Poleyn is in Armour.

Poleyn. Also known as genouillere. The part of plate armour that covers the knee.

Fluted armour typified by having no headwear, being clean shaven, a breastplate in two pieces and the neck protected by a Standard. Damaged angel, its head removed, holding the cushion on which his head rests. He wearing a Lancastrian Esses Collar with large Esses. Ringed fingers.

Detail of the heavily graffitied Shoulder Garter.

Detail of the heavily graffitied Leg Garter and Poleyn.

Mutilated Lion at his feet with its head missing. The figure beneath his right foot appears to be a Bedesman. That beneath his left foot may be the remains of the means by which a bedesman was originally fixed to the foot. What appears to be a birds foot lying across the lions body is the tail of the lion.

After 14 Apr 1587. Elizabethan Period monument to Edward Manners 3rd Earl of Rutland (deceased) and Isabel Holcroft Countess Rutland (age 37) sculpted by Gerard Johnson The Elder (age 37) in the Chancel of St Mary the Virgin Church, Bottesford, Leicestershire [Map].

Isabel Holcroft Countess Rutland: In 1550 she was born to Thomas Holcroft. On 06 Jun 1573 Edward Manners 3rd Earl of Rutland and she were married. She by marriage Countess of Rutland, Baroness Ros Helmsley. He the son of Henry Manners 2nd Earl of Rutland and Margaret Neville Countess Rutland. Around 16 Jan 1606 she died.

Both wearing a @@Ruff.

Detail of the sculpture of their only child Elizabeth Manners 15th Baroness Ros Helmsley (age 12).

His feet resting on a Bulls Head with a chained coronet around its neck - a change from the Unicorn seen on earlier Manners effigies.

Detail of his Leg Garter and his Poleyn and Shoulder Garter.

Detail of her Ermine lined mantle and hands clasped in prayer.

Her arms quarterd 1&4 Holcroft 2 Unknown? A squirrel, possibly fox, eating what may be a nut. 3 A black bird and an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes.