated pediment with garland, urns and putti. Before the Aedicule a rounded Pedestal supports a marble image of the deceased attired as a Roman General.

On 01 May 1775 Mary Montagu Duchess Montagu (age 64) died. Monument in St Edmund's Church, Warkton [Map]. Sculpted by Peter Mathias Van Gelder (age 33). Mary's monument is more decorative that her parent's; Rococo. The composition of the monument centres around an ornate funerary Urn, which stands upon a Pedestal containing an inscription to Mary. To the right sits a grief stricken woman, inconsolable over the loss of an aristocrat considered a great benefactor to the poor and needy. In her left arm she cradles a baby, and a second, tearful child sits at her feet. To the right of the woman is that of an older woman draped in a shawl, who gently caresses the hand of the first babe. To the left of the Urn, an angel comforts the mourners, pointing to heaven.

On 02 Feb 1880 George Hamilton Seymour-Conway (age 82) died. In 1882. Church of St Nicholas, Alcester [Map]. Monument to George Hamilton Seymour-Conway (age 82) sculpted by Prince Victor of Hohenlohe Langenburg Count Gleichen (age 46). Seated figure on Pedestal.

George Hamilton Seymour-Conway: On 21 Sep 1797 he was born to George Seymour-Conway and Isabella Hamilton. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

Prince Victor of Hohenlohe Langenburg Count Gleichen: On 11 Dec 1833 he was born to Ernst Christian Carl Hohenlohe Langenburg I Prince and Anna Feodora Auguste Charlotte Wilhelmine Leiningen Princess. On 24 Jan 1861 he and Princess Laura Williamina Seymour were married. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland. On 31 Dec 1891 he died.